Is your health a major concern for you?


Are you in ‘recovery mode’ or living with a chronic condition?


Are you’re looking for a way to positively impact your health and wellness?




They say that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.  Although that’s not really true, it can feel true.   As an energy healer & wellness practitioner, I have seen people with many kinds of health issues respond positively to energy medicine… even some that traditional medicine didn’t hold out much hope for improvement.


If you’re worried about your health and wondering what you can do to improve it, the Diamond Ray healing energy might be just what you’re looking for.   It’s incredible healing ability may help you attain a level of health and vitality you might not have thought possible. You don’t even have to give up your current health regime.


The Diamond Health program is a great way to augment your current protocol… whether it’s mainstream medicine, alternative health care, or a combination of both!



If it’s time to try something different…

If you’re ready to step out of the box to feel better…

Please consider joining me for Diamond Health




 If you are…

  • In the midst of a healing crisis…
  • Living with pain or a chronic health condition…
  • Recovering from major illness or disease…
  • Looking to boost the results of your current health regime…
  • Ready to look outside the box for something that can help you…


The Diamond Health program may be just what you’re looking for…




Let the Diamond Health program help you:

  • Reduce pain
  • Trigger your body’s natural ability to heal
  • Re-balance your physical body, your mind and emotions
  • Feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful inside
  • Have more energy and more vitality
  • Feel better!!



Linda Lang 2015Who is Linda? 

I am a holistic healer and personal mentor who guides clients to step beyond their unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns into higher states of health and happiness.  With over 30 years experience in alternative healing, starting with my own successful (alternative) healing journey through cancer, I share my wisdom, guidance and natural healing ability to elicit transformation in a gentle and compassionate manner.

I’ve trained in numerous energy and energy psychology healing techniques, including hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki and Huna shamanism.  Over the last year, I have become an energy channel for a powerful high frequency energy called The Diamond Ray. This energy is very fast, very effective and intelligent.  It knows the best way to unravel  the layers that take you away from your highest self expression.

This incredible healing energy can be channelled to you wherever you are… and it can be infused in water so that your physical cells also receive the benefit. You’ll notice the difference in taste, texture &/or energy!  To me, it feels like  tasting magic.





You’ll receive 8 weeks of personalized 1:1 energy healing

  • Each week we’ll have two Living Waters healing sessions (over the phone or Skype). The calls are 15 – 20 minutes in length.
  • Each call you will receive a high vibration energy transmission that focuses on the highest priority to realign your energy system for health improvement.
  • Each call will include restructured drinking water, energized specifically for you in your location.  You will notice a difference in taste, texture &/ or energy!
  • We’ll have one longer call to specifically release layers of the emotional baggage that affects your health—including anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame, as well as limiting beliefs.  (apr 90 minutes)




Here’s what some of my clients are saying …


  • Linda is an amazing gifted intuitive healer and I am so grateful for her gentle light in my life. I have struggled for many months following open heart surgery, with so little energy I couldn’t walk down the driveway to get the mail, and feeling like I was knocking on death’s door. After a few sessions with Linda, I am literally a new man, feeling fantastic and alive again. Thank you, thank you, Linda from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot convey the difference you have made! (Garry)


  • After I had my heart attack, I realized how angry I was, how angry I had been my whole life. I didn’t know how to change it, but I knew I had to.  I wasn’t too sure about this “weird energy stuff,” but I was willing to try.  Thank you for helping me release so much anger and sadness. It really opened my eyes. (Steve)


  • Our sister had a stroke 2 years ago that affected her speech. She became depressed and withdrawn, and isolated herself from others because she could only say one or two words at a time. She was always tired, getting forgetful and getting older by the moment.  After only 3 sessions with you, we could see such a huge difference!  She was happier and had more energy.  After 5 sessions, her talking was better—not perfect, but better. She could say sentences and started having conversations.  She had more energy, slept less and did more. She became engaged in life again. She is so excited to continue the program and she loves the taste of the water!!  We can hardly believe the change in her. (Deb)




Your Investment

I’m currently offering the Diamond Health program

for only $499!



This program would cost over $850 if healing sessions were purchased separately.
Give your self the gift of Diamond Health and save $350!!


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Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the Living Waters?  The water that I have restructured for you is called The Living Waters.  The energy that I work with is intelligent and customizes specifically for glass of waterthe client.  Someone else could taste your water and not enjoy it at all because it is aligned with you, your health and healing.  When I restructure water, the texture of the water becomes soft and silky and tastes delicious to the person it is intended. If your water is chlorinated, you’ll taste a huge difference! 


  • How do the healing sessions work?  By connecting with you over the internet or by phone, or even simply with my intention, I am able to send the Diamond Ray energy to you, and also energize a glass of water – wherever you are – so you can drink it to infuse the healing energy into your physical body and cells.   I usually receive a message or have an intuition about what the energy is working on.


  • Will this interfere with medication or other treatment therapies or healing protocols? There are no medications or supplements involved in the Diamond Health program, only high vibrational healing energy.  I have worked with many people and to date, no one has had interference with their medication or other treatments.  Please check with your medical practitioner if you have any questions about your medication or prescribed treatments!


  • Is there anything I have to do? Our sessions together are a partnership between us.  You need only be open to receive the energy!  You don’t even have to be present on the call because the sessions can be done remotely; even the water can be restructured remotely.  But you do have to drink the water to receive the benefit it offers!  Most people prefer to be present for their sessions to have a direct experience and receive any messages.  My intention is always for your highest healing, and you might like to set that as your intention too.


More questions?  Read more here


Smiling Woman Framed


You’ll receive 8 weeks of personalized 1:1 energy healing.


The Diamond Health program is an amazing opportunity

to access the benefit of the effective, efficient, and powerful

Diamond Ray healing energy!





Ready to get started?


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