Jul 23, 2014

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Transform Me

  Transform me. Gently…   As fears dissolve… Allowing more power. And the heart opens… Opening to new understanding, Awareness & illumination   In this sacred place, I stand.  I breathe.  I listen. Spirit guides me And offers me gifts beyond my expectation. I now co-create from wholeness, In gratitude, Fully open to the beauty and bounty that is.   Truly I am blessed.   A beautiful prayer… Try tapping it through the EFT...

Oct 14, 2013

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Today is October 14, 2013, and Canada is celebrating Thanksgiving. Traditionally a time to celebrate the bounty of harvest, it is also a wonderful time of reflection. Today I express gratitude for the gift of my life, for my family and friends, and all those I love or connect with in any way.  I am thankful for all the abundance in my life, the beauty and richness of my experiences, my past, my present, my future. I am...