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Channeling Energy through Your Na’au

Chakra Magic
May 26, 2021
The Vision of Your Life
August 1, 2021
Chakra Magic
May 26, 2021
The Vision of Your Life
August 1, 2021


Like all shamanism, Huna, the ancient Hawaiian system, is a way of life, a way of looking at, perceiving and working with life and life force energies. It is far more than one can convey in a few words, so rather than try, I will share a chanting experience from my 3rd level Huna training.


Chanting in the Hawaiian culture is many things but it is NOT singing. It is an oral tradition, a way of telling stories and honouring the lineage and channeling the power of the ancestors. It is a way of connecting to Spirit and to your spirit,  to the Elements, to Life Force Energy, and to the deepest and most sacred aspects of yourself. More than the words used, it is a way of expressing that communicates emotion and channels energy.  It can clear spaces, open up realms, announce your arrival, enhance your presence, activate energy centers, inspire creation and creativity, and honour the divinity in all things. And so much more…


Kumu Etua Lopes

This day, the whole halau (school) was in chant class with one of the island’s great hula masters, Etua Lopes. Etua is a big man with a big presence. He knows how to move energy. He puts mana (energy) into his words, and connects with the lineage of his teachers. His presence is palpable and he can be a little intimidating, to say the least. He also has an incredibly huge heart chakra, perhaps the largest I have ever encountered, and much aloha.

We started as we always did, with the ha breath, which magnifies a centering and grounding effect. We listen to Etua’s guidance and stories, for there is much wisdom built into them. Then we toned the vowels and warm up exercises. Our kumu (teacher) was not happy with how much mana we were moving this morning. We do it again. He broke us into levels to hear where the disconnect was, walking through the rows like a military sergeant.

Clap clap “Level One, chant.” 

Level 1’s are the newbies. They are treated with patience, like children almost, because they are just learning and there is so much to learn. Even though they are new, they understand the position and presence of our kumu and the respect the halau has him. It is tradition.

There are many of Level 1’s. Etua listens to their chant as they give it their best. They don’t yet know how to pull energy up from their na’au (their core), but we could see from Etua’s reaction, they did okay.

Clap clap “Level Two, chant.” 

Level 2’s get less patience; they have a better sense of the teachings and energy, and are expected to do their homework. There are less Level 2’s than level 1’s but still a fair number, from my recollection, maybe 20?  Whatever the number, it was enough people to make some noise.

Kumu Etua listened. Were they digging deep enough? Could they connect to the energy? Could he feel it?  Kumu shakes his head and says, “Not bad” in a way that communicates that this will pass.

Clap clap “Level 3’, chant.”

Gulp. There are only five of us – and two and half are introverts. Gulp. We are not even standing together in one group, but rather dispersed in different rows; there is no illusion of safety in numbers. Here comes the time when you must face your fear. Which one is greater? The fear of being seen and heard? Or the fear of unhappy Kumu Etua?

We must each pull our weight; there is no hiding.  I dig deep, connect to my na’au, pull the energy up and out through my throat chakra.  Etua walks through those rows populated with the 5 of us as we chant. When we finish, he moves to the front, faces the group and tells the Level Fours that “this is how it is done.”

This was a powerful moment for me, and I am sure for all Level 3’s. In that moment, we had strengthened our connection to our core, our presence, our na’au, to mana and our ability to channel it.  And we had visibly impressed our kumu.

This is a knowing I now take with me, through my presence, through my voice and through channeling energy.

If you’d like to experience a Huna healing, please reach out.

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