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December 4, 2021

Alchemy & Creation

Would you like more magic and synchronicity in your life? Then step into the world of alchemy. Below is the video and transcript of our podcast episode 140 where Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith teaches us how to have these with her Creative Alchemy Method of healing, transformation and manifestation. Episode 140 is all about: Navigating the path to fulfillment; Healing emotions; Actualizing your Living Vison; The I AM Presence; The power of decree; The 3-fold heart flame; The Violet Flame; The “fall”; Spiritual bypass; Sacred emotions and how to use them for transformation; Aligning with your purpose, and more… You can watch the video episode here or scroll down to read the transcript. Enjoy!
December 12, 2021

When Your Soul Wakes You Up

What is an awakening experience like? How does your life change after? Can you learn to trust the nudges from your soul? Spiritual teacher Dawn James shares her awakening experience and teaches us how to navigate our own. Tips to nurture the soul, align with your purpose, and discover the depth of wisdom within.
December 29, 2021

Elvis from the Other Side

What would you ask Elvis if you had the opportunity to talk to him? My guest is UK trance medium Sue Chard. Sue shares what it’s […]
January 5, 2022

Lipsology: What Secrets Do Your Lips Reveal?

Lipsology is the art and science of reading lips. What do the markings on your lips reveal? Meet Beth Engerson, one of only 9 certified Lipsology […]


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