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Linda is an amazing gifted intuitive healer and I am so grateful for her gentle light in my life. I have struggled for many months following open heart surgery, with so little energy I couldn’t walk down the driveway to get the mail, and feeling like I was knocking on death’s door. After a few sessions with Linda, gently asking questions, using her intuitive guidance,  then drawing from her basket of many tools to shift my energy, I am literally a new man, feeling fantastic and alive again.

Thank you, thank you, Linda from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot convey the difference you have made!  ~ Garry Rondeau


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I have been a client of Linda’s for many years now, and she has held space for me, and helped and supported me on my healing journey. I have experienced anxiety attacks on several occasions, went through two challenging relationship break ups and ended up moving several times, (which is a trigger for anxiety for me), and I made it through with her help and encouragement. I feel that working with Linda made a big difference.

She certainly supported me on my healing journey, and helped me find more peace and balance in my life. Thank you for being there for me Linda!

With gratitude,

Maike Dombrowksy ~ Founder and organizer of the Ottawa Sound Healing Conference


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Anna-Karina Tabunar on working with Linda…


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I have never worked with anyone who offers so many diverse healing protocols and who manifests them with such consistent success as Linda Lang. I have been working with Linda for almost a year now and have received so much in terms of increased physical health, mental clarity, emotional stability, and best of all, spiritual advancement from having a more open heart.

I initially came to Linda to increase my client base to create more income. That happened so quickly once the blocks to that were removed, I knew I had found in Linda a practitioner who really had the ability to make positive shifts happen.

Linda works so intuitively, so much from her heart and the wisdom of the many transformational systems she works with, there has never been a request from me for change that Linda has not been able to help me create. She is the most remarkable energy therapist I have ever worked with. I will continue to have sessions with Linda, knowing that my old issues are forever coming to the surface for clearing allowing me to move forward with a clearer, cleaner, higher, more loving energy.

Thank-you Linda for your dedication to my well-being and spiritual advancement. ~ Sherry Harris


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Linda Lang…

Water whisperer, alchemist and agent of radical change.
Understatement.  She is confident, relaxed, talented and serious about helping people heal and grow into their own highest expression of who they came here to be.


Don’t let her quiet approach trick you into thinking the transformations she is facilitating are small or lightweight.
She really knows her stuff and with intuition and empathic abilities – kinda knows your stuff too.
Plus she’s, well, connected…..with higher guidance.


It’s rare to meet a fellow healer or teacher who actually believes that change can be easy.
I’ve been practicing and training for years in various healing and coaching modalities and still find that most people have their tools and methods and successes and are operating with the belief that change, shift, magic is hard work often for both the healer and the client.Linda’s radiates confidence. When your guide believes transformation can occur with ease, it’s much more likely that you will experience it too.  So the first shift you’re likely to experience is that change really doesn’t have to take a long time or require a lot of work.

 During a recent discussion with Linda, the topic turned to money. I shared with her my stressed and worry over how slow sales were for my custom jewelry business.  Linda offered me a mini session right then to help me shift that.  Yes, please.  I jumped at the chance.

She spent just a few minutes clearing energetic blocks and charged up a glass of water for me with her Diamond Ray energies.  All remotely – we were having a video chat.

I felt different in my body right away which felt good and powerful.  What really blew me away though is that I had three new custom jobs come in that same week.  Two from people I did not know at all, who simply found me on the internet and one from a guy I had not seen in 20 years who I used to buy gemstones from who now wanted me to make some models for him.
The flow of customers and money was rushing in.

I agree with Linda, change can be easy. Having a guide to clear the way and help you see and open to your own capacity for ease and possibility is.  My advice – don’t miss a chance to work with her; I truly believe your future self will thank you for it.


Self-Love and SuperPowers Coach, Inspirational Humorist and
Chief Spoonbender at
Custom Jeweler at


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I have done a lot of inner work in the past, but I recently got to a point where I felt completely stuck. My partner referred me to Linda and despite my initial scepticism that nothing would change, as I “had been three, done that, got the t-shirt,” I had a Healing through Forgiveness process with her.

