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We all go through challenging times... it’s called Life. Those challenges can make us stronger, wiser and more discerning. They can lead us to empowerment, even open a new trajectory for our life.

Sometimes it’s an inner stirring that prompts us to seek change. Sometimes it’s hardship.

Whatever it is,
it’s an opportunity for transformation,
to find more peace in your life,
to find happiness,
more self acceptance & love,
to release the past & open to a new future,
and to access the gifts that lay dormant within you.

If you want to find more happiness, to improve your health, your relationships, your prosperity… if you want to be stronger, more confident, and better able to handle your life...


Are you ready to take a step in a new direction today
for a better tomorrow?

Ready to try something new?

Imagine how powerful your change can be when we combine MINDSET shifts, healing ENERGY work, intuitive GUIDANCE, SPIRITUAL teaching...

What change is possible for you when there's cooperation with your UNCONSCIOUS, alignment with your HIGHER SELF, and assistance from your SPIRITUAL TEAM?

I've had some incredible results with my unique way of working with energy and collaborating with spirit. I may be just the right person to help you!

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Here's what other clients say ...

  • Melissa Basque
    “I truly benefited from my healing sessions, especially the ho’oponopono exercise, going deep into the subconscious while also forgiving myself and everyone else involved. It freed up space for my true essence to shine. I like using prayer energy in my daily practice and found the healings resonated with my spiritual beliefs.  I feel lighter and more grounded after my sessions.”
    Melissa Basque
  • Good Morning to all who desire healing and freedom from contracted emotional energy. Over the past few months I have had the honor of meeting this beautiful soul - Linda Lang from Thought Change. Linda is so knowledgeable and gentle in her facilitation of healing. I had asked the universe to send me people that would enhance the work I am doing within The Chance for Change Institute. Linda invited me to try her services. I accepted, and life will never be the same. She is phenomenal. There are immediate results. I highly recommend her if you want to experience what it feels like to walk with a lighter step, feel lighter in your emotional being, and to observe the physical sensation of negative emotions being extracted from your body, freeing you to become open in your heart and soul. Allowing you to receive all that is good in the world. Thank you Linda for all you bring to the world through your art. Sincerely and with Love, Jody Marquis, www.chanceforchangeinstitute.com
  • I must say I'm more and more impressed with the work you do, and what a great service it is to those you help. Since our session before thanksgiving to heal the anger issues plaguing me since my 20's because of the abuse I suffered as a child, I'm happy to report that there's been no explosion of anger or yelling so everyone in the household is very happy about that!!! That's phenomenal!!! 😊 Also I could see where the sadness has even lifted. I was able to make it through my mom's 2nd anniversary of her death without breaking into tears. I actually had a great day yesterday, laughing and light-hearted, so thank you from the depths of my soul for your gifts. Much gratitude coming your way.~ Dr. Elena Skyhawk, www.spiritual-shaman.com
  • Debby, NZ
    I highly recommend Linda Lang, in fact I can't recommend her highly enough!!   Her natural abilities, along with her vast training which she combines together in such a unique way, is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I have done a fair amount of personal growth work myself, through various modalities and trainings, but Linda has assisted me to access some things on a deeper level than ever before which is truly amazing. Many thanks Linda.  
    Debby, NZ
  • Miché Meizner
    Linda Lang...
    Water whisperer, alchemist and agent of radical change.
    Understatement.  She is confident, relaxed, talented and serious
    about helping people heal and grow into their own highest expression of who they came here to be.
    Don't let her quiet approach trick you into thinking the transformations she is facilitating are small or lightweight. She really knows her stuff and with intuition and empathic abilities - kinda knows your stuff too. Plus she's, well, connected.....with higher guidance.
    It's rare to meet a fellow healer or teacher who actually believes that change can be easy.  Having a guide to clear the way and help you see and open to your own capacity for ease and possibility is.  My advice - don't miss a chance to work with her; I truly believe your future self will thank you for it.
