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Detox for the Mind??

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May 4, 2022
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August 5, 2022

Sure, you can change your thinking but do you think you can actually  detox the mind?  I think so.  I’ve done so much personal work over the years, experienced so much transformation and growth, and yet every now and again, I am blown away.  🙂

Each month, in my Alchemy from the Inside Out group, I offer energy healing, belief change work and inner journeys. It’s a fantastic group and we do some deep healing together.  We’ve just finished the module on ENDURANCE and I decided to shift things up a bit (makes life more interesting!!) by facilitating a group hypnosis session.

We did a MIND DETOX, which turned out to be an interesting and insightful experience for those in attendance. So much so, I decided to use it myself!  I put the audio on an mp3 player, and next day when I woke up, I did the track first thing. It was a grand experiment consider I just had a full night’s sleep, so I surprised at how deep I went.

During the hypnosis, the subconscious is directed to clear out all the negativity, fears and doubts that can be stored in the unconscious and in the body. These can be old stored emotions, patterns and beliefs that you aren’t even aware of, but still impact your life, your health and happiness.

Mind Detox HypnosisThere was a part in it where it felt like my whole face was blinking… a slow pulse travelling from deep inside and releasing out through the layers of skin on my face and then briefly, a more rapid twitch in my left eye…

And then it was finished.  I was left feeling so relaxed, like I had been at a cabin on a quiet lake unwinding for a whole week!  And that feeling stayed with me all day.

It was delicious.

So delicious, that I decided to offer it as a product in my store. It is just too good not to share in a world going through so much transformation.

If you want to bring some deep relaxation and healing into your life, at the fraction of the cost of working 1:1 with anyone… I recommend the MIND DETOX!!


“By listening to the Mind Detox, I noticed a lot of congestion throughout my body that was cleared out and after it was finished, it felt like my body was breathing in clean air.  In the days following, I received some deep personal insights and ah-has. Powerful stuff!” ~ Shawnnon

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