Gene Keys: Unraveling Spirit in Your DNA

What’s hiding in your DNA? The Gene Keys system offers the Map and Compass to decode your purpose and highest spiritual potential. Discover the 64 shadows of humanity, the roles they play that drive evolution, and our ability to unlock the shadow patterns in our life to bring the higher nature of humanity into the world, How to work with your personal Gene Keys. Your personal Gene Keys explain your life purpose, your life’s work, what you need to learn & what you need to be healthy, and more.

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The Power of the Inner Child to Heal Your Life

Is your life run by fear or love?  How your brain copes with traumatic experiences and affects your choices; What is a “trigger,” how do they work, and how you can change them; Childhood trauma: Working with your child-self to heal; How to find wholeness; Change is always possible.Meet Liz Mullinar from the Heal Your Life Foundation. HEAL FOR LIFE Book:  or available through AmazonHEAL FOR LIFE Foundation: On Facebook: email Liz at

Ancient Wisdom and the Healing Power of Nomoli

What are the Nomoli? Where did these ancient and sacred carved figurines come from? How are they associated with mystical wisdom and healing today?  Are they from this world? Discover the history and mysticism behind them, originally mentioned in the 1400’s by early Portuguese explorers. My guest is Bennet Vonderheide from

Nomoli Paranormal Event Deep in the Jungles of West Africa:

Nomoli on Ancient Aliens:

Vonderheide Collection:

Cosmic 2×4’s on Your Spiritual Path

Why do you go through challenges on your path?  On this week’s podcast:  How to navigate challenge; Finding your alignment; Responsibility vs  Blame; Unconscious triggers and reactions; Active acceptance; Energetic  momentum; The power of choice; Is there a plan for your life?  My guest is intuitive and spiritual teacher, Donna Somerville from Connect on Facebook here

Reference: The Magic Happens Now article:

Ayahausca Plant Medicine

What is an Ayahausca experience like? What can it help you transform?  Can it be a powerful trigger for personal healing? Precautions before an experience; The importance of Intention and Right Relationship before you engage.   My guest is Amy Wharton, Ayahausca Maestra and Gene Key Ambassador.   For information of Ayahausca Retreats, email

Does Energy Work Really Work?

Can energy work help you? Anna-Karina Tabunar shares her experience with energy healing. Seeking help with chronic health issues, Anna-Karina had the bonus benefits of greater mental clarity, ability to deal with  stress and release emotional issues.   Also, Mindfulness; Side effects from healing sessions; The affect on  animals; Do you need energy tune ups? What’s the most important thing to  bring into a session?  I’d truly love to help you create a similar energy outcome for yourself. Reach out through the Contact page.  Help bring some magic to others by sharing this podcast with someone you really believe is ready to expand what is possible for them and who can benefit from energy healing work.

Blessings in Disguise

Is there magic built into your struggles? When the divine comes knocking through life challenges/ In this episode: Learning to listen; Human evolution; Finding  the gifts within Life’s challenges; Tuning into the body; Challenges  that bring new choices, transformation and change the direction of your  life.  

Meet Kristine Madera, podcaster and transformation specialist.   Visit Kristine and her podcast at or    

Reference: Linda’s article:  Linda’s cancer experience:

Discovering Yourself through Human Design (Part 1)

Are you designed to be you? What is Human Design? Discover the Auric types and Profiles; Strategies to move through life; Aligning with your true nature and gifts; The difference between Personality and (unconscious) Design; The Incarnation Cross as an expression of your purpose; Avoiding dogmatic interpretation.  Manifestor types, Generators, Projectors, and deeper into Reflectors.

Meet John Cole from the community at

Discover Yourself through Human Design (Part 2)

Exploring your Human Design chart; 9 chakra/center system; Open and defined centers; using Human Design to form an identity that limits you OR awakens you to yourself; Mercury in your chart; Experiencing your Human Design chart vs conceptualizing it; Releasing the dogma; Strategy for living your life and Authority for making decisions defined; Deconditioning (how you’ve stepped away from your natural way of being); Learning to love and accept your unique self.

The conversation continues with John Cole from

Listen to Part 1 (audio version) here or on Youtube (video version). 

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Medical Intuitive: Healing the Levels of the Soul

What is a medical intuitive reading? How you can benefit from one?  Is illness and disease related to your energy system and your soul levels? What is a soul wound?This week: The levels of the soul; How to listen to the soul: Bringing healing to all the layers of the soul; David Hawkins Power vs Force; 3 stages of your soul’s path; Soul karmic patterns and how they show up in your life; Past life vows; the Pain Body; Finding your Soul Medicine; Intuition and psychic gifts; learning to listen.

My guest this week is medical intuitive, Catherine Carrigan from She is the host of The Natural Healing Show UK Health Radio. Check out Catherine’s Book list here.

Egyptian Alchemy: Ancient 13 Chakra System for Empowerment

Discover the ancient Egyptian 13 chakras system and how it can help you TODAY.  Why did Akhenaten change the Egyptian wisdom school?  In this episode: Significant numbers; 13 chakras and their 4 angles; Your energy system’s  Pyramid Centers; the Egyptian Meridian System; Using this system to  realign with your native star sign; Activating your Resonance Field; The  ancient Egyptian Aboukra Healing System.You are already abundant. Are you experiencing an abundance of lack or an abundance of prosperity? The Pyramid Meditation for prosperity and manifestation.

My guest is Marcus Bird from the Wellness Leadership Academy. Marcus was given a download of the Dimensional Energetics system to empower individuals. Learn more about this ancient Egyptian wisdom and download the Pyramid Meditation at or

You can watch the video version for a visual of chakra locations at  

Green Man: Merging Spirituality & Environment

Can you heal the planet without healing yourself? Earth Day is turning  50!! Tips to deepen your connection to nature; The role of meditation  and mindfulness; Humans evolving to be stewards of the earth and the  other species that live here.  In this episode:  Bringing spirituality into your interactions with the environment; Studying with a Master or Guru; The expansion of  consciousness; The emotional connection between spiritual life and  environmental work; Cyclical nature of life and spiritual growth; Giving  and Receiving; Finding strength in times of crisis.   

Meet Jerry Yudelson, Earth Day co-founder and author of THE GODFATHER OF GREEN: AN ECO-SPIRITUAL MEMOIR. Visit Jerry at