Conversations with the Moon

Meet Rebecca Thompson, author of Rebecca Rising. She walks us through her experience of being a skeptical mind going through a spiritual awakening. Rebecca shares how the Moon started to communicate with her, giving her guidance at a crossroad in her life and how the Universe conspires to wake you up. 

Was it Diana, goddess of the Moon? How were the communications received? What insights and spiritual wisdom did she receive? How did her life change as she followed the Moon’s guidance? Also, support through synchronicities; Fears about coming out of the “metaphysical closet;” How to tune in so you can receive guidance. 

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Does the Universe Have the Perfect Plan for You?

Is there Divine intelligence that orchestrates Life and has a perfect plan for all of us? How interconnected is everything? Can you inherit trauma and heal it? Meet Judi Miller, author of Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation

In this episode: Exploring your past lives and connections; Balancing karma; Healing through awareness; Mystical experiences as a source of divine guidance and wisdom; Love as the nature of the Universe; Messages received from Higher Consciousness. Past life regression healing; Ancestral healing and its effects through the generation line; Releasing emotion from the body; How to prevent emotions from becoming trapped in the body; Two emotions of Fear and Love — which do you choose? The butterfly effect; Unconditional love and acceptance; Forgiveness as the release of the stories that hold pain; Life as an interconnected puzzle. 

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Reference: Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan, You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (founder of Hayhouse), My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor Honorable mention: Delores Cannon, Dr Michael Newton, John Newton 

Reading the Soul

Can you suffer from a wounded spirit? Is there past life or ancestral karma affecting you? Do you have patterns that don’t resolve despite everything you do?  Medical intuitive,  Catherine Carrigan, returns as my guest.   In this episode: The 5 levels of healing, Clearing issues on all levels;  How thoughts create emotions; Finding your inner resilience; Enlisting  help from the Angels and spirit beings; Karma, the different types and  healing your karma; 3 phases of your soul process; How to create  happiness in your life.   

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Finding Your Zero Point

Have you found your peace, happiness & abundance? What if those states (and more) were ready and waiting within you? My guest is Mabel Katz, creator of Zero Frequency®.

In this episode: Stepping onto the spiritual path; The importance of Intention, Responding to opportunities and Action; Rebirthing; Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian method of problem solving; Why Forgiveness is important for you; Zero Frequency; Convincing the Intellect to make better choices; How shifting your inner world changes your life; What is 100% responsibility? How you give your power away.Pivotal Beliefs to shift; Edgar Cayce’s Universal Law of Forgiveness; Changing the world from the inside out; What is Zero Frequency? How can you access it? Being in “the flow;” Letting go and trusting; Doing what you love; How to work through fears; Moving in the right direction; Learning to be yourself; The power of the present moment; Gifts within your challenges. Tips to access Zero frequency.

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Check out her free course, , and to Abundance, Peace and Happiness.  

Reference: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers; Zero Frequency: The Easiest Way to Peace, Happiness, and Abundance by Mabel Katz

The Agreement: Humanity’s Transformation

What is the transformation humanity is going through? Things are changing, you’re changing. Tips for managing the shift; Trusting yourself; Disillusionment as a tool of transformation; How polarization is moving us to unity.

My guest is Rebecca Dawson, spiritual teacher and channel for The Masters.

What is the nature of consciousness on the Earth plane? Rebecca channels a message from The Masters; Linda shares an easy exercise to commune with your Essence.Visit Rebecca at and on her YouTube channel

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Does Your Soul Have a Divine Blueprint?

Was your soul designed in a way to specifically receive vital force energy and express itself THROUGH ALL LIFETIMES? Can your divine soul blueprint becomes disrupted? How do glitches show up in it? How do you know you’re off track? How can you get back into alignment with your soul design? What is soul loss?In this episode: How your blueprint is configured; The 8 energy centers that make up the divine blueprint; The positive and negative attributes of each center.

My guest is spiritual teacher and Akashic record reader, Katie Kieffer. Visit Katie at

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Living in Universal Love

If love is the fabric of the Universe, why is it so hard to life from  that place? My guest is author and healer, Anne Round.   

In this episode: Self-love and self-acceptance as a foundation to living  in Love; Learning how to love your fear; Choosing love or fear; Using  the infinity symbol for healing and unity; What is Light language? Using  Light Language to transmit love and healing.  Anne shares her exercise to transform challenging emotions; Linda shares  an exercise to transform emotions and heal that aspect of yourself;  Anne shares a Light Language channel and message.   

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Spontaneous Awakening

What is a spontaneous awakening experience like? My guest is Brian C Watts,  who shares his personal experience and how it changed his life. Including: Kundalini rising; Reading/sensing energy; Inner Seeing & inner knowing; Synchronicity; Download of information; Heightened empathy; Premonition; Intuiting the radiance of Life; Orbs of light; Going into the Light; DMT; Energetic intention; The significance of everything; Compassion as a spiritual requirement.

Brian’s book is called Northern Awakening ~ The Evolution of Consciousness. 

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Exploring Consciousness through the Ten Terrains

What are the Ten Terrains of Consciousness? Discover the various landscapes of the Ten Terrains and how the terrain you are at impacts your life, how you see the world, your beliefs and behaviour, and more. Your Terrain is creating your experience of life!

My guest, Tahnee Woolf, co-creator of the Ten Terrains, shares the challenges and soul growth through the terrains and the evolution of consciousness. To learn more or take the test, visit:

Reference: Covid-19 Perspectives through the Ten Terrains

Truth Bombs from the Greater Consciousness

Who is the Greater Consciousness? My guest is Amy White, intuitive and channel for the Greater Consciousness. In this episode: Defining a “truth bomb” and how they can help you shift perspective; Reaching up for Spirit vs. embodying spirit; Personal responsibility; Coming into alignment; Accessing your inner guidance system; How covid is shifting the collective; Using your “triggers” for personal growth; Exploring the contrast available on Earth; Free will; Traumatic experiences as crossroads; How to use the physical body for greater alignment with your true self.  

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Reference: 2020 the Time of Evolution

Rituals to Empower Your Life

What is a ritual? You might consider it a phone call to the divine, and so much more….  In this episode: The importance of intent; Why rituals work; Morphogenic fields; Energetic foundations and how to build them; Why repetition is important; Acknowledging your good fortune; How to bring ritual into your life; Daily rituals for cleansing, balancing, creating luck, gratitude; Forgiveness as a ritual; Mojo bags; Tapping into the mystery & the unseen; History, women & ritual; The power of group ritual; Starting your own sacred circle; Ritual to engage your ancestors; The “cross your fingers” ritual.

My guest is Flora Elmore, the Good Luck Lady. Follow on Instagram @floraelmore

Reference: Linda’s article in The Magic Happens Daily Rituals article 


The Soul’s Journey After Death

What happens when we die? What exactly is the “tunnel” and who is there to meet us? Medium and medical intuitive, Julie Ryan shares what she has learned about the death experience. In this episode: The 12 phases of transition; Is your death  time “set”? Why do souls have a human life? Is karma a real thing? The purpose of emotions; How to come back into alignment; Dealing with  grief; Communication from the other side; Pointers on how you can open the communication with spirit.  

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