Wisdom Keepers & Animal Archetypes to Explore Your Self

Rosy Aronson, creator of the Wisdom Keepers and co-creator of the Dream Arc, joins us to share the growth and personal insights available to us through working with archetypes.  

In episode 158 – Archetypes and their personification; How archetypes can bring insight and wisdom; The creation of the Wisdom Keepers Oracle; Archetypes related to the Human Design and Gene Keys systems; Examples of animal archetypes and their messages; Card draw and meaning; Shadow work; Dream work; Tuning into the messages of your life.

Visit Rosy and the Wisdom Keepers: https://www.wisdomkeepers.net/ 

The Gene Keys and the Dream Arc course: https://bit.ly/3u4ieVN  

Human Design: https://www.jovianarchive.com/   

All You Need to Know About the Akashic Records

What are they Akashic Records? What kind of information does it hold? Can anyone access the Records? Akashic trainer and author, Lisa joins us to give a thorough overview of the Records.

In episode 159, the Soul’s evolutionary journey; Soul families; Soul contracts; Understanding your choices; Veering off your path; The hierarchy of the Akashic Record Keepers; Channeled message from the Record Keepers 

Visit Lisa at https://akashicknowing.com/ 

The Mystical Teachings of Zohar

Explore Jewish mysticism, the Torah and the Zohar this week with my guest, Dovid Krafchow. Discover the Torah, the Zohar and the prophecy of the rise of the Feminine and a thousand years of peace at our doorstep.  

In episode 160: Big Bang Theory; Life is special; Waking up to the spiritual within; Heart over head; Are we in the darkest days?; Humanity’s transformation;  The Torah and homosexuality;  The Torah and abortion 

For more information, visit Dovid at https://www.dovidhouse.com/ 

Reference: Zohar Beyond the Black Whole by Dovid Krafchow 

Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Is being an empath a blessing or a curse?  Author and Mind-Body Medicine practitioner Courtney Marchesani,  joins us for the deep dive into the world of empaths and highly sensitive people.    

In episode 161: What is an empath?  How do you know you are highly sensitive?  How can you take care of your personal energy field to maintain your balance? What kind of gifts do empaths have access to?  What is the most important thing you to be aware of?  Learn tips and grounding to help you stay balanced.  This and more…  

Visit Courtney at https://inspiredpotentials.com/

Reference:  Four gifts of the Highly Sensitive by Courtney Marchesani, M.S.  

Dressing Your Spirit

How does fashion affect your spirituality and your life? Change the way you think about fashion and what metaphysical and healing roles are possible in the future with my guest, fashion intuitive Alyssa Couture.  

In episode 162: Clothing as soul expression; Using fashion as a healing technique; Galactic fashion; Natural vs Synthetic fibres;  Tapping into morphogenic fields; The future of fashion as a spiritual tool; Past life triggers; Using fashion as a personal remedy; Fashion & Spirituality; Mainstream fashion and Unity Consciousness; Enhancing fashion with Light Codes; Quality vs quantity; Clothing & your aura; Evil fashion, and more…

Visit Alyssa at https://www.hfcampaign.com/

Reference: Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths by Alyssa Couture  

Thanks for Exploring the Mystical Side of Life with us. Our mission is to encourage you to think outside the box, to expand your horizons and open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities. We delve into spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, and the worlds of energy, thought, intuition, manifestation, consciousness, alternative healing, and more.


Taming Your Shadow Codes

Are shadow archetypes are running your life? Code master Gitte Lassen joins us to share how to dismantle the shadow codes and activate empowerment to gain sovereignty in your life. 

In episode 163: What is a code? Discover the 4 main archetypal channels and their corresponding shadows and power archetypes; Examples of shadow patterns; How to know you are operating in shadow; How to disconnect from the shadow and switch into the power archetype; This time of transformation in humanity’s evolution… and more…

Visit Gitte at https://metamystique.com/

Reference: Free IGNITE program – https://metamystique.com/ignite-gift/

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Exploring Your Dreams

How can you tap into your dream world to discover the messages from your soul and unconscious?  Linda Yael Schiller joins us for a deep dive into how to work with your dreams.  

In episode 164: Dream circles; Journaling your dreams; Tips on how to remember your dream; Positional memory; Dream interpretation; The Pardes Method of dream interpretation; Dream dictionaries; Premonition dreams; Messages from your soul… and more…  

The Pardes Method of dream interpretation:  P’shat means simple, the first layer, the dream as dreamt.   Remez is the hinted at layer containing our 1st associations. Drash is from the word lidrosh which means to pursue or chase after, and this is the reveled layer we get to after working to unpack the dream material  using multiple methods. Sod means secret or mystical, and it the transpersonal, mystical layer that may contains spiritual connections, visit from the beyond, and/or dream messages not only for oneself, but for our world and our ancestors.  

