Reclaiming Your Soul: Life Teachings from the Kabbalah

What is the Kabbalah? How did it originate? How can it help you find fulfillment and purpose and connect you with your inner power? What is the ultimate good, according to Kabbalah?The gift of giving; The language of the Universe; Understanding message being given to you; Why we need challenges; Planetary alignment through the Covid times.

Meet Eliyahu Jian, America’s Top Kabbalist-based Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor to the Stars, co-founder of the non-profit Vital Transformation organization, and author of The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich and Happy.Visit access spiritual teachings and personal coaching.

Awaken Your Third Eye: The Path of Spiritual Illumination

Let’s jump into INTUITION this week! Discover the benefits to awakening your 3rd eye; Tips to open your psychic senses and intuitive abilities, How to use the “Ask & It Shall Be Given” process and receive intuition at will. Can you open your 3rd eye too much? Energy sponges; Use this affirmation command to maintain the integrity of your energy system. Grounding techniques; The power of your speech; Interpreting your visions: The need for practice and taking action. 

Our guest is spiritual teacher, chakra expert and bestselling author, Susan Shumsky. Visit Susan at for spiritual teachings or for spiritual excursions.

Referenced: Susan’s books The Big Book of Chakras and Chakra Healing, Awaken Your Third Eye, and Third Eye Meditations.

Starseeds & Ascension (Podcast)

What is a Starseed? Signs you may be one; The earthly path and purpose  of a Starseed; Lightworker vs Starseed; The difference between 3D, 4D  and 5D; 5D concepts “You create your own reality.”  How is humanity shifting? What are we waking up to? The stages of  AWAKENING. Did you understand the message of The Matrix (movie)?  

My guest is spiritual teacher, Steve Nobel from  and on Youtube.

Reference:  Personal Transitions by Steve Nobel Excerpt:  

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Coronavirus Through the Eyes of a Medical Medium

A spiritual perspective on the Covid 19 pandemic; Easy ways to use energy to clear blocked energy and raise your vibration; Simple ways you can support your physical health.PLUS, Awakening gifts after a NDE; “Gifts can come in any form”; The Awakening Shift humanity is in; How you can support yourself during the Shift; A MESSAGE from Spirit about Covid and the Future.

Meet Kimberly Meredith, medical medium, trance channel and spiritual healer. Visit Kimberly at where you can pick up your free copy of Coronavirus: Top 21 Tips for Protection. Or visit her Youtube channel.

Harnessing Quantum Qi with Qigong

Discover the benefits of using the natural flow of universal energy to improve health, radiance & vitality, cultivate peace & spiritual connection, and so much more. Tap into Universal Life Force energy to strengthen and heal the physical body, clear emotions, calm thoughts and deepen your connect with Source within you. Available to everyone, no matter what age or state of health. Promotes self-healing, longevity and flexibility.Understand the flow of energy in you and around you; 6 Healing Sounds; Emotions stored in organs and meridians; Clearing the lungs; Never pushing… only using the flow of movement, breath, emotions and thoughts.

Centering between Earth & Sky; 3 Dan Tiens and their function.Energy Healers – Enhance your ability to channel energy, enhance psychic gifts, clear your energy field and strengthen your protective field.Chi or Qi is Life Force Energy; How to feel the energy; Simple qigong exercises to bring balance and support clearing and health; Guided exercise for strengthening and healing the lungs (12.22 min).

My guest is Sharron Rose, President of Sacred Mysteries Production Company, producer/director of Quantum Qi Documentary Series. Visit: or on Facebook at: or

Quantum Qi Documentary Series Trailer for Episode 1:

Healing Light of Qi practice video:

Sacral Chakra Empowerment & Healing

Why is your Sacral Chakra so important?  How do you keep it healthy and balanced? Lisa Erikson, author of “Chakra Empowerment for Women Self-Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power & Finding Overall Wellness” is my guest.  

In this episode: The difference between the male and female chakra system; The multi-levels of chakras; An overview and description of the 7 major chakras; Creation and manifestation through the chakras; The upward pathway of spirituality; The downward pathway of co-creation.  How does the sacral chakra become blocked or damaged? Can chakras be 100% blocked? How to tell if you have an issue with your second chakra; Negative emotions associated; How to activate your chakras; The connection with relationships; Healthy emotional expression and boundaries; Disassociating from your body for spiritual pursuits; Embodying your spirituality; Tips to support and balance your lower chakras.

Visit Lisa Erikson at or

Book: “Chakra Empowerment for Women Self-Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power & Finding Overall Wellness” available on Amazon

Manifesting Abundance into Your Life

What manifestation blocks & limiting beliefs are stopping you from having an abundant life? Why do things still go “wrong”? How to change fear & desperation into love, joy, happiness & abundance. Tips to create abundance.Why your words are powerful and what they represent to you matters. The power of asking open questions. Paying attention to body signals. How to connect with higher energies. How to shift the energy in situations you don’t like. Show your money some love!!

