Are you ready to embrace real transformation on your life path? 

To experience the world of energy healing in unique & profound ways?


To clear away layers that don’t support you and

discover the amazing YOU that lies underneath?



Are you ready to step forward in your life

with more insight and possibility?





If it’s time to live with more joy,

more purpose,

more authenticity…

to shine bright as a diamond

in your own strength and resilience…


I’d like to invite you to the

Diamond LIFE Alchemy


The Diamond LIFE Alchemy is a fantastic in depth program to catapult you to the next level of self awareness and growth along your path in life.

Sound rather esoteric?

It is.

We forget that underneath every physical aspect of life lies pure energy at the core.  And that’s where the magic lies.

Chugging through the physical world, trying to micro-manage every detail, is a very sluggish way to create change.

When you can embrace the world on a quantum level, out-of-the-ordinary becomes possible.



Diamond Sparkles


The Diamond LIFE Alchemy has been created for you to:

  • Come to know your Self better and BE who you are here to be!
  • Enhance your gifts, strengthen your abilities, and find resilience!
  • Release the old patterns and unresolved emotions that hold you back from living the life you want!
  • Allow your spirit to awaken, and understand your Self to be far more than flesh and blood!
  • Live with more awareness, and make choices that resonate with you!
  • Experience more joy, more health and vitality, and more peace in your every day life!
  • Become the authority of your life, creating your life rather than reacting to it!!



Linda Lang 2015Who is Linda?

I’ve been described as a Sacred Empath, an Emotional Alchemist, and a Gifted Teacher and Healer.

Over 30 years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive and deadly cancer.  My whole world was turned upside down and I couldn’t hide in my comfort zone any more.  I walked into the world of alternative healing because every ounce of my being was demanding that I look outside the box. My life depended on it.

I learned how to listen, really listen.  To my body, my energy system and my own internal guidance.  I learned how to TRUST.  I consider myself a walking, talking miracle because I beat the odds and healed myself of cancer.  It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t quick. But I was guided every step of the way.  That was over 30 years ago…

Today I use my deep listening skills, my compassion, my intuition and the guidance I receive, along with effective alternative techniques to heal mind, body and spirit. I was gifted with my own healing symbols, as well as becoming a conscious channel for the Diamond Ray, the frequency we sit with when we align with the Masters.

I have been directed to use the Diamond Codes to re-molecularize drinking water so that the energy I channel can also be infused in the physical body as well as through the energy system.  These Living Waters, as they are described to me, are a powerful way to receive the energy on a physical level.

My path started through hardship, and although I wouldn’t change a thing because of the incredible gifts it brought me, it is not a path I would wish on anyone else.  I don’t believe that it has to be that way.


You don’t need a wake up call from the Universe to find your way!


I want you to know that YOU are the most powerful creator and manifestor in your life…

and that I am here to help you on your path.



Why give yourself the gift of Diamond LIFE Alchemy?



  • You’ll become more aware of your energy system and the guidance you receive.
  • You’ll understand what supports and what enslaves you which will empower your choices.
  • Your unconscious mind will become your valued partner, helping you create greater transformation.
  • Your relationships become more authentic, including the most important one—your relationship with yourself.
  • Your natural gifts will be amplified so you can live your purpose!
  • You’ll attract more synchronicities and opportunities in your life.
  • You’ll develop more confidence and the courage to be who you are.
  • You’ll feel better!  About yourself… about life… about the future…


Linda is the one who showed me that energy work is real! ~ Natalie


Diamond Sparkles


You’ll receive personal alchemical healing

for profound transformation of your body, mind and spirit


Linda is a powerful healer, she is able to bring in the most wonderful healing energy. I live in Australia and I have healings via Skype. The energy is incredible. I’ve had a tangible feeling of pinballs pinging throughout my body… then a beautiful feeling all over and especially around my heart.  Such a sense of peace and calm… Just beautiful…   

Thank you for your loving gentle healing. ~ Rhonda




Linda, I just wanted to tell you that you have no idea how this course has impacted me; I’m so grateful that you are the anchor and teacher of this course, I have learned so much about myself in these past few months than I have in my entire life. It’s helped my relationships, with my boyfriend, forgiveness towards my father, letting go, how to listen to my body when it talks to me, and (my relationship) with myself. I’m still learning and I don’t want to stop. I’ve been on this healing journey for many, many years and I’m starting to see the bigger picture.  Thank you for being so kind and compassionate.  Having you as my teacher and healer makes my journey to inner enlightenment that much easier. ♥♥♥♥  April


How do you know when this program is the right fit for you?


The Diamond LIFE Alchemy is offered for those who want to develop their natural gifts, clear away the blocks that prevent them from knowing and being their true self, living with more courage and possibility.  This is an excellent program for healers, psychics and intuitives, and those who have committed to do their inner work and open to their soul path.


This program is for you if…

  • You are ready to step out of mundane, limited thinking for your solutions.
  • You know you are more than just a physical body; you are a powerful being!
  • You know you are here for a purpose, even if you don’t know what it is yet.
  • You want to grow in self awareness and make empowered choices.
  • You want your natural gifts and abilities to blossom.
  • You want to step into the world of possibility, magic and wisdom.
  • You are ready to feel inspired with your life again.


