Spirit Encounters

Spirits and ghost encounters in this episode… Linda & Michelle share some of their experiences. Plus, How spirits can interact with us; Knowing the difference between a friendly spirit and a malevolent spirit; Ways to keep your space clear.

The Magic of Sacred Geometry & Sound Healing

Join Sonia Grover and Linda Lang this episode as they discuss Sacred Geometry & Sound Healing. You’ll learn about the use of numbers, shapes, symbols, and forms for healing, and how you can work with them in your own life. Sonia discusses how she healed her emotional self as an empath who had ‘stopped feeling’, and how she healed her chronic pain in the process. Sonia shares how she began channeling and received the Heart Soul’s Heart symbols to help people with ascension and transition to living in the 5th dimension. Plus you’ll experience an energy shifting sound bath with the Hapi drum. Find out more about Sonia at https://www.heartsoulsheart.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/HeartSoulsHeart/

The Mystical Brain | Rewire Your Brain for Health & Happiness

How to rewire your brain to improve your health and your life; How the brain is affected by what you think, feel and do; How your thoughts in turn affect your DNA. The most important environment is inside of you! Feelings come out of the unconscious and are entwined with thoughts; How negativity is unconscious and how to shift it; The energy behind the words you use; Why your Self Talk matters; Your Unconscious Mind is your powerhouse; Changing habitual thoughts takes practice; Heart Connection exercise. Our guest today is Rhonda Ferridge, sharing her story of healing Chronic Fatigue and how changing her neurology changed her life. Using Huna, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and Quantum Techniques to shift your unconscious and energetic reactions. The importance of being open to allow healing. Can you believe it is possible for you? Releasing identification with health conditions, life situations or traumatic experiences; TIPS to shift your neurology and to uplift your energy when you are feeling low; How to calm the nervous system; The power of gratitude, setting intention and becoming aware of habitual thoughts and practicing changing them. Pick up your free ebook at https://cfstreatment.com.au/ Rhonda’s book The Secret to Healing Chronic Fatigue is available here: https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Healing-Chronic-Fatigue-Recovery-ebook/dp/B07GBMXZN3/

Energy Calibration Techniques

In this episode, How to Calibrate Energy and Align for Spiritual Growth, Health & Happiness. What is energy calibration? Using pendulums, dowsing rods, muscle testing, and energetic calibration using intuition for guidance on foods, supplements, and making choices. How the body communicates with us subconsciously; How to access that communication; how tools can help access intuition – but be careful not to become dependent! How your body and your energy field respond to truth and falsehoods. We offer muscle testing techniques and tips in this video; How to muscle test someone else, How to Self muscle test. The importance of calibrating the energy “the before” and “after” to determine the response; Tips to avoid false answers; How attachments to specific outcomes can influence your calibration; How asking “for your highest good” can trigger challenges for soul evolution. Learning to trust yourself and your ability to calibrate; How to use your body sensations to access intuition; Asking your body what specific answers feel like to use as reference.

Discovering Your Divine Gift

What are the 8 divine gifts of the soul and how do they relate to your life purpose? These soul level gifts follow you throughout your evolution. Learn more and understand your gift to understand yourself better. How you use your gift feeds your soul! Thank you for joining us for Exploring the Mystical Side of Life. Our guest is Debbra Lupien, author and spiritual teacher. Debbra explains the 8 gifts – their beauty, challenges and tips: Divine Compassion, Divine Creation, Divine Order, Divine Love & Healing, Divine Self Expression, Divine Truth, Divine Power, and Divine Wisdom. How you can use movement to get unstuck, Donna Eden’s zip up tool, how karma can impact your life, and how sometimes awareness is enough to shift limiting patterns. Request Debbra’s divinely downloaded meditation “WELLBEING” at http://bit.ly/299gSh3 or by emailing debbra@akashaunleashed.com Learn more about your gifts and soul profile at https://akashaunleashed.com/

