Kundalini Rising with Cobra - Thought Change

Kundalini Rising with Cobra

Rebirthing with Hippo
December 20, 2020
Initiation into Ley Lines and Meridians
February 19, 2021
Rebirthing with Hippo
December 20, 2020
Initiation into Ley Lines and Meridians
February 19, 2021

This is a continuation of a series of experiential journeys I am sharing.  My goal is to share what it is like to explore your inner world through the dream-like state of shamanic journeying.  And perhaps the wisdom that is uncovered will have merit for you as well. You’ll find the first journey here.


This experiential journey is with Cobra and is intended to awaken energy through your chakras.

Thoth was waiting for me, as a huge cobra snake with his face super imposed on the cobra head. Right from the start my 3rd eye was burning and my eye sockets seemed to be lit up on the inside.

<span”>The snake hissed and approached from behind, slithering over my legs and wrapping around me. As cobra bites into my root chakra, there is an immediate shift in energy; I had so many body sensations. I feel very grounded. I am aware of the sensual-ness of the Earth – its cool darkness, its mustiness and the texture of the soul.

I am aware of the life energy that Earth carries. I am shown that Earth is the “Great Recycler” – a recycler of things, of beings, of life, of thoughts and emotions, of energy. All that is dying is regenerated into new energy. This is the life path of Earth, and that other planets are alive as well – but differently, with different energy and purpose.

As snake crawls around to my back, it enters through the back of my 2nd chakra. I am submerged in warm wetness. I am show how life is intimately related to water… constantly flowing with current, around any obstacles. It only moves forward – never backward. When it becomes stagnant, it putrefies and little by little evaporates until it changes form completely and starts the cycle all over again. Life too changes direction, just like the current becomes turbulent or calm and peaceful.

At the solar plexus, I feel a hot bite and I burst into flames—but I am not physically hot. As the flames die down, there are only flames emerging from the solar plexus. I am shown that fire is a faster way to transform energy and is effect to release old patterns.

Cobra winds around my body again – this time, its mouth is open, consuming my arms and chest area, carries on to my throat. When cobra bites at the back of my neck, I am standing in a calm spot, with wind blowing all around me, like I am in the eye of a tornado. Then I am in the wind, caressed by it, my hair flying all around. I am shown how wind “mixes it up” so to speak—rearranges things to provide variety, new choices, and different experiences. Wind can be gentle and caressing or violet and extreme. It can also push our thoughts and ideals higher and faster, and bring us a palette of new possibilities.

I feel the snake enter into my head through its bite at the back of my neck. My head fills as it pushes upward, such a strange sensation. A beautiful crystal pushes out of its mouth, and is positioned inside my head with the cobra’s tongue. I feel the snake pushing out of my head, as my 3rd eye expands and the snake wraps around my head like a crown. I feel at peace and a warm wonderful energy. 

I am to give Cobra a gift. I ask her to devour that aspect of me that can be hard and judgmental, and trying to control, and also that aspect that can be weak and passive and feels like it needs to be dominated. I sense a hard shell around my heart center—the top half holds the aggressive aspect, the bottom hides the passive aspect. Cobra willingly devours it.

Its message to me was to watch my words. The inside of my mouth started to tingle and it felt like I had 2 fangs. I am told, “Words have power. You now have Cobra energy. Words can be poisonous.”

As I met with Thoth, I ask him if that ball around my heart was my heart. He just smiled and said “well done.” He told me I could repeat the meditation every 6 months, that it helps with awakening.


In the 3rd eye I saw a symbol of a gold wish bone with a pearl. The wish bone is a dowsing rod to point towards or focus on what I wish to manifest. It’s gold because of its high vibration. The pearl is a pearl beyond price… the Self.


  1. Augusta says:

    Thank you! Cobra has recently visited me in a recent Shamanic journey to activate my kundalini energy. Thank you.

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