I just wanted to thank you once again for all you did for me.  I’m very much at peace with myself and I have not fallen back to resentment of the past.  I’m feeling much lighter and clearer about the future.  You have great energy and I am grateful to have been introduced to you. ~ Annie




The Diamond LIFE Alchemy offers


9 Months of support


on your journey of growth & transformation…


The Details…

  • Weekly Diamond Ray energy channels.  Each session includes relaying any messages that come through for you.  By phone, video call or long distant.
  • 9 Modules to take you deeper into your journey of self discovery and growth.
  • You’ll learn a powerful process for energizing intention.
  • 7 Chakra Healing Intensive calls (apr 90 min) to release layers of unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and vows stored in each chakra (+  recordings.)
  • 5 powerful Energy Alignment calls  (apr 45 min) to recalibrate your energy system to hold higher vibrations (+  recordings)
  • 7 shamanic journeys to deepen your awareness and support each chakra.
  • Guidebooks for each chakra with information and exercises you can use on your own.
  • Every call will include Living Water activations, calibrated specifically for you. You will a difference in the taste, texture or energy of your water!
  • Email support between sessions.
  • We’ll finish the program with a sacred and ancient Higher Self Connection ritual that will give you a tangible experience of your Higher Self and deepen your connection.



Module 1: The Intention Call

As we start the program, we’ll set our intentions and connect with divine guidance to create a unique Spirit Prayer.  This is a Sacred Invocation that will be used throughout the program to heighten our work together.  This will align with your intention and call it forth.


Module 2: A Strong Foundation

Focusing on the ROOT Chakra, your Foundation.   We’ll clear layers of emotions, vows and limiting beliefs stored in the Root, inherited or related to your family and identity within the tribe, affecting your sense of belonging.  A strong, clear Root helps you feel connected to others, grounded and aware in the present moment.  The Root chakra is also the portal through which all things physically manifest.


Module 3: Sacral Union

Focusing on the SACRAL Chakra, your Relationship and Creation center.  We’ll clear layers of emotions, vows and limiting beliefs around your personal relationships with others, with money, and your creativity, your passions and desires, all which affect your ability to manifest and CREATE.  We’ll clear the 2nd chakra and build the energy with an energetic alignment to allow greater co-creation with your Divine Spirit.

Module 4:  Life Support

Focusing on the SOLAR PLEXUS, your center for Personal Power.  We’ll clear layers of emotions, vows and limiting beliefs around personal power, and unplug from self sabotage.  You’ll be able to support your life better by having a clearer sense of Self, more self esteem, self confidence and the courage to be You.  We’ll strengthen your Solar Plexus through an energy alignment to empower you to live authentically and help develop Presence.


Module 5: Opening the Heart

Focusing on the HEART Chakra, the center for Love and Healing. We’ll clear layers of old wounds, unresolved emotions, vows and limiting beliefs held within the heart, allowing you to open to a deeper level of feeling, of acceptance, compassion and unconditional love.   You’ll discover how to connect with the wisdom of your heart and trust.

Module 6: Throat Clearing

Focusing on the THROAT Chakra, the Communication and Will center. We’ll clear layers of emotions, vows and limiting beliefs that block our ability to communicate authentically.  You’ll experience a powerful energy alignment to activate your Will Power and to connect with the power of your words, one of the essential tools we use to attract, manifest and create.


Module 7: Clear Vision

Focusing on the 3rd EYE Chakra, the center of Perception, Intuition and Divine Mind.  We’ll clear layers of emotions, vows and limiting beliefs, opening your Intuition and Vision for inspired living.  Your 3rd Eye can help you think clearly, see the big picture, and create a vision for your life.


Module 8:  Divine Inspiration

Focusing on the CROWN Chakra, your Spiritual center.  We’ll clear layers of emotions, vows and limiting beliefs that impede your connection with the Divine and Infinite Possibilities.  You’ll develop new levels of self knowledge, understanding, inspiration, encouraging unity consciousness.


Module 9:  Higher Self Connection

You will be guided through the shamanic version of Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian forgiveness ritual and then experience an ancient  ritual for Higher Self Connection.  You will be able to actually reach up and feel your Higher Self above your head!  You will then bring your Divine Spirit into your body and commune with its presence, giving you the opportunity to seek its counsel and experience bliss.  In the future, you’ll have a new level of connection with your Spiritual Self.




 I believe Linda is a truly gifted healer. She works with women like me who want to move the inner stuff up and out so that there is a deeper connection. That has occurred for me in spades in a very short period of time, in which there have been too many synchronistic happy occurrences to mention here. I will say, however, that my business is taking a few twists and turns that have been pleasantly unexpected, and I have felt more inspired to take actions that net results. This is not to say that I have been without a few breakdowns, but my ability to move through them has improved dramatically.  I would seriously encourage you to get to know Linda. I am a believer!  ~ Shell


Are you ready to scratch deeper than the surface? 

To do the meaningful healing work you need to step firmly into who you came here to be?


If you are ready for real transformation,

to step into the magical world of divine possibilities,



colourful diamond heart



Simply contact me to see if this program is for you.


Let’s have a quick chat and you can ask all the questions you want,
and then decide for yourself if this is the right step for you.


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