How to Get in the Vortex

Join Michelle and Linda as they discuss how the universe has your back, even when you go through difficult things… Is it possible that there are no such thing as ‘problems’, but that instead they are catalysts for healing and expansion? Dan Millman’s book, ‘The Life You Were Born To Live.’ No matter how lost you feel there will always be some signs or directions to help you get back on track. Find out how Linda met her husband, and how the universe was looking out for her! Hear how Linda’s health challenges helped her tap into her intuitive healing gifts. How to tap into the Abraham idea of your ‘inner GPS Guidance System’. How to get into the Vortex of feeling great. Flow states. Energy flows where attention goes.

How to Bend Time & “Plark”

Lidna & Michelle start the conversation with the desire to make work more fun! Access more joy within yourself; the power of Intention; “PLORK” (combining play and work); the difference between “Plork” and “Plark”; Shifting your perspective and asking the Universe; The conditioning of “hard work” and the “JUST DO IT” consciousness; How time shifts when you are in JOY; Learning how to step away from pressure; Being in the flow; Bringing in relaxation and playfulness to boost creativity and productivity; Linda’s story of asking how to bring more love into a task she did not enjoy and what happened; The impact of our brainwave states on our experience; Thriving on challenges, Releasing struggle and moving forward in joy.

Hawaiian Huna Healing & Chanting

Discover Hawaiian Huna Chanting; Shamanic Chanting & Shamanism; Sound Healing & Vibration; Hawaii, the healing power of the land; How the Huna Lineage speaks through those who chant, and how Linda accesses the lineage when she chats Huna, the heart-based ancient Hawaiian system for Healing and Empowerment; Aloha, unconditional love and connection.

What is Your Shadow and Is It Sabotaging You?

Why is it so difficult to make and sustain positive change? How come when we try to make positive lifestyle changes, it can feel like we take one step forward and two steps back? What are Shadow Parts, and how to work with them and heal them. How traumas can create fragmented parts within that can resist positive changes we try to make. Honoring the Inner Child during the process of making changes. How our ‘parts’ try to keep us safe (on a subconscious level), and how that can backfire when we want to stretch our comfort zone. Procrastination and other strategies; The importance of creating safety for our inner child. Strategies, including Matt Kahn’s suggestion to ‘love what arises’

Changing Earth Vibrations & How That Can Affect You

It can be challenging to navigate the shifting energies on the planet. Relationships can be affected, work patterns, habits…. Anything that is not in resonance or ‘coherence’ can leave our lives. It can feel like a loss, or like an opportunity, depending how you navigate it. Maintaining a neutral state, releasing old definitions of ourselves and others, avoiding ‘reacting.’ Anything is possible with relationships in this transition! Energy cords, and how they can shift; How the universe is always trying to get us back on track, back on our path; Navigating the chaos in the outer world, politics, the economy; How our true stability comes from within, and from living in the moment. Join Michelle & Linda as they discuss the changing world energies & personal shifts.

Is the Universe Trying to Get Your Attention?

How does the Universe send you messages? What is the meaning of 11:11 and other repeating numbers? Do repeating numbers and master numbers (such as 22, 33, 44) have a spiritual message for you? What about ascending numbers? What do they mean? Other symbols and messages such as animal messages, totem animals, etc. Messages in advertisements, in songs, and other seemingly random occurrences. How to interpret messages that come our way. Positive side effect of regular meditation.

Egyptian Alchemy | How to Work with Anubis & Thoth for Transformation

Learn how to connect with Anubis, Thoth and other deities for transformation; the power of using the Kemetic names for the gods; the meaning of the Staff of Life and the Ankh. Anubis (Anpu) as the guardian of the underworld, guide to those who have crossed over and transformer, his role in the weighing of the heart ceremony… and how he can help you transform negative behaviour patterns. The auspicious dates of Sep 4 or 22 to work with Anpu. Thoth (Tehuti or Djeuti), as the guardian of time and space and architect of the universe, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Law of Three. Linda’s guest is Joanna Bristow-Watkins, Egyptian Alchemist and creator of Reyad Sekh Em© (RSE) Egyptian Alchemy Healing. Listen in for Joanna’s gift and how to receive it…

Repeating Messages & What They Mean

We get messages from our Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, Intuition, etc and when we don’t follow them, they become more persistent! In this episode: Listening to how the energy feels beneath the words. Getting messages everywhere, even from books (bibliomancy). Telepathic messages in dreams, from other people, random places, confirming our intuitive guidance. Tapping into the playful aspect of getting messages and confirmations. What to do when you don’t trust yourself, how to identify your blind spots and limited point of view, so you can see the full picture. Breaking through conditioning and programming so we can hear our Divine Truth. How following your messages and intuition makes life easier!

Miracles, Molecules & Vibrational Shifts

This episode: How vibrational healing can impact the physical body, how it appears and feels. How to energize food and water…. How to get out of the rat race in your head… How to speak to your own cells, doing your own hands on healing…. Messages in Water, Dr. Emoto To see how metal filings respond to water by making shapes: 

Spiritual Growing Pains

In this episode: How to manage when you are expanding in areas of life, but others that you care about may not be expanding in the same direction. What happens when you can’t stay in the old paradigm anymore? The need to let go of old definitions, ego structures, perceptions. Healing sometimes demands that we let go to expand, and it is not always a choice. How to trust in the journey; How to manage the gap when we feel alone in our path of growth. What to do when people ‘can’t handle’ the whole truth of who we are. What to do when you don’t fit in with the mainstream? What to do when you are the ‘weird one’. How to find true community.

How to Manifest What You Want Fast

Linda & Michelle explore manifestation tips: Abraham Hicks, How easy it is to manifest the big things as it is the small things; Thinking of things causally can manifest them easily! How to get into the vortex; How to step away from struggle, and relax to make going with the flow easier; Allowing life to guide you and show you the possibilities instead of taking control and struggling; How to allow the universe to bring us what we need in the most efficient, easy way. We all have an internal guidance system that helps us to know when we are on or off track. We also have external guidance. When life feels difficult, maybe we are getting messages to change direction. Life gives us guidance in so many ways. How changing your perspective and perception a little bit can help you improve your life a great deal.

What Do Your Hands Say About You?

Discover what your hands say about your personality and your purpose. Linda’s guest is Helen Elizabeth Evans, the leading UK specialist for hand analysis. Learn what each finger represents, the difference between the right and left hand, and some fascinating insights on hand analysis. Visit Helen at or on Facebook at