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Hi my name is Linda Lang.

When I was in my early twenties, I hit a brick wall that turned my life upside down.  I knew I needed some serious changes to happen. Even though I was really scared. My life depended on it!

In my search for wellness, I stepped out of my comfort zone to explore all kinds of alternative techniques. And I was able to heal my body.  But then it was time to work on healing my mind and spirit.

Years later, I am a gifted intuitive healer and guide, assisting others on their journey of healing and self discovery.  I offer a wide range of services to help you find your way… hopefully you don’t have to do it the hard way like I did!




Living Water Healing sessions are one of the quickest and easiest ways to work with me.  You’ll experience the high vibration Diamond Ray, channeled to you personally and in your drinking water.  You’ll taste the difference!  This energy is intelligent and works on the priority for your highest good.  Click HERE for more information.


Emotional Alchemy sessions are custom tailored for you and are perfect when you need help to resolve specific emotional issues, shift limiting beliefs, improve performance or achieve your goals. Combining intuitive guidance, energy medicine and change process to help you transform your life. You can find more information HERE.


DNA Transformation for challenging memories or stubborn patterns that keep resurfacing. Clearing on the heart level (emotional), the mental level (thoughts), and the Spiritual DNA level. Powerfully transformational!   Click HERE for more information.


Intention Alignment releases the energetic blocks that get in your way of actualizing your intentions. It’s amazing how much vibrational baggage we can carry that gets in our way. No wonder some things are slow to manifest, or never do!  People are amazed how different the “before” and “after” is in these sessions.  Available as a private session fine-tuned for your needs or as an affordable digital download.   Click HERE for more information.


Inner work through hypnosis, past life regression, shamanic journeys or guided processes to help you explore different aspects of yourself to bring more self awareness, heal your spirit, change patterns, connect with your gifts, and bring a greater level of self acceptance.  Contact me for more information.


Tao Healing Hands calls forth the spiritual energy of the Tao, a divine energy that carries the qualities of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, healing and Divine Light.  This energy channel is a spiritual transmission that can benefit many aspects of life. A gentle way to transform negative energy that causes challenges into positive healing vibration. Tao Healing Hands has helped thousands balance body, mind & spirit, release stress and pain, prevent and heal the body, improve relationships, increase finances and success, find happiness. Sessions last only a few minutes and are done by donation.  Contact me for more information.  



Energy medicine can help just about anything!


Why ThoughtChange?


Because how you think and what you believe is at the foundation of your experience.  All those times you were angry, sad or stressed out… all because your thoughts and beliefs triggered your emotions.

When think the same thoughts over and over again, day after day, how can we expect things to change?  Somehow we do. Einstein would call us insane!

But when you can change your perspective, even slightly… everything shifts.  Change your mind just a little bit and suddenly you find potential for something new.



Are you ready for new possibilities?


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Disclaimer: Linda Lang is not a licensed medical professional, but instead offers alternative techniques to assist her clients in personal transformation, health and wellness.  Linda does not diagnose or prescribe.  Please be responsible for your health; consult your medical or psychological professional for physical and mental health issues.  





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