What is a session like?

Every session is different but they all start out the same.  First we discuss what you would like to work on and what is going on in your life at the moment.  Sometimes your energy system tells me that it has a different priority than what you think. If that happens, I will always tell you, and the choice is yours. I do recommend working with the priorities of the energy body, because we have no idea what effect these issues have in other areas of your life – sometimes you may notice things we have not worked on just fall to the wayside.

Next I ask your energy system permission to work together at this time. If you have had other energy treatments Heart in Handsearlier in the day, I might not get consent.  If I am working with a surrogate, sometimes that person needs a balance before they can clearly hold your energy and accept balances on your behalf.  On occasion, I need a balance before we can start.

From there I am directed to which modality to use in order to make whatever corrections the energy system requests to bring your energy system into a stronger, clearer and more balanced state.   I stop when I am directed, to allow you to integrate.

Sometimes my clients request a specific modality, such as hypnosis, Zpoint or clearing the heart wall with the Emotion Code, and the session proceeds accordingly. I strongly recommend working on the energetic priority because often greater, more expansive change is possible when we follow the guidance of the subconscious and Higher Self, rather than our conscious thinking mind.


How long does a session last?

Most sessions take 60 minutes. On occasion it may take longer… sometimes not as long. Your energy system tells me when it is time to stop.


Will I notice any difference after a session?

Most people can feel an energetic difference immediately. Usually they feel better, happier or ‘lighter.’  Usually their eyes are brighter, more open and express more life force. Often the skin tone is more vibrant.  Some people have more energy, and some feel really tired and need to rest to help integrate the session.  Many people feel aspects of their emotional issues simply dissolve. Some notice reduced pain and increased mobility, or relief of other physical symptoms. On occasion a client may have a clearing reaction, which indicates a deep held issue has moved.

Clients usually notice shifts in whatever area we work on, and often unrelated areas, like increased intuition or better decision making. Sometimes the client is not immediately aware of the shifts, but those around them see a big difference.  The more aware you are of who you are and how you feel, the more changes you will be aware of.


When is a good time to have a session?

It depends what your intent is… Sometimes I work with people who are having intense emotional issues so that they can feel more peaceful immediately.  Some people book sessions regularly that are more like maintenance or energy ‘tune ups,’ some people consciously on their spiritual path work with me to advance more rapidly.

I also do sessions to help align your energy towards something you wish to manifest.  This may take more than one session, depending on how far away energetically you are from your desire.

Your emotions are a great gauge. If you are experiencing uncomfortable or negative emotions, it is an indicator that your “thinking” –whether conscious or unconscious—needs a shift.  Often we are aware of ruminating thoughts or intense emotions that we just cannot shake. This is a great time to book a session. Changing your mind is not usually a conscious-mind process involving will power. It is underneath the conscious mind, in the subconscious, where changes can be made more effectively.


 Is there anything I need to do?

The most important thing you can do is BE OPEN to change. Your intent and true desire have a huge impact on success. For instance, if you have an attachment to your issue for some reason—perhaps it brings you attention, or you are holding a grudge and feel you are right (not willing to let it go), or you really don’t want to change—but you want the world around you to change instead, your progress may be considerably slower.  I would also suggest that it is important to BELIEVE that you can change or that your situation can change.

During a session, we may use some techniques that involve your participation.  For instance, EFT will require tapping your meridian points; BodyTalk may require some affirmations or hand positions; Psych-K also uses the body to access the subconscious and input new beliefs. Zpoint has you repeat a cue word throughout the process. Some of my techniques require you to tune into your emotions or body response.  When I use energy work, you just need to receive.

Sometimes you may have homework. This might include things like drinking more water, having an Epsom salt and/or essential oil bath, or  journaling, etc.


How does it work?

Good question! Everything affects your energy—the thoughts you think and the words you use, the music you listen to, the TV shows you watch. EVERYTHING.

Any work we do affects one or more of your energy systems (chakras, meridians, aura, etc) or your subconscious, which can include your body or cellular memory.   How balances link together with your issue is not always obvious. The good news is we don’t have to know for them to be effective. In fact, sometimes it is more effective not to know so you don’t become attached to the story or need to work out the mental “why.”

Some of the modalities I work with use the body to affect the energy system.  For instance BodyTalk and EFT are both tapping techniques that shift the energy system and one’s consciousness.

As my astrology chart explains, I have a ‘tactile kinesthetic energy system’. This means that my aura can pick up incredible amounts of information from those in my direct vicinity, and it helps process their release work. It is a very effective tool for the work I do.  When I work over the phone or on a video call, I connect very easily through the energy of the voice.


Is it more effective to have a session in person rather than on the telephone, Zoom or Skype?

From the feedback I receive, I can honestly say that they are equally effective. In person, I do energy scans using my kinesthetic energy system. Over the phone, I scan the client’s energy through their voice or the voice of their surrogate.  Many of my testimonials have been over the phone or a video call, using a surrogate or even with a surrogate over the phone. When I use Huna to release emotions, it is extremely effective doing distance work by phone or online, however clients find channeling Huna energy more relaxing in person and they typically have more awareness of the energy flow but it is still very effective.  the Diamond Ray energy is very effective in person or doing distance work, and can restructure your water, coffee or tea any where in the world, even on replays.  As well, products have energy frequencies embedded and work on the replay.


How does a session using a surrogate work?

Another good question.  The best explanation I can give you is that on some level we are all connected. What affects one, affects us all. Usually when I work with a surrogate, it is someone who has a close tie with the person we are balancing.  Because the surrogate usually has less resistance to releasing the issue, these sessions can be very effective.  The surrogate also benefits.  When I work on children, I always work through a surrogate, usually a parent or family member.


How many sessions will it take?

This really depends on you, and how engrained the issue is. In general it usually takes a number of sessions to shift all the aspects of an issue. However, if you are ready to let something go, much can be accomplished in a single session.

Sometimes when we do clearing work around an issue, other layers are revealed, sometimes things we weren’t even aware were associated. Sometimes there are parts of you not ready to let go. I usually recommend a minimum of a series of 3 sessions. If your focus is a long term issue, it may require more.  If your serious about doing your inner work, then the more you clear, the more you change you will see.


Do I have to believe this can work?

NO.  Some of my clients have no experience with energy healing before they come to me and are very skeptical. They have felt results. The best thing you can have is a REAL desire for change.  Even if you do not have complete cooperation from all your various aspects, we can do energetic balances to release resistance.  But if you really don’t want to change, no one can make you!

The one thing I would say is that makes it a bit more challenging if you have a mind that likes to dissect everything, know all the details, and keeps asking “why”… It creates a kind of entrapment.  Change doesn’t come about by constantly thinking about an issue. Instead it ingrains it further.  As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created the problem in the first place.”  Thinking and thinking and thinking some more about your issues doesn’t leave space for the solution or even room for guidance towards the solution to pop in.  Self reflection is good, but not self-dissection!





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