Unlocking the Mysteries of Nadi Reading

In Part 2 of our Nadi Reading series, we delve deeper into the ancient art of Indian Palm Leaf Reading reading. (Check out Part 1: The Secrets of Indian Palm Leaf Reading, Season 16). The readings contain soul information downloaded by Hindu sages thousands of years ago, providing specific information in the exact moment you hear it and providing guidance to improve your life.

Dr. Q from the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute continues the conversation, sharing how the Nadi readings identify blocks and challenges one may face in life, as well as prescribing remedies so you can live your best life.

In episode 194: Dr Q’s personal experience of having 2 Nadi readings and how his trajectory changed; the process of Nadi reading; the accuracy of the predictions; the benefits of performing pujas, meditations, and mantras to overcome any challenges; the future is not set in stone; what happens to a leaf when its purpose is complete… and more…

Step into the mystical world of Nadi readings as Linda Lang and Dr. Q take you on a journey through ancient wisdom, karma, and the power of personal transformation. Get ready to delve deeper into the mystical side of life! The Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute offers ethical and authentic readings from the comfort of one’s home. Learn more or book your reading at: ⁠https://indianpalmleafreading.com/⁠

YouTube Channel: ⁠https://www.youtube.com/@IndianPalmLeafReadingInstitute⁠

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Alien Abduction & the Prophecy of Thiaoouba Revealed

Is it possible that an advanced alien civilization is watching and guiding humanity toward a better trajectory? If so, what guidance would they give us? What would they tell us about our past, our present, and our ability to create a brighter future?

On this episode of Exploring the Mystical Side of Life, host Linda Lang is joined by Samuel Chong to discuss The Prophecy of Thiaoouba, a book by Michel Desmarquet about his encounters with extraterrestrial beings who took him to the golden planet of Thiaoouba.

In episode 195: Revelations about different races coming from different planets; technologies that were used by ancient civilizations: Lemuria, Ancient Egypt and Easer Island; Using technology in spiritual development; levitation; telepathy; humanity’s spiritual evolution; the role of vibration and meditation in achieving one’s goals; the meaning of life, and more… Listen in for an intriguing episode that will expand your understanding of the universe.

The Prophecy of Thiaoouba on Amazon: ⁠https://amzn.to/3NLt7oM⁠

Samuel Chong’s story: ⁠https://chinasona.org/Thiaoouba/⁠

On Facebook: ⁠https://www.facebook.com/groups/thiaoouba.prophecy⁠

How to Unlock the Power of Star Magic

In this episode of Exploring the Mystical Side of Life, Ann Varney joins us to discuss “How to Unlock the Power of Star Magic.” Ann is an experienced practitioner of esoteric alchemy, sharing her insights and proven practices for accessing the energy of the 9th dimension and utilizing it for transformation. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of star magic and discover how it can empower us on our mystical journey. If you are curious about enhancing your spiritual abilities and accessing powerful energies, this podcast is for you!

In episode 196: The power of magic; Embracing spiritual energies; powerful Med bed techniques that can transform emotions, behaviors, bodies, pain, and more; in 9th dimension; Jumping timelines and dimensions; Connecting with spiritual beings; Pleiadeans; Arcturians; Transforming low level energy; Activating one’s purpose; DNA light body activation and more.

Visit Ann at ⁠https://annvarney.com/ ⁠

Spiritual Abundance Creator Podcast: ⁠https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ann-varney⁠

Free PDF on how to get into parallel realities, enter the timeline and manifest: ⁠https://bit.ly/time-lines⁠

Free NO BS Spirituality that shows how to connect with your spirituality: ⁠https://bit.ly/no-bs-spirituality⁠

Free spiritual alignment audios to balance your energies: ⁠https://bit.ly/46RkTnE

Can Light Be Your Healer?

Discover the power of light as your healer. Scalar researcher Tom Paladino is harnessing universal energy and transmitting it through photographs to revolutionize healing. Join us as we dive into the mystical realm of scalar energy and explore its remarkable potential.

Join Linda and Tom as they delve deep into the science behind scalar energy, its connection to quantum physics, and its potential to revolutionize healing practices. In episode 197 – The power of scalar light for healing; Using photographs as an energy signal; Working with the HIV AIDS clinic in Delhi, India; Correcting the conscience: Potential for global impact; Advantages of scalar energy; Communication through photographs; Quantum physics; Nikola Tesla; Using God’s energy to heal… and more…

Learn how you can take part in Tom’s free sessions and allow scalar energy to bring balance and well-being to your life. Visit ⁠https://scalarlight.com/⁠ to learn more.

Listen to our first podcast on scalar light: https://youtu.be/yFPPxqOxu5M

Can You Really Change Your Mind? with RJ Spina

Your subconscious mind holds the key to your limitations. By decoding and deprogramming the subconscious, we can eradicate barriers such as fear, scarcity, and separation. RJ Spina aims to empower us and enlighten humanity to uncharted levels of existence.

Tune in as RJ shares his personal experiences and offers practical exercises to help you unlock your true potential. Don’t miss this transformative conversation on the power of changing your mind! RJ Spina is a metaphysical teacher and visionary who delves into the intricate workings of consciousness, energy, the human mind and its connection to the universe.

In episode 198: The mind’s role in healing, manifestation & magic; How the creation process works (and doesn’t work); Deprogramming limitation mindset; Exponential growth is our birthright; How to know what programming needs to shift; Ego identity: beliefs, thoughts, concepts, ideologies; How the Higher Self communicates; The role of the subconscious; The potential available to us.

Join us as we delve into the concept of expanding consciousness and the power of deprogramming the limitations of the subconscious mind. Discover how tapping into the higher mind can lead to empowerment, abundance, and a new level of creative manifestation.

Visit RJ at https://www.ascendthefrequencies.com/

The Wisdom of Karma

In a world where past lives help us unlock the mysteries of the soul, join me (Linda Lang) and my guest, storyteller Tom Lane, as we explore karmic influences, past-life journeys, and the profound wisdom hidden within the ethereal planes. You will discover how our choices shape our destiny, and how we can make positive changes in our lives and the world.

In episode 199: Exploring past lifetimes; personal experiences with the Akashic records; understanding the power of choice; the role of karma in personal growth; time travel and déjà vu; the continuum of life; the balance of goodness, collective karma, mystical life and more…

Plus, Tom shares an intriguing metaphysical thriller that combines cops, robbers, and spiritual awakening. Tune in and expand your understanding of karma and its impact on our lives!

Visit Tom at: https://www.thomaslane.com/

Hidden Wisdom from Your Body

Uncover hidden messages from your body and learn how to tap into your heart’s wisdom for healing and transformation. Dr Jason Loken joins us to explore the messages our bodies send us and the importance of connecting with our intuition and consciousness to heal and live a more fulfilling life.

In episode 200: Physical symptoms as messages; Body awareness; Mind body connection; Underlying emotional and spiritual issues; Perceiving reality beyond the senses; Expectations; the Law of Intention; The power of letting go; Heart space connection; Metaphysics and healing… and more… Tune in to gain insights on understanding your body’s messages and accessing your intuitive wisdom.

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