Season 10 - Thought Change

Season 10

Conversations with the Moon

Meet Rebecca Thompson, author of Rebecca Rising. She walks us through her experience of being a skeptical mind going through a spiritual awakening. Rebecca shares how the Moon started to communicate with her, giving her guidance at a crossroad in her life and how the Universe conspires to wake you up. 

Was it Diana, goddess of the Moon? How were the communications received? What insights and spiritual wisdom did she receive? How did her life change as she followed the Moon’s guidance? Also, support through synchronicities; Fears about coming out of the “metaphysical closet;” How to tune in so you can receive guidance. 

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Does the Universe Have the Perfect Plan for You?

Is there Divine intelligence that orchestrates Life and has a perfect plan for all of us? How interconnected is everything? Can you inherit trauma and heal it? Meet Judi Miller, author of Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation

In this episode: Exploring your past lives and connections; Balancing karma; Healing through awareness; Mystical experiences as a source of divine guidance and wisdom; Love as the nature of the Universe; Messages received from Higher Consciousness. Past life regression healing; Ancestral healing and its effects through the generation line; Releasing emotion from the body; How to prevent emotions from becoming trapped in the body; Two emotions of Fear and Love — which do you choose? The butterfly effect; Unconditional love and acceptance; Forgiveness as the release of the stories that hold pain; Life as an interconnected puzzle. 

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Reference: Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan, You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (founder of Hayhouse), My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor Honorable mention: Delores Cannon, Dr Michael Newton, John Newton