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Sonic Initiation with Whale

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March 9, 2021
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May 26, 2021

This is a continuation of a series of experiential journeys I am sharing.  My goal is to share what it is like to explore your inner world through the dream-like state of shamanic journeying.  And perhaps the wisdom that is uncovered will have merit for you as well. You’ll find the first journey here.



As I start to go into the journey, I can hear ocean sounds singing like chatter, but not the melancholy sounds associated with whales, stirring the cauldron. I was wearing a long velvet purple robe and a turban like jeweled headdress. First I was stirring the pot with a wooden door. Then, a large wooden spoon, and then with my index finger.

As I looked into the pot, it was like I was in two places at once. If I looked into the pot, I could witness the journey from above. Or I could be inside the pot within the waters, and experiencing the journey first hand.

Thoth was with me. He had a goatee this time. We joked that it had felt seemed like a long time since I’d been here, that he had time to grow one.

I am first aware of walking on a white sand beach by the ocean. It feels like Hawaii, it is nighttime and the stars are shining brightly. It is peaceful and beautiful here. And everything just flows. In the distance I can hear the whales singing.

I enter the water and swim out to meet a pod of playful orcas. As I listen and watch, I come face to face with huge sperm whale. She sticks out her tongue and gently licks me. Her tongue is so rough. This huge gentle whale has taken a shine to me. I grab on to her tail fin. And with a water splashing and slapping around me. I wonder how I’m going to manage. Whale reminds me how to breathe, the most effective way to breathe, the way that it’s natural to breathe, and the way that we breathe when we’re born. Just then, a shift occurs, and I am more adept at being in the water.

We dive deeply, the pod of Orca whales all around us, all the whales singing. The sound flows through the water, and through me, and all of my cells vibrate.

I am taken to a cavern under the sea, and I’m standing on fine white sand. There are huge gemstones and crystals surrounding me – emerald, ruby, sapphire. The light is magnified by these crystals, and the sound pulses through them dancing like Aurora Borealis. This is a place of harmony and connectedness.

I find myself floating deep in space. At first, I hear only silence but then ever so faintly but growing louder, I am listening to the song of the stars and the planets, and the Universe itself. It is reminiscent of a piece of gentle and delicate classical music. Yet, it is very different. The sound penetrates my body and I feel its creative harmonious nature throughout my whole being.  The beauty and peacefulness of the universe is astounding.

I find myself once more, walking along the beach. The stars singing above me, and the whales singing in the sea beside me. I opened my mouth to sing in gratitude, and a whale song springs forth. I do not know how I’m making these noises. But I can accept that it is my connection that helps me to tone in a way, the whales can understand.

When I meet with Thoth. I asked him if Whale had a message for me. He said, “Yes. Go deep, deep within, and you will know the truth. Truth resonates in your bones, in your very cells.”

I am being called back, and as I find myself coming more and more in the room, I hear Thoth calling from the distance, “You may not get it in the moment, but hold on to the truth, and you will see – it is true.” I felt like it meant that in any given  moment, I might not understand from my current perspective, but when I shift my perception. I will find that it was true.




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