My guest is Bee, abundance coach from The Manifesting Squad.

Visit Bee at

Linda’s Master Your Money Mind Course:

Golden Pearls for Living a Fantastic Life

Meet Dr Allen Lycka, who shares his story of being diagnosed with ALS in 2003. Dr Lycka was guided to step out of the box to seek treatment, and now he shares his journey with us, his perspective and the pearls of wisdom he discovered along the way in his journey to health… yes, you read that right!!

In this episode: You are building your life with your thoughts and attitudes; 13 Golden Pearls you can adopt to create a fantastic life; Are these traits inborn tendencies or learned behaviour?  Share a random act of kindness.

Visit Dr Lycka at

Text “goldenpearls” to 1-819-717-2525 to receive a golden pearl each week for a year.

How Thoughts Become Things

Meet filmmaker Doug Vermeeren, whose latest film HOW THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS, shows you how thoughts affect everything from abundance to the  quality of health, relationships and your own sense of self-worth.  Doug  exposes some misconceptions and some commonly held beliefs that may be preventing you from creating the outcomes you most desire.  

In this episode: Why the 5 people you spend them most time with are important for your state of being;  What has more effect on you previous programming or the  quality of your current thoughts and environment? What do the Abundance gurus have wrong?  Plus, the 3 kinds of thinking in the Creative Process; Clutter vs  pristine surroundings and finding what works for you; Toxic people,  Complainers vs Critics and how to deal with them; What does it mean to  be teachable? Can you surrender your ego?  Like attracts like vs the  Universe as an echo chamber; Fake it to you make it is a bad idea; The  importance of purity of being; What is true authenticity?  Using H2  to discover your authentic self;  Why you need more than passion and purpose to  find fulfillment. What else do you need?    

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Ascension Symptoms Explained

Starseeds, don’t want to be here? It’s a common feeling. Why it’s important to be grounded, choose the highest path available in the moment & bring your gifts to this plane. Also in this episode: The difference between 3D, 4D, and 5D matrix; Activating gifts from past lives; Is 2019-2022 the most intense time of ascension globally?

What is Ascension? Why do we experience symptoms? What are the common physical & emotional symptoms? Possible affects of the mental plane; Dark night of the soul; Experiencing Ascension in waves; How to navigate through challenging times; Conspiracy theories, low frequency energies and their part in our evolutionary path.

Steve Nobel, spiritual coach & healer, from returns as our guest.

On Youtube:

Reference: Personal Transitions by Steve Nobel

Extract from the book:

Thanks for joining us on EXPLORING THE MYSTICAL SIDE OF LIFE. Our mission is to encourage you to think outside the box, to expand your horizons and open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities. We delve into spirituality, the world of energy thought, intuition, manifestation, consciousness, alternative healing, and more.

Animal Communication: Messages from Both Sides of the Veil

What gifts do animals bring us? What messages do they want us to know? Animals as teachers & healers, Demonstrating unconditional love; What happens when animals (& people) die? What is death like? Reincarnation, walk-ins, humans in animal form; Euthanizing pets, tragic deaths, ghosts & hauntings. How to process grief when a loved one/animal dies and still keep your vibe up.Tips on how to communicate with animals and what to avoid; How do you know you are getting a message from animals or spirits? Ways they communicate with you; An exercise to reclaim your power.

My guest is Terri Jay, Medium, Animal Communicator and author of The Cowgirl Shaman Way. Visit Terri at

Thanks for joining us for this episode of EXPLORING THE MYSTICAL SIDE OF LIFE.  You can also visit us on Youtube and Facebook.

Starseeds, the Second Wave & the Way Forward

Are you part of The SECOND WAVE? White Eagle talksa bout the Second wave and the evolutionary path of humanity. This is part of what Delores Cannon described as 3 waves of Starseed volunteers to help humanity navigate the evolution to the next level of higher consciousness. Meet Kerri Hummingbird, channel, healer, teacher, author and host of the Soul Nectar Show. 

In this episode: The story of White Eagle; Shamanic traditions and working with the Ancestors; The Mouth of God; Multi-dimensional beings; Our role in the shift of consciousness: What is the journey of spiritual awakening; Our Earth connection and the unfolding of the future; A cell in the body of God; Navigating your inner space: Using the Elements to heal; Kerri’s Fire ritual to change beliefs; Linda’s Step into the Light process; The Paul Selig teachings. 

Visit Kerri at 

The Soul Nectar Show: 

Kerri’s book The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama 

Reference: Delores Cannon, Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth 

Power Up Your Brain 

Paul Selig, I AM the Word 

Linda’s Aligning with the Elements course: