Sep 22, 2013

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The Spirit of Hula

  Hula is the traditional dance of Hawaii, and much more than just dance!  There is a deep mental and spiritual aspect that each dancer (‘olapa) must delve into deeply.  It takes focus to coordinate the hula steps with the arm and head movements.  Danced in a group (hālau), everyone moves together as one, giving the dance a powerful impact. Timing must be impeccable. Movements must flow and be graceful.   Hula tells stories through its movements and chants, often offering prayers (pule) or giving thanks (mahalo) for the beauty of life.   Each morning at Huna training, we had the option of taking Hula lessons. Our teacher (kumu) was Etua, a revered Hula master on the big island. An incredible kumu, he could tell if someone was out of step with his eyes closed… just by feeling the energy. His teachings of Hula were interspersed with wisdom and teachings of life and mastery. Kumu Etua is an impressive teacher!   Hula is much more difficult than it looks!  Trying to coordinate several movements at the same time in sync with the drum beats and all the other dancers is no easy feat. We had to learn the chant in Hawaiian and its meaning so we could send out the energy through the dance. Taking Hula lessons definitely worked areas of different areas of the brain, building new neuro pathways. My experience of hula was very challenging, but one I would recommend.   One night, half way through the course, I had a wonderful dream. I was looking at a Hawaiian scene, some vegetation in front of me, a bay of water, and the shore on the other side. I heard a kingfisher call out ‘kaeha’ twice.  The ocean became still and calm, and the trees began to dance the Hula, swaying in the wind, all moving together, with a drum beat in the distance. It gave me a deeper connection to the land and to the dance, and the next day at Hula lesson, there was a significant...

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Sep 20, 2013

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The City of Refuge – Pu’uhonua o Honaunau

  The City of Refuge is one of the most sacred places on the big island of Hawaii.  In ancient times, it was a place of healing and forgiveness.  We were told that warriors would be sent there to heal on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spirit before being integrated back into society. Today Pu’uhonua o Honaunau is a national park with the bones of 17 generations of Kahuna entombed there.  Because this was a place of many healing rituals, the land itself still carries that energy. If you enter with intent, you can allow the land to absorb any unresolved emotions. Our Huna course took the trip to the park, and congregated in the mini amphitheatre where we had a teaching about the land and its history.  We were each given a ti leaf to take with us as we walked the land and then sat to meditate. If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel a difference as you step off the walkway onto the sand.  For me, I felt almost an effervescent tingle move through my body from my feet up as I first stepped onto the sand.  This truly is a special place. After perusing the grounds with the class, I walked along the lava rocks that framed the shore.  I walked for some time until I came to a place where it felt right to stop.  As I sat, I kept hearing this little voice saying, “Pick me up. Pick me up.” I looked down to see a palm-sized rock, almost triangular in shape; swirls of black and white, half coral and half lava.  I looked at this rock and thinking that I can’t pick it up—this land is sacred, what if someone sees me? Whoever is prompting me is very persistent, so I give in. I picked this rock up and held it in my right palm as I sat on a lava rock, supporting the side of my arm with my leg.  All of a sudden the rock started to vibrate, slightly at first, then harder and faster, almost like a jack hammer. Then it would slow until it stopped and was quiet for a bit until it started to vibrate again.  It did this for some time. I kept asking if it was finished and...

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Sep 15, 2013

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Dreaming with Geckos

  My first night in Kona, HI certainly was memorable. After the long gruelling travel from Ottawa, Canada to the big island of Hawaii, I was exhausted.  I was making the trek for the first level of Huna training – a powerful combination of spirituality, psychology and shamanism.   After we checked into our condo, I went up to my room where there was a gecko hiding… sticking his head out from behind the picture above the bed.  I was...

Sep 11, 2013

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My Travels to Kona

    Two and a half years ago, I headed to Kona on the Big Island for the first time to experience an intensive Huna training. For those who haven’t heard of Huna, it would be considered the shamanic teachings of the ancient Hawaii. My experience of Huna has been a great influence for me, and I practice it daily in some way…   My study of Huna incorporates energy work, psychology and spirituality. The goal is to align the Higher Self, the...

Sep 9, 2013

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Perception and Manifesting

 That which you seek is within you.  Have you ever heard that expression?  How is it possible that the best place to look for abundance, freedom, happiness or anything else that represents fulfillment in your life is within yourself?  How can that be? Especially these days when we are bombarded with advertising that wants us to believe that we need that new car, those brand name clothes, and the newest cell phone to ‘live the life of your dreams.’  Sometimes the...

Sep 6, 2013

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Ask Your Heart

Are you searching for a way to give your life work more purpose or form?  Would you like to attract the people and opportunities to expand your reach?  Do you want to deepen your service to humanity? You really do hold the power within YOU to fulfill your potential.  But you need to believe in yourself and your mission… and have faith that the Universe loves and supports you.  You do not have to do everything yourself… even...

Sep 2, 2013

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A Simple Exercise to Raise Your Vibration...

  A friend of mine shared this simple exercise to raise your vibration.  Use your intention and open to the vibration of unconditional love when you make the affirmations.   You can also tap through the EFT points if you like.   Affirm: LOVE   before me (tap eyebrow point – where the eye brow starts above the bridge of the nose) LOVE   behind me  (tap the side of the eye – where the eyebrow finishes)   LOVE   at my left...