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Interested in Exploring the Mystical Side of Life?


Enjoy the conversation with Linda Lang, healer, mentor and guide with over 35 years experience in spirituality and the healing arts, and her guests as they share their wisdom, insight and experiences  to help open your mind to new possibilities…  Topics range from spirituality, personal transformation and healing, intuition, manifestation,  spirit guides and more…


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Why is it so difficult to make and sustain positive change? How come when we try to make positive lifestyle changes, it can feel like we take one step forward and two steps back? What are Shadow Parts, and how to work with them and heal them. How traumas can create fragmented parts within that can resist positive changes we try to make. Honoring the Inner Child during the process of making changes. How our ‘parts’ try to keep us safe (on a subconscious level), and how that can backfire when we want to stretch our comfort zone. Procrastination and other strategies; The importance of creating safety for our inner child. Strategies, including Matt Kahn’s suggestion to ‘love what arises’.


Learn about Hawaiian Huna Chanting; Shamanic Chanting & Shamanism; Sound Healing & Vibration; Hawaii, the healing power of the land; How the Huna Lineage speaks through those who chant, and how Linda accesses the lineage when she chats Huna, the heart-based ancient Hawaiian system for Healing and Empowerment; Aloha, unconditional love and connection.


We start the conversation with the desire to make work more fun! Access more joy within yourself; the power of Intention; “PLORK” (combining play and work); the difference between “Plork” and “Plark”; Shifting your perspective and asking the Universe; The conditioning of “hard work” and the “JUST DO IT” consciousness; How time shifts when you are in JOY; Learning how to step away from pressure; Being in the flow; Bringing in relaxation and playfulness to boost creativity and productivity; Linda’s story of asking how to bring more love into a task she did not enjoy and what happened; The impact of our brainwave states on our experience; Thriving on challenges, Releasing struggle and moving forward in joy.


Join Michelle and Linda as they discuss how the universe has your back, even when you go through difficult things… Is it possible that there are no such thing as ‘problems’, but that instead they are catalysts for healing and expansion? Dan Millman’s book, ‘The Life You Were Born To Live.’ No matter how lost you feel there will always be some signs or directions to help you get back on track. Find out how Linda met her husband, and how the universe was looking out for her! Hear how Linda’s health challenges helped her tap into her intuitive healing gifts. How to tap into the Abraham idea of your ‘inner GPS Guidance System’. How to get into the Vortex of feeling great. Flow states. Energy flows where attention goes.


What are your 3 Selves? Linda’s dream about aligning the three parts of herself (the conscious, unconscious and higher self). Kryon’s message about the new energies; How to go with the flow more easily, even if you feel stuck.


Today we discuss how to rewrite your path and create new potentials for the future. Joe Dispenza and the science around how we can rewire new neural pathways in our brains by using our imagination. How to ‘prepave’ your future using Abraham-Hicks techniques; Releasing old definitions of ourselves so we can be ‘free’ in the moment, free from unconscious programming. the power of mindfulness. How healing your money story is about so much more than money, and opens you to be available for more in life. Money relates to everything; How to be in ‘acting’ not ‘reacting’ mode, and to act from true choice.


Today we talk about meditation… What to do if you struggle with Meditation… Are there other ways of meditating? … Is there a ‘right’ way or ‘wrong’ way to do it? Learn about the Couch Potato Meditation Method developed by Michelle… and Alpha brainwave states, Theta brainwave states, using Binaural Beat music recordings for brainwave entrainment, using the rhythm of the breath to help… Enjoy!


What happened when Linda asked her subconscious to give her a meaningful dream…. Linda’s dream telling her to declutter. Michelle & Linda share their decluttering tips… Numerology; How Linda is in a ‘9’ year, which is a purging year, getting her ready for the upcoming ‘1’ year… How liberating it feels to pick the ‘best one’ and give away the rest… Is decluttering ‘contagious’? … Linda’s heart-based method for checking in to see what clothing items to release… How the rules of clothing have changed through the decades….How Linda is releasing emotions in addition to ‘stuff’… How her guides gave her the program Master Your Money Mind and woke her up to do Module 3 NOW!!


Today’s conversation is about receiving guidance from the Higher Self. Learn techniques to receive messages through Intuitive Art and dream interpretation. Also on the table… Spoon bending, being in flow, faith, the molecular and quantum world, interpreting messages and everyone’s unique way of looking at the world.


Join us as we discuss the transformation of sitting with the shadow self, and the importance of keeping an Open Heart when there are difficult things happening. What it means to be ‘spiritual’ when we witness challenging things in the world; The suggestion that we cannot pretend we don’t have challenging feelings; How it’s more helpful to accept ALL parts of ourselves; How we can stop judging ourselves and other people; How does the world reflect what we have inside of ourselves? Shifting our perceptions, shifting out of fear… A Course In Miracles, “If I defend myself, then I am attacked.” We never have all of the information; What happens chemically inside when we get triggered on social media; What is the evolutionary purpose of social media? (Perhaps to have awareness and heal parts of ourselves that get triggered?)


This episode we discuss Inner guidance, tips on how to develop listening skills, how to listen to our bodies signals as a form of guidance, how Michelle’s inner guidance often sends her messages through Google, and getting in touch with our Personal Sovereignty…


Do you love to dream? Do you understand the messages?  this episode is all about dreams, dream symbolism, shamanic journeys, messages from the unconscious and spirit realms, how to have lucid dreams, how to decipher the messages hidden in your dreams, Out Of Body Experiences, and how Linda met the Egyptian god Thoth through her journeys.


Linda talks about how she miraculously healed herself from an aggressive form of cancer over 30 years ago using holistic methods. She started having mystical and spiritual experiences to guide and support her through that difficult time. After her diagnosis and self-healing, she started to explore the power of the mind. The entire experience, while difficult, brought her many gifts and opened her up to her intuitive gifts and sense of resilience, and her sensitivity to energy. She now uses these gifts in her work with helping to others heal.


This episode is all about healing… The need to listen to your own wisdom when choosing healers and modalities, and developing discernment. Are we lacking anything? Do we need to bring in energy? Or send our energy anywhere? How to standing in your power, how everything is learning… Why it’s important to get clear on what we consent to energetically…How to call in our guides for all healing work so that we are connected to the Highest Expression of Love and Those Connected to Divine Source to assist. Maintaining the energy of exploration, and why that’s important… to uncover the beautiful soul that is you…


Healing and how the way you look at life can impact your path…. Does logic and planning get in the way? How to get into the magical feeling of life when the ‘adult way’ of thinking stops working… How Linda experienced being a rock during a Shamanic Journey, and then a tree… and what it told her…. How to honor where you are… How to shift your perception when going through a tough time…


Meet and greet Linda Lang and Michelle Aubin. This is our pilot episode – join us as we dive in and follow our intuition about what to talk about! Today we talk about: Human Design; One Command; Theta Brainwave State to release/manifest, regain sovereignty; Energy Awareness and releasing heaviness and neediness around ‘everything’; Getting nonlinear guidance as a fast way to resolve issues; How to program your mind with a question before you go to sleep; Tools to make it easier to shift brainwave states. We are eminently curious and playfully explore fun topics.