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Enjoy the conversation with Linda Lang, healer, mentor and guide with over 35 years experience in spirituality and the healing arts, and her guests as they share their wisdom, insight and experiences  to help open your mind to new possibilities…  Topics range from spirituality, metaphysics, mysticism, personal transformation and healing, intuition, manifestation,  spirit guides and so much more…


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Exploring the Mystical Side of Life podcast





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Season 19

  1. Becoming a Mystic
  2. Consciousness & Authentic Spirituality
  3. Spirit Messages on the State of the Earth
  4. Realign Your Life with Movement Feedback Holography
  5. Signs & Synchronicities 
  6. Are You Wired Happy? Discover Your Emotional Set Point
  7. Soul Contracts & Inner Child Healing
  8. How to Find Your Life Purpose
  9. Life Between Lives


Season 18

  1. The Power of Your Breath
  2. Do Your Judgments Serve You?
  3. Reading the Colors of the Aura
  4. Embracing Your Inner Authority for Deep Wellness
  5. Creating a New Path Forward
  6. Toe Reading 101
  7. Everything You Need to Know About Indian Palm Leaf Reading
  8. My Indian Palm Leaf Reading
  9. The Beatles ~ Sowing the Seeds of Spirituality
  10. How to Work with the Universal Laws that Govern Your Life
  11. Awaken Your Psychic Senses
  12. Aligning Your Space for Prosperity



Season 17

  1. Unlocking the Mysteries of Nadi Reading
  2. Alien Abduction & the Prophecy of Thiaoouba Revealed
  3. How to Unlock the Power of Star Magic
  4. Can Light Be Your Healer?
  5. Can You Really Change Your Mind? with RJ Spina
  6. The Wisdom of Karma
  7. Hidden Messages from Your Body
  8. Awakening & the I AM Presence
  9. Transforming Darkness into Light with Paul Selig 
  10. Letting Life Lead the Way
  11. What Every Lightworker Needs to Know About Dark Energy
  12. Living Your Divine Frequency



Season 16

  1. Does Your House Need Healing? 
  2. Voices of Eden ~ Ancient Wisdom for Self-healing & Empowerment
  3. Clearing Cellular Memory
  4. Can Heaven’s Compass Create the Life of Your Dreams?
  5. Accessing Heaven’s Compass
  6. Living the Medicine Wheel 
  7. When You Have Divine Trust
  8. Embody Your Sacred Feminine Sovereignty
  9. Calling More Magic into Your Life
  10. Explore Your Past Lives
  11. Finding Power in the Pause
  12. The Secrets of Indian Palm Leaf Reading



Season 15

  1. Creating Heart Brain Coherence
  2. Learn to Live by Intuition
  3. Spirituality Hawaiian Style
  4. The Dzogchen Way
  5. How to Develop Superconscious Awareness
  6. Master Your Internal Guidance System
  7. How to Let Go of Emotional Baggage
  8. Beyond Deja Vu
  9. Self Healing Magick
  10. Detachment
  11. Navigating Your Soul
  12. Life Lessons Cancer Taught Me 



Season 14

  1. Wisdom Keepers & Animal Archetypes to Explore Your Self
  2. All You Need to Know About the Akashic Records
  3. The Mystical Teachings of Zohar
  4. Empaths & Highly Sensitive People  
  5. Dressing Your Spirit
  6. Taming Your Shadow Codes
  7. Exploring Your Dreams
  8. Channeling the Guides
  9. Divine Mother Healing
  10. The Archangels Speak 
  11. Astronumerology: Finding the Magic in Your Numbers
  12. Spirit Communication: Hello from the Other Side



Season 13

  1. Twin Flames & Soul Mates Explained
  2. Exploring Dimensions
  3. Ancestral Healing Through Your Eyes
  4. Neuroplasticity: How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Create the Life of Your Dreams
  5. Reclaim Your Spiritual Power
  6. Is there a Formula for Miracles?
  7. Tao Calligraphy for Healing
  8. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, & You 
  9. The Journey from Fear to Love
  10. Your Body Knows the Truth
  11. The Energy of Money 
  12. Soul Writing 



Season 12

  1. The Gift of the Body
  2. Ask Your Angels 
  3. How to Strengthen Your Root Chakra 
  4. This Life Is Yours 
  5. The Key to Manifestation Mastery 
  6. Using Ancient Technologies  
  7. Alchemy and Creation 
  8. When Your Soul Wakes You Up 
  9. Elvis from the Other Side 
  10. Lipsology: What Secrets Do Your Lips Reveal? 
  11. Walking with the Ancestors
  12. The Still Small Voice Within



Season 11

  1. Yoga As A Spiritual Path
  2. The Nature of Viral Energy
  3. Spirituality: Teaching the Children
  4. Scalar Light
  5. Soul Level Healing
  6. Covid’s Role in Humanity’s Awakening
  7. Your Intention Matters
  8. Proof of the Afterlife
  9. Talking Tarot
  10. Habitually Spiritual
  11. Traversing the Terrains of Consciousness 
  12. Becoming a Dragon Master



Season 10

  1. Conversations with the Moon
  2. Does the Universe Have the Perfect Plan for You?
  3. Reading the Soul
  4. Finding Your Zero Point
  5. The Agreement: Humanity’s Transformation
  6. Does Your Soul Have a Divine Blueprint?
  7. Living in Universal Love
  8. Spontaneous Awakening
  9. Exploring Consciousness through the Ten Terrains
  10. Truth Bombs from the Greater Consciousness
  11. Rituals to Empower Your Life
  12. The Soul’s Journey After Death



