Creating a Mystical Magical Life

How can you co-create more magic in your life? What gets in the way? What does living a mystical life mean?  The awakening process, purification, dark night of the soul and illumination; Forgiveness; The impact of thought; Creating space, self awareness, mindfulness; Opening the heart.How fear gets in the way; the journey back to ourselves; Using wonder and play in the creation process; Creating Magic; Following your joy.  Tips to spark more wonder and magic in your life. Book reference: Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill

Our guest is Erika Redford from Sparkle in the Deep podcast. 

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Magic Happens in the Quantum World of Energy

What is possible in the quantum world of energy?  Linda shares some of her own personal experiences that expanded her perception of what is possible. Bi-locating with Reiki; Instantly releasing intense phobias with Huna energy; Restructuring water for healing with the Diamond Ray. Why it’s important to do your healing work to create more space for magic in your life.

The Healing Power of Trees

Join Linda and her guest Daniel Tigner, co-founder of the Canadian Tree Essences, as they discuss the healing power of trees, and the theory behind vibrational essences;  How emotion, environment and consciousness affect essences when creating them; Qualities the trees offer us for healing; Weeping Willow Tree qualities.Canadian Tree Essences of LIGHT (to be your true self), HEALING THE HEART and MANIFESTATION  and their properties; What the tree essences do, how they help and how to work with them.  Listening without projection; Benefits of being present and truly listening.  How to connect to the energy of a tree.DIGESTION (Body Synergy) Essence to release anger.  HARMONY (Body Synergy) Essence to balance stress hormones and the endocrine system.  Taking essences for health issues, emotional release and consciousness work;  Co-creating with the trees.  the illusion of unworthiness. Tips for taking the Canadian Tree Essences.

Books by Daniel Tigner:  Trees, Healing, and You: Guided Imagery, Poems, Stories, & Other Empowering Tools

Canadian Forest Tree Essences: Vibrational Healing through the Natural Resonance of Trees

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Rose Quartz for Love & Healing

Rose Quartz Healing and spiritual qualities – not just for love! Healing the Self – self-love, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-trust. Healing, aura cleansing, attracting love, using with affirmations, and so much more.  Oracle message “Freedom and Containment.”Toning; How to work with Rose Quartz; Why work with rose quartz and crystals; The evolution of humanity; the Heart Soul’s Heart cards; How to cleanse crystals.  Rose Quartz Singing Bowl sound bath: 8:22 min, with toning 11:47 min.  

My guest is Sonia Grover, energy healer and channel. Visit Sonia at, on Facebook and on Youtube. Heart Soul’s Heart oracle deck: .  The HeART of Being Album:

REFERENCE: Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, Pocket book of Stones by Robert Simmons

Finding Soul Alignment

Are you in alignment with your soul and your purpose?  Or are you mentally out of sync with your own truth?  How to tell when you are out of alignment; The importance of your Self-definition; 4 Steps to get back into alignment.What is your pivot point?  Learning to trust your intuition; Asking for confirmation; How to use Oracle cards and interpret their messages; An Oracle message to help you in your alignment.Your Omnipresent Soul aspect; Clearing perceptions to access Soul wisdom; Doing what brings you joy to get into the Flow; Honoring the cycles and rhythms of life; The importance of the beginner mind.

My guest this week is my good friend Michelle Aubin from  and on Facebook at Sign up for Michelle’s free Soul Coaching Series at

Anahata Codes Assisting Frequencies

Everything is energy. You can tune into the frequency of ANYTHING to attract it into your life.  What are the Anahata Codes? How can they help you use the LAW OF ATTRACTION more effectively? In this episode: How to become a vibrational match to what you want to attract; The Manifestation Process; The importance of Ask-Align-Allow; Resonance Remembrance; Bruce Lipton and Gene Response; Self-directed healing; Entanglement.Why your choice and intention are important in directing your creation; How to work with the Law of Attraction effectively; Using Emotions as a guidance system; How to use the Anahata Codes to shift your frequency.

My guest is Anahata Holly Hallowell. Find out more at or check out her channel on YouTube.

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Creating Heart Connection with Your Self

How do you connect to your own Divine Self?  In this episode: Your life experience from a spiritual perspective and having NO judgment; Your soul family; The role of the subconscious in your earthly experience; Letting go of subconscious programming; The importance of taking responsibility for your life or the consequences of becoming stuck.”Feeling” Truth; Being in the perfect place for your evolution; Developing a sense of Who You Really Are; How bringing your Higher Self into your daily life and decisions changes your experience; Beginning to trust Life; The Law of Attraction.

Our guest is transformational specialist, David Somerville from   Click here to access David’s gift Creating a Heart Connection meditation.

Paranormal Possibilities

Have you ever encountered a spirit or a haunted place?  How to tell if it is a ghost or something else??  The difference between disembodied spirits, manufactured energy, dimensional creatures, history loops and morphogenic fields. Join Linda Lang and her guests Toni Cay Snyder and Ron Carlson, as they share their perspective and experiences with the paranormal. Including: crossing deceased spirits over, visitations that offer you help or a message, Toni’s experience at the Stanley Hotel from THE SHINING.How to get rid of these lower frequency energies; How to protect yourself when you need to; How fear creates a field that attracts more fear and what you can do about it; How to work with your spirit team to clear energies.

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Becoming Cosmically Attuned

What is an energetic Cosmic Attunement? Miche shares her new process, what’s involved and how did it magically came about.In this episode: Clearing your cosmic egg; Benefits of clearing your ENTIRE cosmic energy field; How the energy world works; Keeping the wisdom of your experiences but letting go of the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs; Honoring your journey; Deepening your connection with your soul.

My guest is Miche Meizner.  Visit Miche on Facebook at or

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The Art of Manifesting

What’s missing from “The Secret?”  What gets in the way of attracting what you want?  In this episode: Manifesting tips to get results; Emotions as an attraction factor; The last the 5 Step Manifestation Formula that most people forget;  Why affirmations don’t always work and how to make them more effective.Emotions as a guidance system; The power of questioning and being curious:  The Reticular Activating System (RAS); Attracting from Vibration; How limiting beliefs, feelings and emotions impact your creation; Where you put your attention, you put your energy; How unconscious thoughts get in the way; How to use your eyes to access information and cooperation from your unconscious; Rituals to release self-judgment and limiting beliefs.  

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How to Bring More Spirit into Your Life

How can you bring more connection to Spirit in your daily life? In this episode: The power of mindfulness & meditation; Using nature to connect; How out of body experiences can change your perspective; Science meets Spirituality; Finding your own place of Zen; Unity Consciousness: Looking through your divine eyes; Spiritual dogma; What is Ascension; What disconnects you; Finding peace inside despite what is happening around you.

Our guest this week is intuitive Laura Hoorweg. Visit Laura at and on Facebook.

The Path to Happiness

Mysticism & happiness; Claiming the mystic within you; the connection between the heart & happiness; The magnetic field of the heart; The importance of honoring the spirit within the Self; How your mind can trap you like quicksand; Gratitude as a state of Being; How to use your mind and creative powers to cultivate happiness; Gifts of the heart; Releasing limiting beliefs and self-judgment.

My guest is Elliott Robertson, joy coach and author of Say Yes to Life – 7 Keys to Living Full Out from Within. Learn more at Visit Elliott on Facebook at