I am looking for work at the moment and that can be challenging so I wanted to start afresh with a new employer and not take any feelings of negativity with me into my next job. I was hoping the process would help move me forward in a positive direction. I expected some grand revelation of issues or people that were holding me back. 

During the process I had a memory of friends at school, which surprised me as they were people I considered to be allies.  The memory was when I was about 15 years old and felt isolated, unsupported and estranged from my friends. During the process, Linda guided me to a place of forgiveness and I felt an immediate sense of relief and freedom.

I deliberately waited for a few weeks to evaluate the process and yesterday I suddenly realised that my thinking patterns have changed for the better!  This is hard to admit but it struck me that since that time in my adolescence, whenever I felt alone or when things went wrong, I have often felt sorry for myself. This negative thinking would quickly spiral into depression which has been almost impossible to shift.

Yesterday I was working on a project and something went wrong. I caught myself beginning to feel self-pity and then thought, “I can’t do that any more. It doesn’t work for me and I have no desire to do it.”  The pattern is broken.  This is a huge breakthrough and not something I expected to happen at all.  I am so grateful for Linda helping me move forward and I would heartily recommend her to anyone else wishing to make positive change in their own lives. ~ Juliet, England


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Linda acts as a beacon of love’s sweet embrace, with a gentle essence and a soft, sensual voice that dissolves the hard edges of anger, fear and other low vibration in the physical body. After one session only the glow of peace, harmony and compassion remained.  She is that rare being who sees and feels the unseen worlds and brings to life a more beautiful world now. ~ Anthony Ogley, Gifts of a Wild Heart

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Yesterday I had a session with a Linda Lang and this morning, I realized that I shifted more in that 50 minute session with her than I have ever done. First, she’s really good at what she does, and second, I was ready to let go of whatever it was that I let go of.

Being ready and willing to ‘just let go’ and surrender is very important. I felt safe working with Linda and as a result I was able to offer up what I think were lifetimes of ‘stuff’ that held me back from experiencing my life and my work in a deeper, more loving way.

In effect, I accepted myself more completely and doing so always affects every part of my life in very profound ways. Two hours after the session ended I worked with a lady from the U.K. and those same blessings were passed along to her. Linda’s gift to me became the gift that keeps on giving, and really, that’s the way it should work every time.

Thank you Linda.

Grant Connolly


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Dear Linda, thank you so much for your help, support and deeply intuitive guidance. ~ Eva


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Linda is a sacred empath.  She holds your heart in her hands when she works with you.  ~  Pam Tanner


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Linda is a highly sensitive, intuitive, effective energy healer.  She is non-judgmental and compassionate, making it easy for clients to accept the healing they need.

As an example, Linda once worked with me when I was conflicted about a project I wanted to do, but resistance and fears were getting in the way, and I felt almost paralyzed.  After a telephone session with Linda, almost all of the resistance was cleared, and I enjoyed simply doing what needed to be done to succeed with the project!

Linda is a real treasure and a valuable resource for anyone concerned about their health and/or their personal growth. ~ Susanna McCan, Whole Body Goddess



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Linda Lang has a genuine healing gift. She is non-judgemental and kind, with loads of practical expert guidance and healing tools. She gently leads you into your sub-conscious mind and helps you release old patterns and thought-forms that hold you back from your true place – success. Once cleared, you are able to welcome in the new as she helps you fill up with healing, joy and passion. This deep healing occurs on many levels; body, heart, mind and soul. After one of her workshops or sessions, I feel a definite shift, renewed and invigorated. I highly recommend Linda!  ~ Anne Collins


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Linda and I have been working together over the past month. While I am no stranger to energy work, it sometimes takes me a while to really connect with someone who I KNOW is connecting to my very deepest core “out of the vortex” issues (aka “me”).

I believe Linda is a truly gifted healer and a shamanic journey specialist. She works with women like me who want to move the inner stuff up and out so that there is a deeper connection.

