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Clearing Through Forgiveness with Linda Lang on Soul Nectar Show

What happens when we hold onto things instead of forgiving and releasing? It winds up stuck in our bodies and can affect our own health and our own well-being as well as that of our family systems. In this episode, we’re hearing from Linda Lang, who is an emotional alchemist, transformational guide and gifted healer. She shares her practice of Huna shamanism, forgiveness, and her understanding of the energy of forgiveness and how it can change everything producing miracles.

Linda is also a Master Practitioner of NLP, a hypnosis expert, and practitioner of a variety of modalities. She’s also the host of Exploring the Mystical Side of Life podcast. Listen or watch to learn how to be open to miracles through forgiveness. You’re invited!

Grief Talk w/ Vonne Solis

From Cancer to Cure: A Journey of Self-Healing

Host Vonne Solis interviews Linda Lang, Master Healer, Transformational Guide and Mentor, who shares her journey of reliance, faith and the life purpose she found by choosing to find her own cure for an aggressive and rare form of cancer she was diagnosed with at just age twenty-two. It was the the early 80’s. Linda was newly married and had just had a baby. The only medical option was to amputate her leg or risk certain death. Neither option that she wanted. This compelled Linda to go on a journey that would ultimately transform her life from cancer to cure through the power she held within. Listen to her story. 

NOTE: This is NOT medical advice, nor should it be taken as such.

What is The Great Spiritual Awakening? What Needs To Happen First?

Jeannie Lynch hosts Linda Lang for an inspiring conversation…

Most of us have experienced one or more of these over the last few months/years – loss/change of job, sudden break-ups/divorce, end of friendship(s), travel/movement to another location, change of home, a desire to do something different, including standing up for yourself, setting clearer boundaries or making lifestyle changes.

Many Spiritual teachers are talking about the Great Ascension which references leaving the 3rd dimension jumping over the 4th Dimension and embracing 5D Consciousness. in this video Linda Lang shares her thoughts and concerns and reminds us what needs to happen first before we ascend into the New Earth/ AKA:5Th D Consciousness.

What exactly is the Great Ascension and what needs to happen first is such an important topic and question to be asking ourselves right now in the world. Over the last few weeks/months, we’ve been dealing with massive changes on an energetic level – a combination of planetary changes, our awakening, and an upgrade of our vibration level. Remember, we are all energy and as we evolve and become better people, we start vibrating at higher levels. As a collective, we are currently undergoing changes that are working for our highest benefit. 


Change Your Way of Thinking

Ann Varney hosts Linda on the Spiritual Abundance Creator podcast, talking about alchemy and the magic of working in the spiritual realms.

Your Abundance Frequency with Linda Lang

In this video, Inga Deksne hosts Linda Lang as one of the speakers of the Magical Creators Abundance Accelerator Bootcamp.

What is at the root of your money story? How does it affect your ability to manifest and create abundance? We’ll tune in to discover what your money frequency is, where your story came from and then have an energy alignment to raise the energy you hold around money.

Water Whisperer with Linda Lang on Soul Nectar Show

When she faced the threat of death from cancer in her body at 22 years old, Linda Lang began having deeply mystical experiences and reoccurring messages that led her to healing modalities and realizations that healed her body. Now Linda is an emotional alchemist, a consciousness coach and gifted healer with over 35 years experience.   Watch this interview to receive grounded wisdom and insights for your own healing journey. Hosted by Kerri Hummingbird.

Interview with Linda Lang, Founder of ThoughtChange

DW Long and Linda have a deep and intimate conversation on the Wanderer’s Guide to Cosmic Fabulosity podcast. 

Miracles Happen with Linda Lang

Linda Lang is a gifted healer with over 35 year’s experience. She is a Water Whisperer, a 4th level initiate in Huna shamanism, 3rd level Reiki initiate, a Master Practitioner of NLP, trained in hypnosis and a variety of other transformative tools. Linda hosts a podcast called Exploring the Mystical Side of Life where she delves into a wide variety of spiritual and metaphysical perspectives with some fascinating guests. Hosted by Molly Mandelberg.

Changing Your World from the Inside Out

ZofiaRennea Morales hosts Linda on the Sovereign Self podcast.

What choice would you make? You have a young baby when you are told you will die in 6 months if you don’t amputate your leg, and if you do, you have a 50% chance of living 5 years… 

That’s when Linda’s journey began in earnest. She and Zofia explore her decision and how she negotiated her cancer journey and her awakening.  Tune in to gain the tools and insights that will help you make your own aligned decisions.  (And discover what Linda decided.)

Can old habits and beliefs can be dropped with ease?

Dropping old habits/beliefs with ease… plus a very special Living Waters energy treatment. Bring a glass of water to the call to get all the benefit.  Tune into The Not Too Late Show hosted by Miche Meizner with guest Linda Lang, Emotional Alchemist, Consciousness Coach and Water Wizard.

Healer Hangout 2 with my good friend Linda Lang ♥

Julie Guenette hosts Linda Lang, a good friend and intuitive healer, wisdom channel & spiritual alchemist. Linda combines high frequency energy channels, intuition and a variety of transformational techniques. ♥ I Hope you enjoy our little ‘Healer Hangout’, in which you will discover her Living Waters process! 😉 To experience work with Linda you can contact her through

The Power of Energy Work

Powerful energy healer Linda Lang tells us how to create a successful well-balanced practice as an energy healer. Linda Lang is an emotional alchemist, water whisperer and gifted healer with over 35 years’ experience. Her unique transformational work blends energy medicine, intuition and thought change to release limiting thoughts, unresolved emotion and stagnant energy, bringing greater alignment, awakening and empowerment. Linda’s podcast, Exploring the Mystical Side of Life, delves into spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, personal growth and healing. Available on YouTube and your favorite podcast platform.

Paranormal Presence in Energy Work : Linda Lang interview

Today we are speaking with Linda Lang from, a fellow energy worker who encounters paranormal entities in her work. Linda shares how the supernatural world ties in with her powerful spiritual and energetic healing work and how she handles the paranormal interactions and attachments of unseen energetic beings within her clients. Linda also has some fascinating personal paranormal experiences for you from an ancient mummy who appeared in her bedroom one night right through to the spirit in her home who thought it was funny to communicate through constantly flickering lights.