Keeping Balance

Keeping Balance

Letting Life Lead the Way
April 13, 2015
Build a Strong Connection with Your Inner Guidance System‏
April 22, 2015
Letting Life Lead the Way
April 13, 2015
Build a Strong Connection with Your Inner Guidance System‏
April 22, 2015



Life is always recalibrating, recalculating, bringing itself back to balance through all the cycles and rhythms.

scalesof balance-36417_150Our own lives can become unbalanced, even slightly, and there may even be times when we are unaware of it.  But if we listen, we can also tell when things are not quite in a state of equilibrium.

I met up with a friend of mine the other day.  We had a great chat…. catching up and expressing our appreciation with how the Universe conspires to bring more blessings into our lives.

We talked about an exchange he was participating in.  He commented how beneficial it was for him and that he thought it was a fair exchange.

I felt an energy shift immediately as he said that, and I heard the words “not quite.”  And before I could even think about it, I heard the words “Maybe not…” pop out of my mouth.  That was rather bold, I thought.

My friend looked intrigued and asked me to clarify.  So I listened carefully to my guidance to see if any insight would be forthcoming.

First there was clarity on the word ‘fair,’ so we both understood that in this case it had nothing to do with ‘being just’ but was more being ‘equal.’

And when he asked for more information, I was told:

The giving is,

but the receiving is not.


My friend pondered on that for a minute, and commented that he had suspected that may be the case.

We left it at that, but inside I was thinking how fascinating… I had never considered that ‘receiving’ could be out of balance.


The next morning I awoke with more insight  …

 “As you may have had suspicions of that before — or not, now that you do, it becomes more of an imbalance if the exchange continues in the same manner. Because now you know that you can easily accept but what you are giving in return is not being received in balance. 

And if you’re intent is to have balance in this transaction  and you continue in the same manner, you are perpetuating Einstein’s theory of insanity (doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results).

 “It is best to look for new ways of expressing your methodology that may be received in greater depth.”


It is important to acknowledge that this message refers to a specific relationship, not to all of them.  But even at that, there are other applications for all of us from the wisdom that came through.

If we give or receive a gift, it is a gift.   Period. There is no need for reciprocation.

If we are in a relationship of balanced exchange, it is good to listen to our inner promptings to ensure that is the case — it isYin-yang balanced.  And if we notice something is ‘off’ or ‘not quite,’  then we  have the opportunity to bring it back in balance.  If it goes unchecked, eventually the Universe will bring it to equilibrium… and sometimes in a more challenging way for one or both parties.


So in this spirit of mutual respect and collaboration, let’s call out to the Universe…


For all the beings everywhere that really want to ‘get it,’

And maybe even think they do,

But really don’t,

Let’s open to new ways of communicating, receiving, understanding, integrating and utilizing

For the benefit of All.





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