Alchemy = Transformation

Alchemy is a powerful way to explore your inner world,
release old, stuck emotions, and limiting beliefs,
and discover the beauty & wisdom that lies within you.

“I’ve been a member of the Alchemy Group for over 2 years now. Like anything else, you get what you give and this group came to me at the perfect time when I was ready to make huge changes in my life even though I wasn’t sure what they were or how. The group has offered me an opportunity to get to know myself and understand why I have made the choices I made in my life and the tools to change them. I really enjoy the structure of the group meeting once a week with a set schedule where we focus on one area/theme for the month, with energy, belief changes, journeys and activations all centered around this area. Thank you, Shawnnon

Here’s how Alchemy can help you…


This Membership has been created with the intention of helping you explore your inner world and transform your outer world to be more in alignment with who you truly are. If you feel ready for transformation in your own life, then I invite you to join our community.  Each month you’ll receive high vibe, quality transformational content to enrich your life.


Throughout this journey you will:

  • Become more aware of the world of energy
  • Understand how thoughts and emotions affect you
  • Be able to access your own inner wisdom
  • Release limiting beliefs & unhealthy patterns
  • Learn how to make choices that resonate 
  • Grow in self-respect & self-appreciation
  • Experience yourself in new, amazing ways
  • Enhance your spirituality
  • Connect with guides and spirit allies
  • Discover the magic that lives within you
  • Open to a whole new world of possibilities

Alchemy from the Inside Out membership is part self exploration, part alchemical healing & completely transformational to assist you on being your best self as you walk your path.

Alchemy from the Inside Out at a glance…

Each month you’ll have access to a focused Living Waters Healing, a Shamanic Journey, and an associated Belief Change. Plus, there will be guided processes such as energetic alignments, attunements,  activations or meditations, and occasional guest presenters offering bonus healings. If you can’t attend live, each event will be added to the Membership Library so you won’t miss a thing. Some of them you might like to do over and over again as energetic support for current life situations or to aid your evolution.

Living Waters Healings

A live monthly transmission of the Diamond Ray energy channeled to your water, coffee or tea that will be calibrated for your personal needs. YES, even though you are not in the same location, you will be able to taste a difference!! And you will feel peaceful and aligned in just a few moments.

Energetic Activations, Alignments and Attunements

Alignments to help you strengthen your energy system, create resonance with your intentions, and align with your soul's purpose. Each guided process is a stand alone energetic attunement, often leaving you feel a renewed sense of deep spiritual connection and presence.

Water Healing themes include:  Alignment for the Highest Transformation, Purification, Opening to Receive, and many more…

Shamanic Journeys

Explore your inner world through guided experiential Shamanic Journeys. You will have personal insights, develop your intuitive abilities, discover your gifts and awaken your soul's desires. Journeys are like being in a dream, rich in symbolism and messages. You receive clear guidance for your life while expanding your self-awareness. And it’s great fun!

Alignments for Grounding, balancing and aligning Chakras, strengthening your connection to Inner Wisdom, opening to Grace, and more…

Belief Change

Step out of old unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs. When release these limitations, you shift how you respond to life, what you think is possible, what you manifest and co-create in your life. You respond rather than react. You have more choice, and you make better ones. Your inner world shifts, and your outer world transforms in alignment with your new thoughts and beliefs.

We’ll journey to meet the embodiment of your inner wisdom, to open the heart, to manifest goals, to make aligned choices and more. Plus you’ll be able to access the journeys to take whenever you need the specific medicine and guidance on each topic.

We’ll transform beliefs like “I don’t trust myself” into “I trust my innate wisdom”  and “Change is hard for me” into “I flow with change in my life with grace & ease.”   We release the old and install the new and you will have conscious awareness of the inner shift.

“It really is alchemy from the inside out! My work with Linda and Thought Change has been transformative in my relationship with myself and others. Weekly sessions with like-minded souls enhance the impact of my personal work. As we journey into the realm of the subconscious, shift our beliefs and heal, we tap into our inner wisdom individually and collectively. I have been able to let go of long-standing issues with forgiveness and have seen physical healing as a result. I love working through the layers and discovering a whole new world of possibilities for my creativity and impact as a lightworker. Thank you, Linda for guiding me on this path!

YES, I want in!

This is a low-cost subscription membership and there is no refund but you can try it for 14 days FREE and unsubscribe at any time.

Isn't it time to feed your soul & discover the magic that lives within you?

and Discover the magic that lives within you!

  • Something is missing from my life
  • I don’t feel fulfilled
  • I don’t make good choices
  • I am ready to let go of limiting beliefs
  • I’m new to the spiritual path and I don’t know how to grow
  • I can’t imagine creating the life I want to live
  • I’m tired of challenging inner work that creates slow results
  • I am ready to have some fun and experience myself in new ways
  • I don’t know how to access my gifts
  • My soul has been calling me
  • I’ve been on my path for a while and I want to support my evolution
  • I want to have greater access to guidance

Isn't it time to feed your soul & discover the magic that lives within you?

Now more than ever, it is my deepest commitment to provide spiritual guidance, direction and energetic support to those who are truly willing to listen to their soul and step into a fuller and more fulfilling expression.  I want to make my tools and guidance easy and accessible to help you harness the momentum of this transformative time we are living in.


The moment you join, you get on-demand access to a growing library of transformative content.  You’ll be inspired by the shifts you experience!  Alchemy from the Inside Out makes it really easy and fun to know yourself more fully, to appreciate your journey of life and the gifts it has brought you, and to bring more spirit and possibility into your life.  It offers you a flexible structure, guidance, healing and supportive community of people who share your values and are right there with you throughout this journey.  And just to make sure that you are in the right place, the first 7 DAYS are free. You can try out the membership to ensure resonance.

And you'll find lots of great bonuses too!