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The Vision of Your Life

Channeling Energy through Your Na’au
July 25, 2021
Traversing the Terrains of Consciousness
August 7, 2021

What is the vi­sion you hold for your life?  Have you un­cov­ered the in­spired truth that lives within your soul?  Are you shar­ing it within your own unique cre­ative ex­pres­sion?

I sus­pect you have, whether you know it con­sciously or express it un­con­sciously.


Af­ter all, the man­i­fes­ta­tion of your life is a sa­cred ta­pes­try de­signed to evolve you, ex­pe­ri­ence you, and live you with rich­ness and full­ness.

Every­one’s life is this…  Of­fer­ing op­por­tu­nity for growth through chal­lenges and new ex­pe­ri­ences, for pos­si­bil­i­ties that can show us our ingenuity, our strength and re­silience, and awaken our gifts and tal­ents.  Per­haps life is de­signed to show us the love and in­cred­i­ble joy that lies within the very na­ture of our be­ing.

Oh, how it all gets lost some­times… 

But yet it is there… in­side each one of us… in that god­space be­tween each cell, hold­ing space for our mag­nif­i­cence to be made man­i­fest.

Per­haps the eas­i­est way to be­come aware of your in­ner­most vi­sion is through your bliss—those things that bring you joy and con­nec­tion, and put you smack in the mid­dle of flow.

Of course, you can get there through strug­gle too.  Think of all those beau­ti­ful souls who live through trauma and grief, yet man­age to come out the other side and re­ally know who they are, know their re­silience, and how they can best serve life.

You can even be obliv­i­ous to your pur­pose un­til one day it seems it is cast upon you—the story of a hero in the mak­ing­—when out of the blue, life de­mands you step up to the plate and find your power, and be your true ex­pres­sion.

So, you say you don’t have a vi­sion for your life?

Don’t worry.  Your life has a vi­sion for you.

And it is al­ways call­ing out to you, in­spir­ing you and lead­ing you along your path.

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