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Get Out Your Broom!

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August 19, 2014
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September 10, 2014
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Get Out Your Broom!


The inspiration for this tapping script comes from my horoscope for the day.  What great advice for everyday!  And how powerful to tap on.  If a particular relationship comes to mind, remember to tap on it specifically to clear out unresolved emotions.  Each line is a different tapping point.


(Your name)….Get your broom out of the closet today.      cobweb-151265_150


(Your name)….Your job is to brush away all the cobwebs      


from the corners of your emotional bedroom.


Use the intense transforming energy of the day


to say good-bye to stale and loose-ended relationships


that have left a bad taste in your mouth.


Ignite the fire of a new situation            flame-158947_150


and consciously work on establishing new habits


so that old patterns don’t continue to repeat themselves.


                                 Time for change!


Tapping Points - Body

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