That has occurred for me in spades in a very short period of time in which there have been too many synchronistic happy occurrences to mention here. I will say, however, that my business is taking a few twists and turns that have been pleasantly unexpected, and I have felt more inspired to take actions that net results.  This is not to say that I have been without a few breakdowns, but my ability to move through them has improved dramatically.

I would seriously encourage you to get to know Linda. I am a believer!  ~ Shell Mendelson

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Linda, I just wanted to tell you that you have no idea how this course has impacted me; I’m so grateful that you are the anchor and teacher of this course, I have learned so much about myself in these past few months than I have in my entire life. It’s helped my relationships, with my boyfriend, forgiveness towards my father, letting go, how to listen to my body when it talks to me, and myself. 

I’m still learning and i don’t want to stop. I’ve been on this healing journey for many, many years and I’m starting to see the bigger picture.  Thank you for being so kind and compassionate, having you as my teacher and healer makes my journey to inner enlightenment that much easier. ♥♥♥♥ ~ April Morin


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Hi Linda,

I wanted to let you know that since my last treatment with you, I haven’t had a single bout of solar plexus discomfort. I’ve felt more peaceful, balanced and happy. And even though the world ‘out there’ may be in chaos and turmoil, I’m not adversely affected by it as I was in the past.  It’s been almost 10 days since that treatment. I purposely held off writing you in case I reverted back to my old reactive ways. But I can say confidently that I’m no longer reacting to the negativity of the world around me. This has been an incredibly wonderful gift of being able to maintain my centre despite what’s happening ‘out there.’

Thank you so much for sharing your healing gifts with me and making such a huge difference in my life!  ~  Jennifer


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Linda truly has a gift for what she does, which you can feel through her exceptionally compassionate and intuitive nature. She has been helping me during a challenging time in my life to grow, to see other possibilities for myself, and to move beyond limiting ways of thinking. I have found her clearing techniques to be very helpful and effective, and my work with her has allowed me to make room for more positivity, self-confidence, and hope in my life. I am very grateful to her for listening to me and never judging me. I feel very lucky to have met her.  ~  Mary


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Penny Makris

An artistic thank you from Penny Makris!



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Thank you, thank you, thank you.  After we spoke, I just relaxed and watched a bit of TV, then went to bed.  When I woke up this morning, I realized I had not scratched at all during the night.  This morning the rash on my arms (psoriasis) is almost gone and the heavy rash at the back of my elbows is a very light pink (not dark pink as it was last night).  You certainly are a miracle worker.  Your fee is well worth it.  Thank you again.  ~  S. James


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Linda’s style and approach to help people resolve their emotional issues is nothing short of transformational!  Her gentle approach helps you understand what is keeping you back from fully enjoying and appreciating the life that you have. Her tool box contains a rich variety of tools that she intuits can help you based on the needs that you have expressed.  I have used Linda’s services several times and each time I marvel at how well she has helped me transform my way of thinking into positive energy focused directions.  I would highly recommend Linda to anyone who is tired of being stuck in a negative pattern of thinking or beliefs that drains their energy level and does not allow them to experience life to the fullest.  ~  Irene R.


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Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of our family.  You are truly an angel walking this earth and we are ever so grateful. Your work with our son has really shifted him.  So much love and light to you always…   ~ Jay.


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Being late is part of my life and arriving late again at my appointment was the drop that was too much for me, I decide to clean that stress, discomfort, pressure and tension in my shoulders, my mind consuming and worries of what people will think of always waiting for me, they have other things to do instead.  I was ready to relax and let Linda work on that.  Since that, I feel no more pressure; I relax, with peace of mind and I am in time now for my appointments.  Thank you for this nice gift.  ~ Lina


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Thanks again for an amazing session! I can’t believe how different I feel every time I come and talk to you! I feel energized and it’s as if the whole world is waiting there for me with open arms! I used to feel that way as a kid – (before I felt the pressure of growing up and settling down) – where at times I felt I could soar beyond the skies! 🙂   ~ Veena


