Moldavite for Transformation

Discover the transformational qualities of Moldavite; Where does Moldavite come from? How can you work with it? In this episode: Moldavite for 3rd eye and crown chakra, spiritual connection, transformation and ascension; Possible reactions when working with Moldavite. Humanity’s Ascension from a Carbon-based to a Crystalline-based form. Becoming the soul within the Human Body. Ascension symptoms. How crystal bowls were are created; How the Moldavite bowl communicates; How the bowl chooses whether to play (or not); possible reactions & effects of the Moldavite crystal bowl. How to prepare for the Sound Bath; Have an intention when you listen; Willing to Let Go and Transform; The importance of filling the vacuum created by the release; How to set a high intent; The gift of toning with the singing bowl: Do you need to clear singing bowls? How to know when it’s time to cleanse crystals. Our guest is Sonia Grover, spiritual teacher, healer and channel. Visit Sonia at

Meeting Your Baby’s Spirit Before Birth

Why is important to develop a strong soul connection with new babies coming to the earth plane? It is possible to learn how to communicate intuitively prior to birth and create a strong energetic and spiritual connection. Our guest is Kreed Revere, baby soul intuitive and spiritual coach for mothers-to-be and new parents at In this episode: You choose your parents; Soul contracts between people; The evolution of the soul through their life plan; The transition and connection babies have to the spirit world; The parents’ role of supporting the baby’s mission in this life; When does the baby’s spirit enter the body? How does birth compare to the death experience? How parents can clear their issues and generational patterns to blossom the new relationship and how doing this work can transform karma; the Ancient Wisdom teaching of the Cycles and Rhythms of life. What does the new spirit want to communicate to you? What does it need you to understand?

Spoon Bending | Using Your Mind to Bend Reality

Everything is energy and something we can affect consciously.  Our guest is Miche Meizner, coach and spiritual teacher, who shares with us how spoon bending can change your life.  By showing you how your mind can help you bend reality, she demonstrates how easy it can be to make real, concrete shifts.  It’s also a tool that can show you where you have limiting beliefs that can block you. 
In this episode: Spoon bending as a spiritual teaching; How the mind can get in the way; How negative thinking can actually script the future; The role of imagination to bend reality;  What’s “the zone?” Understand how once you find the zone, you can get there easily; How removing limiting thoughts can open you to new possibilities; How the manifestation process is not linear; How spoon bending can help you become aware of your inherent ability to manifest and bend reality. Miche shares a tool to determine if you are picking up energy from others and taking on their emotions, and how to clear it. Visit Miche at  Experience spoonbending yourself by joining  

Manifestations & Mystical Musings

 Join Michelle and Linda as they share insights from the past year and project intentions into the New Year. In this episode: What does solstice energy represent? The importance of finding community and like minded people; Following your guidance and bringing alignment to all the areas of your life. Learning how to trust; Feeling supported in life; Transformation, Awakening and Heart Opening; Manifestation through Intention and Flow; Does taking the step create the path? What lies ahead for Exploring the Mystical Side of Life?  Thanks for listening!

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Developing Your Intuitive Self

Intuition is a natural faculty everyone can develop. In this episode: The importance of giving yourself permission to be present and to experience your intuition.  All psychic senses are gifts and it’s important to honor how you receive messages; Recognizing when guidance comes through; the difference between seeing with your eyes and seeing psychically. Simple easy tips to develop your intuition: being present, having commitment, using powerful I AM affirmations, practicing “softly,” learning to defocus your eyes. Building trust; Acknowledging when you receive; Learning how to interpret your symbols; How intuition can help you in your life as well as fulfill your life purpose. The best defense against lower vibration energy; The importance of a clear auric boundary and how to develop one; Working with spirit guides. Our guest is Ron Carlson, intuitive and spiritual teacher. Visit Ron at  JOIN Ron’s Facebook group to access his free training JUMP START YOUR INTUITION at

Spirit Helpers in the Animal Kingdom

Learn how to access your animal spirit guides and the wisdom of the animal kingdom. Working with spirit animals can help you transform your life.In this episode:  The grounding power of animal guides; How to call in and strengthen your connection with them; The importance of joy and fun to make life’s journey more lighthearted; Learn to trust the information you receive directly from the guides;  How messages are simple (not complicated) and direct, yet profound.
Includes a guided process to connect and receive a message.Call the animals to assist you: Elephant – removing obstacles, Wolf – protection, Bear – courage, Eagle – increasing intuition, Lion – speaking your truth, Spider – weaver of life & creation/creativity, Giraffe – look at things from a different prospective.
Meet Sharon Brown, spirit animal intuitive and shamanic healer. You’ll find her on Facebook at or join her group, Sharon’s Spirit Animal Guidance at

Spiritual Perspectives on Bullying & Victim Mindset

Are their spiritual lessons within the experience of trauma and bullying. Join Michelle & Linda as they share their stories  of being bullied, how they handled it and how they grew through their experiences.  What higher spiritual lessons did they learn?  In this episode:  Being targeted, being sensitive and being overly sensitive; What lies at the root of sensitivity?  Strategies to deal with bullying; Learning how to empower yourself; Stages of Empowerment; Protecting yourself energetically and physically; Maintaining healthy boundaries; How to communicate with sensitive people. Thanks for listening!

How to Change Your Luck ~ Good Luck, Bad Luck & Curses

 What is good luck? How do you create more of it?  In this Episode: Learning how to follow the signs; What throws your luck off? The impact jealousy has on your luck; How to get your luck back on track; Why your ancestry is important. The power in traditional good luck rituals and talismans; Tradition ties luck to our lives; Is it important to protect yourself? How your spiritual practice and cleansing energetically can benefit you; 3 Tips to Improve Your Luck. 
Meet Flora Elmore, the Good Luck Lady. Flora shares her experience of the Evil Eye, how it affected her life, how she eventually cleared it and made peace with the person who laid it. In Flora’s experience, the Evil eye is rare but it can happen and she shares how you can clear it.  Why not explore luck to improve your life, get unstuck, attract specific goals, build wealth or have more fun? 3 Tips to Improve Your Luck. Visit Flora at
Thank you for listening this episode of Exploring the Mystical Side of Life.

Embracing the Divine Feminine

We’re diving into Goddess Energy this episode of Exploring the Mystical Side of Life. We take a deep look at the Divine Feminine; The fall from grace; The profound impact that the imbalance between masculine and feminine has on society; Demonizing sexuality.Our guest is Susanna McCan from In this episode: The changing definition of an empowered woman; How a healthy perception of the Feminine affects society and relationships; How a distorted view creates judgment, separation and oppression; Tips for males to access the masculine expression of the gifts of the divine feminine and how they can support the women in their lives.

Money & the Path of the Lightworker

Lightworkers & Money: Why it’s important that Lightworkers prosper; Conditioning and negative beliefs that get in the way from receiving; The influence of past life trauma; Healing the fear; The importance of creating community. Separating Self Worth from money; Releasing “not good enough;” Being open to accept more Love.  Angelic Message: “The way to abundance/money is through forgiveness.”  Joy as a magnet to attract good things into your life; Acts of Self Love to change your life.Our guest this week is Aishling Mooney, angel communicator and spiritual coach. Visit her at’s Forgiveness course:’s Master Your Money Mind program:

Developing Spiritual Consciousness

Life experiences can call you to the spiritual path. Will you answer?  In this episode: Divine Bliss and mystical experiences as awakenings; The inherent divinity of our soul; Conscious and unconscious seekers; The role of choice on our spiritual path. Spirituality as a way of life; Finding divine connection in the microcosm and the macrocosm. The spiritual receptivity of children; Creating a solid spiritual foundation for children that will enhance their life; Childhood qualities to maintain to “be as little children to find the kingdom of heaven.” Unity consciousness; Expanding awareness away from the individual’s spiritual path to evolve humanity as a whole; the conflict between the heart and the mind; Tips to develop your spiritual consciousness. Meet Jack McLean, author and spiritual scholar.  Learn more at

The Journey of Soul Alchemy

Exploring the landscape of the Soul and your inner stories to create change in your outside world. Find the gifts of your Spirit and the transformative power of inner journeys.  The Soul Alchemy system to release karma, heal wounds, activate or enhance skills and abilities, soul alignment, meet your guides, and discover discernment tools on the inner plane. Our guest this week is Julie Claire, shamanic healer and guide. Learn more at (English) or (French)