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Initiation into Ley Lines and Meridians

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January 15, 2021
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This is a continuation of a series of experiential journeys I am sharing.  My goal is to share what it is like to explore your inner world through the dream-like state of shamanic journeying.  And perhaps the wisdom that is uncovered will have merit for you as well. You’ll find the first journey here.
I have taken this journey with Stag a number of times; this is my first one…

Entering into the trance state and stirring the golden cauldron within me, I first saw an amethyst goblet. There was a huge surge of energy, which was a color between deep pink and red. When we went to meet Thoth, “Stag Man” was on my right, waiting for me. But Thoth is always on my left….so I turn slightly, and there he was, with raven on his shoulder. It was very misty, I could hardly see. But it was clear at the ground and I could see the path I was to follow. It led me to an old wooden door, arched at the top.

When I walked through it, the fog lifted and I was in a sacred place, a circle of stones and marble pillars that reminded me of ancient Greece. Some were upright but there were also large stone slabs laying down. One in particular with a circle engraved at one end. I lay on this stone, my throat in the circle, my feet slightly higher than my head.

I had an image of a gentleman come beside me. It was my oldest son. I could feel his peaceful, calm, yet strong masculine energy. Then I could feel something pressing against my throat. My body kept witching, like it was adjusting to the energy, and this carried on throughout this journey.

<span”>As I was integrating the energy of the initiation, Thoth was standing, holding two stone tablets above his head. He looked like Moses with the 10 commandments. I saw the ley lines of the earth and felt very connected to the earth. Then I saw the meridians in my body. I saw two blockages – one in the heart meridian. I don’t recall where the other one was, but I cleared both the blockages energetically.

I showed my gratitude to the stag by crossing my arms over my chest and honouring him. I showed gratitude to the raven by feeding it. I showed gratitude to Thoth by putting my hands above my hand and sweeping them down in a circle around my body. As I did that, a flash of white light and high energy flowed through my body.

I couldn’t remember all the images I got through this experience so when I met with Thoth at the end I asked him about it. He told me, yes, I did have the initiation and that the body twitching was me physically receiving the energy. And then I also received the initiation mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t understand my journey completely, and I was confused.

Thoth slammed his fist down and firmly said “No No No! Raise your energy level to acceptance and understanding”. Then I saw the energy frequency of 380 coursing through my veins and meridians. I did not really know what that meant.

Afterward and throughout the night, my head felt very full, like I had been at a lecture. I sensed that there was a lot of downloading of information or energy beyond my comprehension.

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