Are you are looking for a deeper connection

with your true self…


Are you committed to finding your path…

Searching for purpose in your life?

Looking for clarity?


Perhaps you have forgotten how special you are… how each one of us is so unique and yet so important to the whole. How we each carry a specific purpose in the cosmic web of life…

Everyone has a story—their own life’s story, filled with a vast richness of emotion and experience. Each one is fascinating in its own way. Yet deep within and often hidden, there is access to a stream of unconditional love, peace and joy.


You can work with me in private sessions customized specifically for you, 
or in group programs & workshops to help you explore the deeper facets of your being.

As we work together, you naturally hold more joy and more peace, become more aligned with who you really are, and listen to your own guidance more. You begin to awaken and align to your inner authority, creating your life in harmony with your spirit.



My work can help you if:

  • You feel lost, confused or off track
  • You want to have more Self awareness
  • You’re committed to creating positive change in your life
  • You’re ready to do your inner work
  • You want your intuition, natural talents and abilities to blossom
  • It’s time to become more aligned with your purpose
  • You want to have a deeper sense of peace, happiness and well-being


If you’re ready to delve deeper into the mystery that YOU are, 

please CONTACT me for more information.


Linda has intuitive answers that are mutative, meaning she brings change to people. She gives them the ideas to change. She teaches them how to reconnect with their Source. She gives them the images and information necessary to expand their awareness beyond the physical limits of the world, and gives them practical, reasonable steps how to do that. She lifts them up, empowers them and helps them, giving guidance for their soul. – Karen Curry


Discover a Deeper Connection with your True Self

to Walk Your Authentic Path

& Reach Your Full Potential




I just wanted to thank you once again for all you did for me. I’m very much at peace with myself and I have not fallen back to resentment of the past. I’m feeling much lighter and clearer about the future. You have great energy and I am grateful to have been introduced to you. – Annie, Montreal, Canada




Thanks again for an amazing session! I can’t believe how different I feel every time I come and talk to you! I feel energized and it’s as if the whole world is waiting there for me with open arms! I used to feel that way as a kid – (before I felt the pressure of growing up and settling down) – where at times I felt I could soar beyond the skies! – Veena, Ottawa, Canada