Do you wonder why life is so amazing

for some people…


BUT your life isn’t?


  • You wake up dreading all the things you have to do.  Your energy is low and it’s a struggle just to get even the little things done.  It feels like your dragging yourself through life… wanting more but not knowing how because every step feels like a challenge. And you don’t know how to change it.Pressure



  • You’re going around in circles, and the confusion is so high that it’s hard to make even the simplest decisions. You wrestle with your emotions, not sure how to find more balance.  Life feels overwhelming… and you find yourself holding back, procrastinating or not trying at all.   INSTEAD of taking the actions you want and need to take, you can’t  seem to actually make a difference in your life.


  • You feel like you are just going through the motions. It looks all fine on the outside, but inside you feel no joy. Each day is like an endless treadmill of the same old same old.


  • Your relationships suffering…  both your personal ones and professional ones.  And the most important one you have –  your relationship with yourself.  Too much self judgment, guilt and blame.   You long to have more peace, more connection, more happiness and well being.


  • Maybe you have a nagging issue that is throwing you off balance?  Sometimes life hits you with challenges that seem more than you can bear.  Sometimes you need a little help to navigate your path.  It can happen to anyone.  It’s time to find a some help!


Do you need some Life Support?


If that sounds like you, I can help.


Hi. I’m Linda Lang and I help people have more health and vitality, more joy and more courage even when it seems frustrating, or too challenging to handle on your own.


I’m a skilled energy healer, an intuitive guide, coach and mentor. I’ve trained in numerous healing and mind shifting techniques and incorporate them, along with my intuitive skills, to create custom sessions for my clients.


I’ve spent thousands of hours honing my craft and learning how to help people feel better about themselves and their life. I help facilitate change. 



Skeptical askew

Many people come to me at the end of their rope, not sure what they can do, sometimes after they’ve exhausted all the options they can think of. After all, you’ve probably tried many things too! It can leave you feeling disappointed and maybe you’ve even secretly given up hope.



But it doesn’t have to be like this.



If you asked me years ago if this stuff worked, I would have been skeptical. It was my own desperation that led me to do what I do today. Having a “cosmic 2 x 4” health challenge 35+ years ago, I found myself having to think outside the box as I travelled my own healing journey.


So I understand what it feels like when you need answers but can’t seem to find them. 



If you feel like it’s time to start living your life with:

  • more optimism
  • more energy and vitality
  • more insight and self awareness
  • more openness and inspiration
  • and more choice


Smiling Woman Framed

If your ready to start enjoying life again, maybe it’s time to reach out.  My clients are very happy with their results, and those who work with me long term find many additional and sometimes unexpected benefits.


Things like:

  • more inner awareness and clarity
  • more self acceptance
  • more confidence
  • more creativity
  • a deeper sense of joy in their daily lives
  • more in tune with their intuition
  • natural talents, abilities and passions emerge
  • more able to handle the challenges that come up


I had a few sessions with Linda to prepare myself for a very important training I would be taking.  With Linda, I cleared out inhibitions, anxieties and blocks to moving forward in this training.  The results have been amazing for me.  I am more present for the training and participating more effectively and my capacity for learning and development has also been enhanced.  My sessions with Linda were a really good investment for me.  Plus I feel happier and more empowered overall.  ~ Eleanor



Transformation is a joint partnership. 

Please don’t come to me expecting to be “fixed!” You are an equal partner!  I will work with you, respect you, support you and empower you in a way that helps you do your inner work.

If you need assistance to move forward in your life, to move past your stuck spots, and to be more present in your life… If you want to open and receive all the gifts that will bring you… I’ll walk this path with you, with compassion, non-judgment and all the wisdom and insight I can offer you.

I’ve helped many people feel much better in many areas of their lives. I won’t make outrageous claims and promises I can’t fulfill, but I do want you to know that energy medicine offers incredible possibilities for healing and transformation. 

I thought I would share some of the testimonials and nice things that my clients have said. That way you can make up your own mind.



I’m very thankful for the help you gave me, what you did actually brought me back from the edge enough that I could restore my sense of motivation and self discipline. – Brandon


I just wanted to thank you once again for all you did for me. I’m very much at peace with myself and I have not fallen back to resentment of the past. I’m feeling much lighter and clearer about the future. You have great energy and I am grateful to have been introduced to you. – Annie


Wow! Every time I come for a session, I leave a different person! I’ve come so far in my healing journey, and I can only imagine where else I can go! I couldn’t have done it without you. – B.



If you’re tired of dragging yourself through life… sick of being sick, tired or sad… I may just be the right person to help you. Why not contact me to schedule a no pressure, no obligation chat? We’ll get on the phone for 15 minutes to discuss your personal situation and you can ask all the questions you want, and then decide for yourself if this is the right step for you.

Simply contact me here.

I look forward to connecting with you.






PS. Here’s more testimonials… here.


If you are ready to take the next step, contact me here.

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