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May 26, 2021
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May 29, 2021
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Today I wanted to share something I found very interesting…

Like many busy people do, a client of mine booked some time off work to schedule appointments. This included a session with me and a session with a skilled Donna Eden trained healer.

Good thing I was first on her docket! Because this work is so transformational, I sometimes don’t get permission to work with people who’ve had other energy or change work earlier in the day. We need the whole system to be ready and willing, not busy processing earlier change work.

When she called in for her healing session with the other healer later in the day, she was told that all of her chakras were open, aligned and perfectly balanced… not typical in other healing sessions with her. Chakras are a major facet of Donna Eden’s healing, so they both concluded it’s best to space sessions between us.

Why do I find that interesting?

Although at times I do work with chakras, in this session, we didn’t work on chakras. Rather, I used my “spidy-sense,” followed the energetic cues I was given and facilitated mind-shifting and energy work accordingly.

This gives you an idea of how holistic your system is – your body, thoughts, emotions, chakras, meridians and energy bodies are all connected and work as a unit – whether you know it or not!

By the way, booking multiple sessions in one day is something I don’t recommend when it comes to energy healing and transformation work because often the body, mind and energy system need some time to integrate the shifts. Be kind to yourself; allow some space between appointments.


I have some amazing chakra healing intensive that on occasion I offer as stand-alone workshops, but I’ve packaged them together to offer deeper and greater transformation and healing.  You’ll find more about the Diamond Life Alchemy here. I’ve augmented the chakra work with a powerful intention process and Higher Self connection… like icing on the cake… for a more profound experience.

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