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What is this thing called fortitude?

Who Are You at Your Root?
May 8, 2017
Are You Paddling Upstream?
June 13, 2017
Who Are You at Your Root?
May 8, 2017
Are You Paddling Upstream?
June 13, 2017
Have you ever noticed that wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, life offers you opportunity to learn about yourself?

This summer our wrap-around porch needs some TLC.  We painted it a few years back with one of those textured stone paints, in the hopes that it would demand less of our attention.  Well, it did for a while!

porchBut now it is a BIG job. Seems we have the choice of using a toxic chemical compound that “might work” (according to the manufacturer) or chiselling it off.

Life is about choices and hindsight is always 20-20.  Some things may seem a good idea at the time… So here we are, dealing with the consequences of not seeing a bit further down the road.

This paint creates a hard, thick, protective layer to beautify whatever is underneath, but over time cracks surfaced due to the expansion and contraction of the wood. After all, life has movement, right?

It reminds me of our own protective layers that once served a necessary purpose… and as we get older and cracks develop in our armor, it can take time to dismantle. It’s great when we find a quick solution— I  love it when we can shift things fast and easy… but life isn’t always like that.

Yesterday as we slowly chiseled away at the thick layer of paint, I took the time to reflect. I could see how diligent I am, how I have the fortitude to stick with it positively, focusing on one step at a time, and knowing when to stop so the project doesn’t seem so overwhelming. In fact, it was almost meditative to be so present in my body.   And noticing my husband’s response was totally different.

How do you handle those major life challenges?  Do you have the fortitude to stick with it when the going gets tough, or do you get discouraged or maybe even run the other way?

No judgment here; this is about self awareness. We’re not all built the same! Our strengths are different, just like our reaction to challenges are. Life can throw us some pretty difficult curves… offering us great opportunity for growth and awareness.

If you’re in that place, look for a healer, mentor or guide who embodies the qualities that can help you find your resilience and move through those difficult times.


  1. Michelle says:

    Sometimes it is hard to look within at our faults or how we let others down or ourselves down and hard to forgive ourselves for not doing the right thing, like taking creative of your health or not going to an appointment when you know the doctor won’t get paid because you couldn’t go because you are to stuck with your depressed emotions. Or you let a friend down or hurt them unintentionally….. These things are hard to forgive yourself for how do you get past these feelings of guilt?……. You end up feeling bad about yourself for doing the good healthy thing for yourself…… I have great trouble with this……..

    • Linda says:

      Sometimes it is a challenge BUT the rewards are incredible. It’s all part of self awareness, self acceptance and the ability to respond in an empowered way. Not from programming or unconscious patterns. Far too often we get bogged down by expectations – the expectations of others and our own high standards, for ourselves and for others. It really is a journey to know ourselves better!

      PS Sometimes we can tweak those perceived faults and turn them into strengths. 🙂

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