Season 9

  1. Reclaiming Your Soul: Life Teachings from the Kabbalah
  2. Awaken Your Third Eye: The Path of Spiritual Illumination
  3. Starseeds & Ascension
  4. Coronavirus Through the Eyes of a Medical Medium
  5. Harnessing Quantum Qi with Qigong
  6. Sacral Chakra Empowerment & Healing
  7. Manifesting Abundance in Your Life
  8. Golden Pearls for Living a Fantastic Life
  9. How Thoughts Become Things
  10. Ascension Symptoms Explained
  11. Animal Communication: Messages from Both Sides of the Veil
  12. Starseeds, the Second Wave & the Path Forward



Season 8

  1. Gene Keys: Unraveling Spirit in Your DNA
  2. The Power of the Inner Child to Heal Your Life
  3. Ancient Wisdom and the Healing Power of Nomoli
  4. Cosmic 2×4’s on Your Spiritual Path
  5. Ayahausca Plant Medicine
  6. Does Energy Work Really Work?
  7. Blessings in Disguise
  8. Discovering Yourself through Human Design (Part 1)
  9. Discovering Yourself through Human Design (Part 2)
  10. Medical Intuitive: Healing the Levels of the Soul
  11. Egyptian Alchemy: Ancient 13 Chakra System for Empowerment
  12. Green Man: Merging Spirituality & Environment


Season 7

  1. Creating a Mystical magical Life
  2. Magic Happens in the Quantum World of Energy
  3. The Healing Power of Trees
  4. Rose Quartz for Love & Healing
  5. Finding Soul Alignment
  6. Anahata codes Assisting Frequencies
  7. Creating Heart Connection with Your Self
  8. Paranormal Possibilities
  9. Becoming Cosmically Attuned
  10. The Art of manifesting
  11. How to Bring More Spirit Into Your life
  12. The Path to Happiness



Season 6

  1. The Art of Spiritual Mechanics
  2. The Soul’s Evolution through the Chakras
  3. Becoming a Wisdom Channel
  4. Sacred Sexuality
  5. Old Souls, Star Seeds & Walk ins
  6. Mother Whale Wisdom
  7. Aligning Your Thoughts with Your Purposes
  8. Working with Dragon Energy
  9. Angels & Guides at Your Side
  10. Harnessing the energy of the moon for transformation
  11. Healing with the Dolphins
  12. Walking Compassion on the Camino



Season 5

  1. Moldavite for Transformation
  2. Meeting Your Baby’s Spirit Before Birth
  3. Spoon Bending | Using Your Mind to Bend Reality
  4. Manifestations & Mystical Musings
  5. Developing Your Intuitive Self
  6. Spirit Helpers in the Animal Kingdom
  7. Spiritual Perspectives on Bullying & Victim Mindset
  8. How to Change Your Luck ~ Good Luck, Bad Luck & Curses
  9. Embracing the Divine Feminine
  10. Money & the Path of the Lightworker
  11. Developing spiritual Consciousness
  12. The Journey of Soul Alchemy


Season 4

  1. Spirit Encounters
  2. The Magic of Sacred Geometry & Sound Healing
  3. The Mystical Brain | Rewire Your Brain for Health & Happiness
  4. Energy Calibration Techniques
  5. Discovering Your Divine Gift
  6. Awakening the Kundalini Energy
  7. Can You Rewrite the Path You Are On?
  8. Animal Totems and Spirit Guides
  9. What is Spiritual Bypass? Do You Do It?
  10. How to Work with Stones & Crystals
  11. The God Helmet & Raising Consciousness
  12. Soul Contracts & the Power of Your Name



Season 3

  1. How do Books, TV & Media Affect Your Energy, Vibration & Consciousness
  2. Auras, Energy, Intuition | Past Lives | Opening Your Third Eye
  3. Resonance & the Law of Attraction
  4. The Power of Your Words
  5. Raising Your Vibration Strategies
  6. How to Read the I-Ching for Guidance
  7. Spirit Teachings & the Importance of You Being You
  8. How to Use Prayer as a Manifestation Tool
  9. Hypnosis Hacks | How Hypnosis Can Heal Your Life
  10. Shamanic Space Clearing
  11. Exploring the Akashic Records and Your Soul Profile
  12. The Stories We Tell Ourselves



Season 2

  1. How to Get in the Vortex
  2. How to Bend Time & “Plark”
  3. Hawaiian Huna Healing & Chanting
  4. What is Your Shadow and Is It Sabotaging You?
  5. Changing Earth Vibrations & How That Can Affect You
  6. Is the Universe Trying to Get Your Attention?
  7. Egyptian Alchemy | How to Work with Anubis & Thoth for Transformation
  8. Repeating Messages & What They Mean
  9. Miracles, Molecules & Vibrational Shifts
  10. Spiritual Growing Pains
  11. How to Manifest What You Want Fast
  12. What Do Your Hands Say About You?



Season 1

  1. Exploring the Mystical Side of Life (Pilot)
  2. Finding the Magic in Life
  3. The Power of Alternative & Energy Healing
  4. A Spiritual Journey Healing Cancer Alternatively
  5. Dream Messages from the Spirit Realm & the Unconscious
  6. How to Connect with Your Inner Guidance
  7. How to Keep an Open Heart When the World Seems Out of Balance
  8. Tapping into Intuition
  9. Declutter Your Life
  10. How to Meditate When You Don’t Want to (Hacks)
  11. The Power of Your Thoughts
  12. What Happens When Your 3 Selves Align?



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