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September 27, 2013

Facing Fears with HUNA

a personal story… Wendy, my Huna sister & I decided to book a ‘Swim with the Dolphin’ tour the day after the Huna course finished.  I […]
October 1, 2013

The Pull of Hawaii

The airport in Kona is a very small, open-aired port. We had been advised not to show up to early before our departure.  Our overnight flight […]
October 3, 2013

ALL in Your Hand Prints?

I was listening to a series of soul-based, business-oriented webinars and one of the speakers was talking about life purpose.  This lady was a specialist in hand […]
October 7, 2013

A Huna Perspective of SIN

  In the Huna teachings, there is only one sin—to hurt another.  Only one sin… but think about it. If we could just follow that one […]


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