Have you ever felt stuck and miles away from your goals?

Out of alignment with your desires?

Running into roadblocks and self sabotage?

Always paddling upstream?


If you’ve created a goal or intention that isn’t flowing easily, you probably have some unconscious resistance that is making the path more difficult.

Maybe it’s fear, frustration, guilt, self worth issues or limiting beliefs that prevent you from actualizing your desires. You may have unconscious patterns that activate when you get close or before you even start.  You may even be sabotaging yourself!


The Energetic Intention Alignment is an energy healing process that works with the cooperation of the Unconscious and the Higher Self to remove those blocks, and you don’t even have to know what they are.


You just need to be willing to let them go!


Use the process over and over again anytime you feel discouraged or challenged with your intentions, desires and goals. Use it for new intentions, before you start taking action, to create more ease in your creation process.

The Energetic Intention Alignment includes a Living Waters Healing, and a 2 part process that helps you tune into the unconscious resistance, clear it with energy medicine and have a conscious experience its release.

Available as a digital download.  You receive both audio (mp3) and video (mp4) format.  Approximate run time: 40 min


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Testimonials for the Energetic Intention Alignment

Just did the Energetic Intention Alignment with Linda. It was worth it! I had an aha moment with the blockage she cleared for what I wanted to manifest. It was so off the wall but I have implemented it and it feels right. Thank you!  This has bugged me for most of my life, and beyond if it wasn’t for today. ~ Susan

Just did the Energetic Intention Alignment session with Linda and it was really fabulous! I could feel the resistance buried deep inside my solar plexus leaving my body, and the feeling of the open space made it easy to breathe and feel light! Thanks so much Linda Lang! ~ Camille

Linda’s alignment session was really beautiful. It’s kind of funny, ironic really, how some stuff came up this morning before the call that activated all the spots where I needed to clear out some stuff that was holding me back. And then your process comes and facilitates the clearing that I needed to do. ~ Rita

Linda, the clearing was amazing! I felt much pressure on my 3rd eye and heavy anxiousness over my heart and I got chills. I am a little tired from everything but I feel so motivated and energetic. ~ Trista

Linda, I wanted to you so much for that beautiful intention blessing and release. Mine was all in my throat and speaking. I felt my thyroid was healed. I even saw my image looking different as soon as you said someone had self esteem issues. As of lately I have disliked my image due to weight gain. So I stopped looking in the mirror. I noticed my self image looked different as I saw it on your screen. As soon as we were done I had to go to the bathroom; I happened to catch my image in the mirror and I was amazed. I started crying with sadness for feeling this way about myself, but happiness for allowing myself to love my image forever more.  Thank you so much for such a breathtaking session today ~ S

It was absolutely beautiful. You touched me so much today, ~ S