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I would like you to know that this is my fourth day in 16 months that I am not experiencing pain in my entire arm, shoulder and hand. I was tested for strength in both hands at physio yesterday, and my scores have increased remarkably. Two weeks ago I could apply 55 pounds pressure and yesterday I could apply 68 pounds pressure. My surgeon told me two weeks ago that I had plateau’d and I would no longer see month-to-month progress, but rather, it would be year-to-year.  I am so grateful to you for your help!  I know that I have more work to do, but I wanted you to know that this is the first week in over a year that I am pretty much pain-free and am doing things that I could not do, even last week.  ~ Karen W.


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I met Linda when I was at a very low point in my life.  My father was the only family I had left, he died three years before and I was still struggling with his leaving me all alone and my will to go on.  And everything in my life was going wrong… I phoned Linda for my first appointment and I felt something change.  I figured it was just my imagination. I asked her what she did…  Every visit I had, I knew I would always return home happy.  What a joy to know that after my visit, I would be calmer, happier and better able to cope with life.

Things have changed so much for me working with Linda.  I’m excited about life again. ~ Brunhild

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I am always impressed in how Linda is able to apply the appropriate healing modality, of the many at her disposal, to either myself or my pet, in a trusting environment, with noticeable results. ~ A.


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I just wanted to thank you once again for all you did for me.  I’m very much at peace with myself and I have not fallen back to resentment of the past.  I’m feeling much lighter and clearer about the future.  You have great energy and I am grateful to have been introduced to you. ~ Annie

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I work in the retail industry so I am always on my feet. On one of my days off, I had an appointment in a neighbouring city  90 minutes away.  To my dismay, I awoke to a very sore right foot.  I could hardly walk.  I put my insoles in my shoes before I left for my appointment, which didn’t help at all.  After my appointment I stopped to by a different pair of insoles, but they didn’t work for me either.  By the time I arrived home, I was a crabby bear!  After a few days at home and off my feet as much as possible, the best I could do was pain management with Advil and pain relief rubs. I gave Linda a call and asked her if she could help in any way… anything small or large would be a relief. She did a treatment over the phone, and about 15 minutes after we were finished my foot was 99.9% better. I am so grateful!  I haven’t worn any insoles since and my foot doesn’t bother me like it did. I am very thankful to Linda for a drug-free alternative.  ~ Deborah


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Wow!  Every time I come for a session, I leave a different person! I’ve come so far in my healing journey, and I can only imagine where else I can go! ~ B.

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I’m very thankful for the help you gave me, what you did actually brought me back from the edge enough that I could restore my sense of motivation and self discipline. ~ Brandon


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Just had the most amazing session Linda. Thank you so much! Linda cleared 4 layers of gunk (I just love technical terms … lol) from my Root Chakra and I feel lighter than air. Big hugs and many sparkly rainbow blessings to you, Linda. ♥♥♥♥ ~ Gayle Lee

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For many years I repeated self-destructive patterns, carefully, consciously making decisions that consistently devolved into disfunction. I recognized that I had to be the source of these negative patterns. I read books, attended workshops and tried everything from Reiki to Psych-K. I could identify the sources but I could not shift them from my unconscious and my physical health was spiraling ever downward.
I was referred to Linda by another practitioner and was delighted to find that I knew Linda from my previous searching. Having worked so hard to change my negative patterns by myself, it has been such a relief to benefit from Linda’s gentle insight, humour and very effective releases.
Linda engages in a conversation with my body and consciousness through a variety of modalities.  With permission, she accesses the exact point of blockage and works to release these blockages in the most effective manner. She clearly describes which issues she is dealing with and what she is doing.  I have even benefited over distance in a time of crisis when I was unable to visit in person.
I referred my mother to Linda as she was suffering from pain in her feet. She has enjoyed pain free, increased mobility since then.  She was quite astounded as to the ease of the conversation Linda had with her body and the effectiveness of the treatment.  I highly recommend Linda’s healing services for both removal of blockages and elimination of pain.  ~  Marie


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