    Miché, Self-Love and SuperPowers Coach, Inspirational Humorist and Chief Spoonbender at SpoonBendersCafe.com Custom Jeweler at VivaceJewelry.com
    Miché Meizner
  • Karen Curry, Human Design specialist
    Linda has intuitive answers for people, intuitive answers that are mutative, meaning she brings change to people. She gives them the ideas to change. She teaches them how to reconnect with Source.  She gives them the images and information necessary to expand their awareness beyond the physical limits of the world, and gives them a practical, reasonable step-by-step system for how to do that. And when she does that, she lifts them up, empowers them, and helps them with her intuition, giving guidance for their soul. That’s who she is and that’s what she does.
    Karen Curry, Human Design specialist
  • Sasha
    Linda provides comfort, a sense of rejuvenation and an enlightenment of spirit to people.  She is a powerful teacher helping people walk through their emotional spheres with greater ease and come out with that spark that they lost, the joie de vivre.  Linda is a nurturer of spirit and radiates such delicate strength.  As a a true sensitive, she can truly empathize with others.
  • Sharon Bosmoore
    Linda's healing is tangible.  I could feel and see the energy working on my stubborn hard to shift block that was stopping me moving forward. I am very practiced and expert at working on procrastination, fear and other blocks but this was something I needed an extra boost with, and Linda was right on target with her healing ability.  I feel much clearer and free to take action on my goals now. I would highly recommend a session with Linda if you are going around in circles and you need help to shift into action.  Thanks Linda.
    Sharon Bosmoore
    Soul Medicine Art
  • Nathalie Beaupré
    Linda, you are the one who showed me that energy work is real!
  • Rhonda, Perth, WA Aust.
    Linda is a powerful healer, she is able to bring in the most wonderful healing energy.
    I live in Australia and I had a healing via Skype. The energy was incredible.
    I had a tangible feeling of pinballs pinging throughout my body... then a beautiful feeling all over and especially around my heart.  Such a sense of peace and calm... Just beautiful... I will be back for more.
    Thank you for your loving gentle healing.
    Rhonda, Perth, WA Aust.
  • Ron Carlson
    The energy work Linda offers is extremely high calibre, focused, enveloping with well-being and state producing. Lovely and effective.
    Ron Carlson
    Intuitive Matters
  • Mary
    Linda truly has a gift for what she does, which you can feel through her exceptionally compassionate and intuitive nature. She has been helping me during a challenging time in my life, helping me to grow, to see other possibilities for myself, and to move beyond limiting ways of thinking. I have found her clearing techniques to be very helpful and effective, and my work with her has allowed me to make room for more positivity, self-confidence, and hope in my life. I am very grateful to her for listening to me and never judging me. I feel very lucky to have met her. 
  • Song Bird Grand Mother
    Linda is an old soul here to bridge kindness and compassion. She is an empath and has a healing ability to talk to someone and lighten them.
    Song Bird Grand Mother
  • Maike Dombrowksy
    I have been a client of Linda’s for many years now, and she has held space for me, and helped and supported me on my healing journey. I have experienced anxiety attacks on several occasions, went through two challenging relationship break ups and ended up moving several times, (which is a trigger for anxiety for me), and I made it through with her help and encouragement. I feel that working with Linda made a big difference. She certainly supported me on my healing journey, and helped me find more peace and balance in my life. Thank you for being there for me Linda! With gratitude,
    Maike Dombrowksy
    Founder and Organizer of the Ottawa Sound Healing Conference
  • Garry Rondeau
    Linda is an amazing gifted intuitive healer and I am so grateful for her gentle light in my life. I have struggled for many months following open heart surgery, with so little energy I couldn’t walk down the driveway to get the mail, and feeling like I was knocking on death’s door. After a few sessions with Linda, gently asking questions, using her intuitive guidance,  then drawing from her basket of many tools to shift my energy, I am literally a new man, feeling fantastic and alive again. Thank you, thank you, Linda from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot convey the difference you have made!
    Garry Rondeau


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