Visit Linda Yael Schiller at https://lindayaelschiller.com

REFERENCE:  PTS Dreams by Linda Yael Schiller:  https://www.ptsdreams.com/ ; Modern Dreamwork by Linda Yael Schiller:   https://www.moderndreamwork.com/ ; Focusing by Eugene Gendlin  

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Channeling the Guides

Best selling author and channel for The Guides, Paul Selig, joins us for an enlightening conversation on the spiritual teachings that channel through him to help humanity’s awakening. Paul shares his journey of becoming a spiritual channel, what the experience is like for him, as well an understanding of the messages of our divine nature and how we can move back into that awareness. 

In episode 165: Channeling the Guides; Energy transmission in the words; Becoming a receiver; Collaborating with Spirit; When Paul interrupts the Guides; Psychic vs spiritual; Avoiding the “special” trap; The Creator in all things;  Using the declaration statements; Defining I AM the Word and the Christ;  Humanity’s real problem; How the new world comes to form;  Our agreement to separation; Timeline for change; Staying centered and out of fear… and more… 

Learn more Paul and his work at https://paulselig.com/ 

Reference: I AM the Word by Paul Selig; Resurrection by Paul Selig; The Book of Truth by Paul Selig; The Seth books by Jane Roberts; A Course in Miracles 

Divine Mother Healing

Tap into the power of the Divine Mother for guidance, healing and divine connection with my guest, spiritual teacher and healer, Connie Huebner.  Connie shares her personal experience of healing with the help of the Divine Mother, how she began to communicate with her, and the healing tools she received to transform negativity, pain and suffering.  Connie closes the holes in your aura and channels a Divine Mother message. 

In episode 166:   Working with the Divine Mother;  Light as an expression of the Divine; Density and the aura; Divine Mother healing tools; Closing holes in the aura (experience a healing);  Awakening and Divine energy;  How to use Light to life negativity;  Energy tool to break up density;  Divine Mother channeled message and healing… and more…

Visit Connie at https://divinemotheronline.net/  On YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/DivineMotherOnline  

Reference: Divine Mother Healing by Connie Huebner  

The Archangels Speak

Meet Sheila Gillette, channel for THEO, a group of 12 archangels.  Sheila shares how her journey with Theo began with a near death experience,  wisdom from her 50 years of bringing their voice into the world, and channels a powerful message direct from the Archangels for everyone.  

In episode 167:  An encounter with Jesus;  Being psychically opened up;  Earth awakening to the 5th dimension;  Theo’s Soul Integration process;  Coming into self love as a way to shift the planet;  The new paradigm of relationships… and more…  THEO channels a beautiful message for us.

Visit Shelia at https://asktheo.com 

Reference:  The Quest for Bridey Murphy by Morey Bernstein;  The Art of Relationship by Sheila and Marcus Gillette;  The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace by Sheila and Marcus Gillette;  The Fifth Dimension Channels to a New Reality by Sheila Gillette;  Esther Hicks, channel for Abraham   

Astronumerology: Finding the Magic in Your Numbers

Discover the magic of numbers and how the correlate with the planets as a powerful way to bring greater harmony and ease to your life. World-renowned numerologist Jesse Kalsi joins us to provide insight on the power of numbers and how they influence our lives.   

In episode 168:  Astronumerology; Harmonizing your numbers;  Planetary numbers and energies; House numbers; It’s not just your life path number; Astrology and numbers; Numerology and your name; Gemstones and more…

Visit Jesse at: https://jessekalsi.com/

Reference:  All About Numbers by Jesse Kalsi; The Power of Home Numbers by Jesse Kalsi  

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Spirit Communication: Hello from the Other Side

Can tragedy open the door to spiritual communication? Maybe it’s closer than you think.  Joe McQuillen joins us with a heartfelt conversation sharing how the spirit world opened for him after his son died, and the amazing messages he receives.    

In episode 169:  Finding purpose through tragedy;  The loss of a child; First mediumship experience; The spiritual path; Communicating with the other side; Letting go of resentment;  Rituals for spirit communication;   Being prepped for life purpose;  The greatest gift;   What is it like on the other side? And more…

Reference: My Search for Christopher on the Other Side by Joe McQuillen, We’re Not Done Yet, Pop: My Lessons from the Other Side by Joe McQuillen; The Shack by Wm. Paul Young; What Dreams May Come, starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr.; Lilydale, NY  https://www.lilydaleassembly.org/; Bridging Two Realms by John Holland; Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami 

Visit Joe at https://www.joemcquillen.net/ 

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