Got Questions?


Here are some answers…


  • What are the Living Waters?  The water that I have restructured for you is called The Living Waters.  The healing energy that I work with is intelligent and customizes specifically for the client.  Someone else could taste your water and not enjoy it at all because it is aligned with you, your health and healing.  When I restructure water, the texture of the water becomes soft and silky and tastes delicious to the person it is intended. If your water is chlorinated, you’ll taste a huge difference! 


  • How do the healing sessions work?  By connecting with you over the internet or by phone, or even simply with my intention, I am able to send the Diamond Ray energy to you, and also restructure a glass of water – wherever you are – so you can drink it to infuse the healing energy into your physical body and cells.  Often I’ll receive a message or have an intuition about what the energy is working on.


  • Will this interfere with medication or other treatment therapies or healing protocols? There are no medications or supplements involved in the Diamond Health program, only high vibrational healing energy.  I have worked with many people and to date, no one has had interference with their medication or other treatments.  Please check with your medical practitioner if you have any questions about your medication or prescribed treatments!


  • I’ve never tried energy work or anything alternative. Do I have to believe in it? My experience is that the energy works whether you believe in it or not.  If you are open to the possibility that it could help you, you might be more aware of it, but not necessarily.  If you don’t believe, often the first thing the energy works on is opening the space in your mind for other possibilities.  Many people who have had no experience with alternative healing have had great results and have become believers!


  • Is there anything I have to do? Our sessions together are a partnership between us.  You need only be open to receive the energy!  You don’t even have to be present on the call because the sessions can be done remotely; even the water can be restructured remotely.  But you do have to drink the water to receive the benefit it offers!  Most people prefer to be present for their sessions to have a direct experience and receive any messages.  My intention is always for your highest healing, and you might like to set that as your intention too.


  • glass of waterWhat is the benefit of drinking restructured water? When you receive channelled energy, it has to go through all the layers of your aura.  Drinking energized water is a way of getting that high vibration energy into your cells on a physical level.  Besides, it’s delicious!  You’ll love it!


  • Does the restructuring only work with drinking water?  No, it works on any thing with high water content.  In my experimentation, I’ve restructured coffee, tea, soup, even bath water.   Remember you are 70% water too!


  • I have a specific health challenge. Will this work for me?  Every health challenge is different, just like every person is different. When I channel the Diamond Ray, I am re-balancing your energy system so that the intelligence of the body can heal itself. And I have seen amazing results!  Sometimes the energy focuses on the underlying emotional aspects, sometimes the mind, the physical body, or the spirit. Many levels can be affected.  The healing energy works wonderfully with other protocols or on its own… but it is a process.  Often minor issues take only 1 -2 sessions; bigger issues take more.  Remember your health depends on many things. There may be some things that cannot be resolved 100% but we have always seen improvement for those that work with the process.


  • Does it only work on health issues?  NO!  It also assists emotional issues, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs…. and for life path issues.   People have reported improvement in physical health issues, that they feel  happier, more optimistic, have increased intuition, creativity, and motivation.  As people work with the energy, I’ve seen them develop better self awareness and consequently make better choices more aligned with themselves.  


  • Will I notice a difference immediately?  Some people see immediate results and for some, it takes a few sessions for them to notice improvement in their situation.  Sometimes those around you will notice the difference before you do.  However you should notice a change in your state immediately after your healing session.   Most people feel relaxed and more peaceful following the session.  Some people feel energized and others feel tired while they integrate the session.  Listen to your body.  Drink your water! You are 70 % water, and just like the water becomes smoother and softer as the energy works in it, the Diamond Ray energy keeps working in your system after I am finished transmitting it. Remember everyone’s health situation is different so there are no hard and fast rules.


  • How long will it take for me to notice a difference?  Many factors are involved in determining your response and the truth is that everyone is different.   The seriousness of the condition, how long you’ve had it, what kind of physical damage you may have, and how willing you are to let go of any underlying factors such as unresolved emotions or beliefs, may have an impact.  I have seen remarkable improvement in some very serious situations in a relatively short time.  Remember the energy is intelligent and knows how to unravel the energetic fabric creating the disturbance.  Be patient and remember that healing is a process.


  • Can I choose what to work on? The energy works on your priority, and it may not always be what you think.  Sometimes it goes directly to the root cause and sometimes it goes through the layers involved in a specific order.  Sometimes things that seem unrelated are connected. For example, I worked with a lady who was having issues with her balance, feeling dizzy and unstable.  She thought maybe it involved her ears, but during the session, the energy went to her right foot.  After the healing she told me she had broken a toe on her right foot days earlier. She drank her water and by the end of the day, her sense of balance was restored.


  • Will I be able to feel it?  Most people can feel the energy working on their system but not everyone does.   Often there are physical sensations such as pulsing, pressure, tingling, heat or coolness.  There are no hard and fast rules as to how people experience it and some people are more sensitive than others.  If you don’t feel it, it doesn’t mean that it is not working – it is simply beyond your current awareness.


Lotus Flower

  • I have received three of Linda’s Energy Treatments, what a joy! I was having vertigo problems for about a week, nothing I did was relieving the problem. I thought I would give this a try. I was dizzy and felt awful!

    First Linda sent my water energy, which I was to drink throughout the day. Then she sent me an energy treatment. She said the chakra in my right foot wasn’t sending the energy to my brain. Also did some work on a gland in my head. Funny thing was a couple days before, I broke a toe on my right foot!…. By the late afternoon I was beginning to feel better. Had more energy and was not as dizzy. By the next morning the dizziness was gone and has not returned. What a relief!

    Linda always sends the water energy so it can help the inside as well as the outside. The second treatment also worked with the brain, as well as a work-related injury I had for many years in my shoulder. That is better as well.

    The third treatment was interesting; I was having throat issues and trouble around my heart. At the time, I was also having issues with a very close friend of mine with a lot of hurt feelings on both sides.  A few days after the treatment things worked out and everything is a little better than normal as we no longer take each other for granted.

    I would recommend these treatments. They have always made me feel better. Not always instantaneously, but always within a few days. Thanks Linda keep up the good work! ~ Debbie