Awakening the Kundalini Energy

What is kundalini rising? Discover the challenges, the cautions and the gifts of a kundalini opening as our guest, George Kokich, shares his insights on his life changing, 21 year long kundalini experience. George offers advice, references and his perspective regarding this intense spiritual awakening process. To learn more about George Kokich, visit at http://www.truality.ca/ where you can access his Book “On Truality: A Forgotten Idea About the Source of All Creation.” References: “Kundalini: the Evolutionary Energy in Man” by Gopi Krishna, 1967: A detailed personal experiential account about kundalini, and how it can happen. “A Farther Shore: How near-death and other extraordinary experiences can change ordinary lives” by Dr. Yvonne Kason and Teri Degler, 1994: An integrated philosophical, psychological, medical and personal analysis about kundalini. “Ascension Journey and Crossover: A Handbook for Healing Towards Ascension” by Rev. Judith Marie McLean, 2014: About the “Ascension Journey” that includes her kundalini experience, and post-kundalini continuing journey. ICR…Institute for Consciousness Research (Markdale, Ontario). Website : http://www.icrcanada.org. This website is a real treasure that provides regular newsletters with research articles that are related to kundalini. Spiritual Frontiers Canada (SFC)http://www.spiritualfrontiers.ca/SFC/ In 1990, George Kokich created SFC in Canada, an educational public forum to openly explore universal issues about life and living. During the 1990s, over 10,000 individuals attended SFC Talks and Workshops In Ottawa, Ontario.

Can You Rewrite the Path You Are On?

Change your trajectory by changing your definition of yourself; Create new neuro pathways in the brain by using your imagination and by thinking new thoughts. Is this effective? Michelle shares the results of a scientific study… Pre-paving and how you can apply this to your own life to create change; Why your thoughts are important; The danger of focusing on flaws; Unconscious programs that run on your own. How Mindfulness practice can help you change your habitual thought patterns. What does it mean to be free in the moment? When do you stand in your place of power, so that you can actually make change happen?

Animal Totems and Spirit Guides

What is a Power Animal? How do you know what yours is? What is their purpose? According to Native tradition, everyone has animal spirits that help them. In this episode: Connecting with your spirit animals; Discover their medicine and the messages they have for you; Asking for their assistance; How totems can help you move forward in your life; The difference between your soul’s main Power Animal, Birth Totems, Messengers and Spirit Animals that assist you with projects; The Medicine of Bear, Coyote, Otter, Hummingbird, and Spider. Our guest is Dr. Elena Skyhawk, shaman, healer and metaphysical teacher. She shares her powerful introduction into bear medicine, her connection to animals and her wisdom. Learn more at http://spiritual-shaman.com/

What is Spiritual Bypass? Do You Do It?

What is Spiritual Bypass? Is “everything” divine or are you just avoiding? Is the Law of Attraction just one big spiritual bypass? In this episode: How to process issues and emotions so they don’t become road blocks; the importance of witnessing and allowing the flow of emotion and energy in the healing process; the pitfalls of trying to THINK your way out of emotions/issues; the SCALE of EMOTIONS; how emotions can be used to raise your vibration (ex. using the momentum of anger to take action and create change); the importance of taking responsibility for your actions (past and present) so you can create a better future.

How to Work with Stones & Crystals

Crystal Wisdom: learn how to choose crystals, how to connect & work with them, how they communicate, how to set an intention, and a simple easy way to cleanse them. Crystal suggestions for intuition, clarity, healing, transformation and reducing EMF’s. Our guest is Peggy Pether, crystal expert and metaphysical healer. 

The God Helmet & Raising Consciousness

What is the God Helmet? Using technology to trigger spiritual experiences and brain chemicals; Parallels to the Huna Hiolani meditation; Having the intent to expand Spiritual Awareness and 3rd Eye experiences. In this episode, Raising Consciousness above the 3rd dimension; accessing higher dimension understandings; Being open to receive information in new ways; Vibrational Realities, Spiritual Awakening; Kundalini Experiences; Trusting the guidance of your Higher Self.

Soul Contracts & the Power of Your Name

Discover your soul’s destiny. In this episode: Your soul’s contract forms the trajectory for your soul in this lifetime and your birth name holds the vibration. Your karmic lessons, talents and the goals set out by your soul are embedded in your name. Nicknames and changing your name affects your contract; The importance of phonetics and spelling; You can optimize your name to support your soul’s chosen goals; Knowing you’re on the right path or if you need to make adjustments. The meaning of Dragon energy in your chart; Embracing your power in a balanced way; Self acceptance and your contract; slowing down for better discernment; How the soul grows; The types of karmic lessons written in your contract. “In the word there is life” takes on literal meaning! Our guest is Angela Delglyn from https://in-form.co.uk/. Soul contract readings: https://in-form.co.uk/products/soul-contract-reading