Build a Strong Connection with Your Inner Guidance System

Build a Strong Connection with Your Inner Guidance System‏

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April 17, 2015
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April 23, 2015
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Build a Strong Connection with Your Inner Guidance System‏

Would you like to be more intuitive, have more direct access to guidance and find it easier to make personal decisions?  Most of us would.

The good news is that you have a body!   Yes, a body!

mind-544404_640 You live in a body that has billions of neurons that process information and sensations every moment of the day.  You have senses and a brilliantly designed brain that help you interpret your world and your experiences.  Arguably, you live in the most sophisticated piece of hardware ever created. You are naturally “hardwired.”

Now it’s time to start listening to it. By paying attention to the subtle shifts within your physiology and your energy system, you can access information that might otherwise be hidden.

We’ve all had those ‘gut reaction’ kind of feelings… where your whole body screams “NO!”  Perhaps in the past you’ve ignored them, only in hindsight to chastise yourself for not listening.

What about all the other times when the messages were quieter and less obvious? 

Sometimes  we are oblivious to these more subtle promptings. They happen so quickly, and they can easily come and go before we realize.  Sometimes our mind gets in the way.  Intuition is many things, but it is NOT logical.

Listening to my body’s energy signals… really listening… propelled my intuition forward in leaps and bounds.  For me, it was life or death.  I was struggling with serious disease, and I needed to know what foods to eat, what supplements to take, and what therapies to try.

I learned how to muscle test in the early 1980’s when such things were far from mainstream.  Things were a little more tedious back then, and I kept telling myself that I needed to find a better way of doing this.  My unconscious heard me…

One day I was reaching for one of my supplements, and just before I touched the bottle, I felt a shift in my energy that made me feel stronger and revitalized. Something amazing had happened!  I had discovered an incredible built-in tool that was able to guide me in the moment.

I quickly learned how to work with it, and could easily decipher what was healthy for me and what was not.  Thanks to my own guidance system, and all those on my path who assisted me – in body or spirit, I am alive and well, and have been for many years.

One of the other benefits that happened was that it opened doors to much deeper levels of intuition.  That feeling / sensing tool is still one of the ways I tune into my clients’ energy fields. It’s fast, efficient and effective, and easy to use.  I encourage all my clients to become more body aware.

The best way to do that is to practice!  Play with it.

Tell yourself something negative (or a lie) and feel how your body responds.  Now try something really positive (and true). Notice the difference.

Hold a healthy food in your hands and ask your body if it is good for you. (Remember not all things are good for all people.)   Now hold something unhealthy and listen to your body.

Put your intent out in the form of a yes or now question, pay attention, and be sure that you are not attached to the answer.

There are many ways to play.  Imagine that your body is a giant pendulum, but instead of seeing which way it swings, feel the body’s reaction to your questioning.  Your body has been talking to you your whole life.  Isn’t it time to start listening?

There is a wealth of information within you!  Just like anything, if you want to develop your skill, practice… practice… practice…


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