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Living Waters


The Living Waters

An extraordinary way to receive
high calibre spiritual healing energy…



The Living Waters are a unique energy experience…

You’ll be introduced to the high vibration of the Diamond Ray, channelled for your highest good.
This energy is intelligent, holistic in nature, very fast and very efficient.




Living Water Healing Sessions


What makes this different from other energy healing techniques?


The Diamond Ray energy is very fast and very efficient!  Sometimes the channelling takes only a few minutes before it stops, but it continues to work inside the client`s system.  Often clients can feel it even after the flow of energy between us has stopped.  (I’ve had Reiki Masters comment in surprise at just how fast it is!)  And it clears on many levels at the same time.

This energy is intelligent.  I always carry the intent for the highest good and the highest healing.  This can mean that the issue you are seeking help with might not actually be your highest

 priority or that perhaps it is linked with something that seems unrelated.  It may be the effect of an underlying cause, or you might have another issue that this highly conscious spiritual energy deems more important.  Or it may be part of an energetic matrix that needs deconstructing.  I’ve learned to trust this energy.  It’s intelligent!  It knows where to go and when to stop!  This also means there is no room for human error.

Once the energy has looked after your priorities, I can often direct energy to a specific issue.  I always ask permission of your energy system because of the high vibration nature of this energy… sometimes a little is better than a lot.



This energy can actually change water! 

Not only does this mean you can drink the healing energy, but you are 70 % water! Chlorine taste disappears. The water tastes smoother, softer and lighter. And it not only changes the water, but it customizes it specifically for you! 

Each time you have a session, the water can taste different.  I have even had people taste each others’ water and they could tell the difference between the two glasses.  They knew which one belonged to them!

Each Living Waters session includes a transmission of the Diamond Ray energy channelled to you and to a glass of water that will be calibrated for your personal needs. YES, even though you are not in the same location, you will be able to taste a difference!!  The water becomes even smoother and silkier as the energy continues to work even after the energy transmission through me has completed.

Plus I’ll share any messages or impressions I receive for you.



Living Waters Healing sessions for your highest benefit!

Living Waters is literal.  It’s spiritual water.  It’s living light… living love… God energy… like a river of love that flows through you.  It not only changes the water you drink, but it works on the water inside the body too, on a physical level.  When it clears away negativity, it’s automatically raising the person’s vibration.  ~ Margo Park,


Each Living Water session includes:energized water

  • A high vibration Diamond Ray energy healing transmission channelled directly to you.
  • Restructured drinking water, energized specifically for you in your location.  You will notice a difference in taste, texture and/or energy!
  • Intuitive messages and interpretations that come through for you.
  • Healings are done by phone, video call (Skype or Zoom) or long distant.
  • Calls are approximately 15 – 20 minutes long.



Frequently asked questions:

  • How do the healing sessions work? By connecting with you over the internet or by phone, or even simply with my intention, I am able to send the Diamond Ray energy to you, and also restructure a glass of water – wherever you are – so you can drink it to infuse the healing energy into your physical body and cells.  Often I’ll receive a message or have an intuition about what the energy is working on.
  • What is the benefit of drinking restructured water? When you receive channelled energy, it has to go through all the layers of your aura.  Drinking energized water is a way of getting that high vibration energy into your cells on a physical level.  Besides, it’s delicious!  You’ll love it!
  • Does it only work on health issues?  NO! It is especially effective on helping with emotional issues, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs…. and for life path issues.   People have reported improvement in physical health issues, that they feel happier, more optimistic, have more energy, creativity, and motivation, and some have increased intuition.  As people work with the energy, I’ve seen them develop better self awareness and consequently make better choices more aligned with themselves.



Lotus Flower


Living Water healing sessions are offered in 3 session packages.


If you’d like to taste magic, simply contact me here to schedule your 3 sessions.


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Here’s what some of my clients are saying:


  • When we had our session this morning,  I felt so tired from  three nights of poor sleep I wanted to cry!  After ½ hour of drinking my special vitalizing water, I felt light and bubbly again and eagerly looking forward to the clients I have today.  Thank you so very much. I will be looking forward to more sessions. ~ Love Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, OM! Psycho-spiritual counsellor, coach, teacher, healer


  • The water is magical and different every time. I have never experienced such unique water with qualities that change each time. Today was my 3rd session and I truly sensed the presence of the Diamond energy.  I find my intuitive “sense of knowing” is clearer, stronger and opening more.  Thank you, Linda.  Thank you, Universe.  Thank you, Water. ~ Margaret


  • Thank you Linda, for the lovely session.  The personal energy was beautiful, calming, and very interesting to hear where you saw it working. My chronic neck pain is almost gone. It is too hard for me to describe the change in water, except to say it felt alive! Thanks again for this generous gift! ~ Tess Denney, Washington, DC


  • I’ve had a few days that had a bit of a headache. Interestingly, when I listened in and drank my water, the headache has ‘moved away’ from my head, which is the best way to describe it. So nice and gentle!  ~ Michelle


  • Just had a water healing session with Linda. Fantastic! Very gifted soul – I felt a shift on so many levels… ~ Mary Powers


  • I am so grateful for a Living Waters healing I received from Linda a few days ago. I absolutely loved it and the energy was amazing. I had a big shift of old blocks that were stagnant and I love the whole idea of healing infused water🙏🏼   I’d highly recommend her healing.  ~ Siobhan



Living Water sessions offer ease & high vibration energy

to augment your current health & transformational protocols.


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Love the Diamond Ray?


Join the Living Waters Healing Club today!

The Living Waters Healing Club is an effective and economical way to bring high vibration healing energy into your life every day! It’s value packed and offers the benefit of the group’s energy to amplify intention.

Many people report an increase in energy and stamina, improved mood and a more optimistic outlook, and positive change in health conditions.  It is perfectly safe and can easily be incorporated with any health or personal transformation protocol.

Each week you can attend a live video call to have your water structured and receive a Diamond Ray energy transmission.

The call is recorded and shared in a private Facebook group where you can access the video until the next call is recorded.

You can watch as often as you want, structure your water as often as you want, share your experience in the group or ask questions.  You’ll find a few bonus perks offered along the way.

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