Becoming a Mystic

Join host Linda Lang as she delves into the mystical journey with modern mystic Mary Reed. Mary shares her journey from an executive life to living in a Himalayan Buddhist nunnery, and how her spiritual awakening unfolded through profound and unexpected mystical experiences, leading her to explore her divine potential.

Both Linda and Mary emphasize the changing landscape of mysticism, suggesting that these profound moments of connection and realization are becoming more accessible to all, not just traditional mystics. As they share their own mystical experiences, listeners are encouraged to open their minds to the possibility of such awakenings in their own lives.

In this episode: Embracing the non-linear and holographic nature of mystical experiences; Overcoming mental barriers to allow for deeper spiritual understanding; Recognizing the universal calling to awaken to mystical realities; Navigating the challenges of integrating spiritual capacity into human life… and more…

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Reference: Humanity’s Epic Awakening by Mary Reed

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Consciousness & Authentic Spirituality

Delve into the profound world of mysticism with the insightful Rabbi Rami Shapiro who shares his perspective on transforming the egoic self, the potential of consciousness, and the importance of authentic spirituality for humanity’s survival.

Key Highlights: Understanding the dichotomy between the egoic self and the true self; Distinctions between spirituality and religion; Recognizing faux vs. authentic spirituality; Examining C. D. Broad’s theory of the brain as a “reducing valve” of consciousness; How practices like meditation and chanting can expand our conscious experience; Rabbi Rami’s personal insights into the 12-step program and its spiritual underpinnings; The critical first step of the 12-steps: acknowledging powerlessness and learning to “surf the madness;” The transformative spiritual process illustrated through Christian narratives; The intersection of spirituality and justice and the crucial role of the golden rule.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro is a revered spiritual teacher and author who brings wealth from various religious traditions, including Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and beyond, focusing on the heart of mysticism in each. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that may just deepen your connection to the mystical side of life.

Visit Rabbi Rami Shapiro at, or and Find his latest book, “Judaism Without Tribalism”, and other works at local bookstores and Amazon.