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Rituals to Empower Your Life

Initiation into Ley Lines and Meridians
February 19, 2021
Sonic Initiation with Whale
March 21, 2021

Do you use the power of ritual in your life?  Why not?  Listen in to my conversation with Flora Elmore, the Good Luck lady as we discuss rituals, share stories and ideas how you can use them.

In this episode: What is a ritual? You might consider it a phone call to the divine, and so much more…. The importance of intent; Why rituals work; Morphogenic fields; Energetic foundations and how to build them; Why repetition is important; Acknowledging your good fortune; How to bring ritual into your life; Daily rituals for cleansing, balancing, creating luck, gratitude; Forgiveness as a ritual; Mojo bags; Tapping into the mystery & the unseen; History, women & ritual; The power of group ritual; Starting your own sacred circle; Ritual to engage your ancestors; The “cross your fingers” ritual.

Reference: Linda’s article on Rituals


Read the transcript, scroll to the bottom to listen or watch on YouTube.



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