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Riding the Wave of Transformation

Detox for the Mind??
June 7, 2022

Recently I was invited to participate in the celebration of The Second Wave by Kerri Hummingbird having been on the bestsellers list for 3 years. Quite an accomplishment, and I was honoured to be asked.

Before speaking, I sat in quietude to prepare and receive insight on our conversation.


Immediately it was suggested I follow the guidance presented in the weekly card draw that I do online.  It’s a way people can receive guidance or a message, and also have a taste of what the deck is like. (Join my Facebook group here.)

The first card I had chosen was WRITE. I knew immediately that the guidance was telling me to channel a message to share on Kerri’s event.


So I picked up my pen and asked…




How can we best ride this wave of transformation?

Find the stillness within and anchor yourself to it.  These are challenging times for humanity, the birth of a new way of being, but the state of peace is always accessible within the Self.  The same quiet solitude and awe of Space resides deep within you. You need only connect with it, breathe into it, and as you master the access, you will begin to radiate it out into your field.  The more people that radiate peace, the more soothing there is available to the collective.

We do want to say that this is only one way a lightworker can support the shift – and it is a powerful way. To be anchored within yourself, your connection to Source and all that is – which is what this space holds within you – and to radiate that sense of centeredness, trust and peace is a great gift you give yourself and others.


Can we affect the change?

Every moment ever soul is affecting the collective frequency of humanity.  It’s a bit like a spinning top always seeking balance to remain upright.  The greater the number of souls radiating light and higher vibration states and emotions like peace, love faith, the less resistance there is in the field to the change.


The second card I picked for this week’s draw was “Find the blessings in your current situation.”  What can you say about that?

There is always, always, always blessing, gifts and growth in every experience.  It’s just that humans don’t have the vantage point where they can easily see it.  There is so much more going on than the human eye can see – or even wants to see.  Most are far too busy trying to micro-manage the Creative Intelligence of the Universe.  Here we ask you to trust.  If you cannot trust, have faith that there is a greater intelligence working to bring about positive change for the betterment of all.

And if you cannot find the faith, find the blessing where you are.    Find something beautiful. Find something timeless – by this we mean something, when you perceive it, tune stands still as you reclaim the now moment.

These things will help you build faith, build trust.  This will bring freedom – freedom of being sovereign of your energy.  You will have the ability to remain strong & centered within yourself as you witness change around you.


If you would like to watch the interviews in support of the Second Wave, you’ll find part one here. Inspiring conversations with Jennifer Hough, Maree Eddings, Susan Kennard, and myself.

Or listen in iTunes here.




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