Do you have one of those issues that keeps resurfacing?

You’ve done some healing work on it but it keeps coming back?



That’s what happened to me. One of those life situations that pulled the rug from beneath my feet. I worked through layers of challenging emotion.  I released patterns and past life vows. I did my forgiveness work.  I shifted beliefs. I sought help through psychic readings and healings from other healers.

And it would be OK for a while… I would feel more peaceful with maybe just a slight twinge on the inside… until deeper layer surfaced. How much more was there?  I was still being triggered, cycling through anger, frustration, disbelief, betrayal, sadness, worry, you name it…


How could I finally let the whole thing go? Once and for all.


I asked the powers that be for help. And I received it. It received an inspiration, a download in the form of instructions on using ENERGY to release it completely. I was given a powerful, deeply transformative 3 part process that would truly clean the slate.

I started the process on myself immediately. The energy sensations were palpable, intense at times being an energy sensitive, but I stayed focused on the internal shifts. I know from my years of

ThoughtChange Spirit portrait by psychic artist Sharon Bosmooreexperience in the healing arts that ENERGY flows where ATTENTION goes, and I really wanted to make sure this memory no longer triggered me.  So I stayed fully present with the energy so I could truly heal from this.

Each level totally blew me away. It was like I could feel the unraveling of all the energetic cords within me that were holding this issue in place. The cords that branched out like a tree goes roots, affecting my thoughts and beliefs, my relationships, my personal expression, and so many areas of my life.

I had to take “integration” time in between each level of healing; it wasn’t really possible to proceed before I was ready.  When it was complete, I was incredibly peaceful inside. I thought of the whole situation and there was nothing uncomfortable left.  I could talk about any part of the entire experience with no emotional charge, no judgment, no attachment. Only a deeply peaceful, balanced feeling that everything was “pono” (means right in Hawaiian) within me and I could go forward without this painful memory.  I had a true intention for love & light, healing and blessings sent to the other person involved.

And it stayed that way, never surfacing again. I had truly and thankfully let it go.


And so, DNA Transformation was born.



“It is rippling through my entire life in very positive ways.”

Linda’s Spiritual DNA Transformation process is a gift that keeps on giving! We worked on a new affirmation that I was bringing in, but did not yet embody. Starting from the very first day I could feel the difference, and the results are still unfolding 6 weeks later. The affirmation is becoming so powerful within me that it is rippling through my entire life in very positive ways. I highly recommend Linda Lang and her amazing gifts!    ~ Kristine Madeira




I started using this process for others. I kept calling it the 3 part process until one day, in the middle of facilitating it with someone, I said in my head, “I really need a better name for this!”   That’s when I heard DNA Transformation!

I was shown how the DNA Transformation process can also be used for alignment, to release the blocks that prevent you from realizing goals, following your purpose and stepping more fully into your power.  (Listen to an example of affirmation alignment at the bottom of this page.)

This amazing process uses ENERGY to release the emotional imprint and its memory, the thought “worm” that lives on the unconscious level and surfaces now and again, and the resulting genetic imprint it makes on our Spiritual DNA.

The process can take anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 full sessions, and it is all included in ONE PRICE. The time varies depending on the person, the belief, how deeply ingrained the issue is, how much resistance on an unconscious level there is to letting it go, and how much integration time your system needs before we can proceed.  Every session includes a Living Waters Healing to support the transformation. 



“I’d say it was magic but I know it is Linda’s skill and the quality of the energy and intent she brings through to her client that is really at work here.”


The first thing I have to say is that Linda’ s calm and confident demeanor puts me at ease whenever we are working together. I also appreciate her ability to “see” a little deeper into the issue. I stated what I wanted to work on and then Linda suggested a variation on my statement that was actually a fundamental shift to a deeper, more encompassing level.

For several hours after the session I felt very quiet, my mind seemed to be digesting what just happened. Since that day it seems like the data has been rearranged and my feelings sorted. I am no longer triggered. I find myself acting and reacting with clarity and confidence where before I usually felt turmoil and doubt. I’d say it was magic but I know it is Linda’s skill and the quality of the energy and intent she brings through to her client that is really at work here. ~ Miche Meizner





Curious about what a DNA Transformation is like?

Have a listen to a series of podcasts I did on Conversations from the Edge where I took the host, Kristine Madeira, through the process. She shares her experience, insights and the resulting shifts she noticed (and continues to notice).


Repattern Your DNA Part 1

In the first conversation with Kristine,  Linda demonstrates her very powerful DNA Repatterning process to release DNA blocks to Kristine’s affirmation “I thrive in harmony with my highest good and my highest purpose.” We also talk about the three levels of true DNA healing and various way people experience energy and energy shifting. If this applies to you, invite the energy to help you shift as well!


Repattern Your DNA Part 2

In Part 2, we finish the DNA Re-Patterning process Linda started on Kristine’s affirmation “I thrive in harmony with my highest good and my highest purpose.”  Kristine reports how the first part of the process helped her feel at peace with who she is and what she is doing in the world, and embrace the adventure that her higher self is calling her to.


An Update on Results

Kristine shares an update on transformation after Linda’s Spiritual DNA Re-Patterning. Plus bring your water, coffee or tea if you’d like to experience a Living Waters Healing. On this call, Linda re-molecularizes water with her Diamond Ray energy to expand our understanding of education and to be able to receive and embody the awareness we each need to support our unique needs at this time. This works just as well with the recording and replay!




TRANSFORMATION seems like too small of a word to really do justice to how deeply this process affected me and changed my life. “

Let me start by saying that Linda is such a delight to work with!  Her new process DNA Transformation is a great testimonial to her ability to go right into and lift out of our energy bodies the patterns of beliefs that no longer serve us. I did 2 DNA Transformation processes with her within a month, and ‘transformation’ seems like too small of a word to really do justice to how deeply this process affected me and changed my life.

I knew what I wanted to work on and Linda reformulated it in an even more powerful way. Within weeks of the first complete process we did together, it was like my entire being had gone from being stuck in an old belief pattern to no longer being able to conceive of that as a choice. So many things in my life changed just from the first complete process, and then we did the second one. Within weeks, what was the usual resistance in me that created those stagnant energies in my life was lifted like magic and I finally stepped up and started making decisions I had been putting off for years. This is powerful stuff and yet done so softly and gently, just like Linda! I highly recommend!!!    ~ Julie Claire








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