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Belief Busting

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August 5, 2022
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November 4, 2022

A belief is a thought that we think over and over again and have accepted as a truth. Our beliefs are the foundation with which we interpret our world.  As children we can pick up or trigger beliefs from our parents and other authority figures, from the media, advertising, our friends and family, and the experiences that shape our lives.  From that moment forward, we begin to interpret our lives from the lens of the beliefs that we have at our foundation.


Remember your unconscious mind remembers everything that’s ever happened to you, everything you’ve ever thought, everything you’ve said, you’ve heard, you’ve seen, you’ve touched.  It is a massive information processing and storage unit, far more than your conscious mind could ever process.  The unconscious sifts through all of the information it takes in and prioritizes pinpoints what it thinks you want to know according to where you place your attention and what your focus is.  For example, if you believe you are not worthy, the unconscious will provide you with any information that might support that belief, and often without showing you all the examples that show you how incredible and worthy you are… simply because it thinks you want to see unworthiness.


I’m sure you’ve heard Henry Ford’s famous quote, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you’re right.”   Not everything we belief is true but often our beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies as they shape what we think is possible for ourselves.


If in our belief structure, we have I’m not good enough, I don’t have anything to contribute, they’ll judge me or it’s not safe to be seen –  all of these types of beliefs really limit us and what’s possible for us.  These are the kind of beliefs that would be beneficial to let go of, rewrite and adopt more supportive beliefs that will help us create the life that we want to live.


It’s one of the reasons why I do belief work because quite often our thoughts and our beliefs are at the core of what needs to shift.  I want you to know that there are things you can do to shift your beliefs, and some of those things work very effectively and very quickly.  Your beliefs are not written in stone.


I personally find affirmations to be the least effective way to try and change beliefs because if you have contrary beliefs in your unconscious mind, it’s very difficult to convince the unconscious to adopt a new thought after years of thinking and justifying the opposing belief.  Rather than just saying an affirmation over and over again, it’s far more effective to clear any negativity or limited thinking that may be preventing you from stepping into alignment with your affirmation.


Sometimes we know our beliefs, and sometimes we’re really not aware because they’ve sunk in deep into the unconscious mind and run on autopilot – until we find the way to shift them.


Consider the belief “life happens to me.” This a common held idea.  There is a huge difference when we can shift that to “life happens for me.” Very similar beliefs but that one word – when we change to into for, the whole meaning changes. Believing that “life happens for me” gives your unconscious permission to interpret life more optimistically, knowing that you’re supported and that you’re on our path wherever you are in life.  This is a really beautiful gift to give yourself.


It’s really important to remember your beliefs are not set in stone.  There is something you can do about limiting beliefs, even the ones you might not be consciously aware of.


I have created a pilot program called Dirty Dozen Belief Busting. I’ve taken 12 of the most debilitating beliefs that most people hold and we’re going to pull them out of the psyche, out of the unconscious mind, out of the body, and then install a supportive belief in its place. Changing your beliefs has the potential to transform your life.  If you’re interested in learning more about my pilot program, please send an email to or message me on Facebook.


I have a unique 3-part process that first brings your belief into your awareness, then we pull it out, and replace with a new belief. We’ll one belief at a time to give your unconscious mind time to integrate the shift, and you will feel the difference


Going through the program, you will definitely learn something about yourself; you will learn about the world of energy, thoughts and beliefs, and you will feel some amazing transformations through the process.


And then, what happens when your unconscious mind has a new set of core beliefs or core values which it can then interpret life? You start to change the way you look at things, the way you interpret your life.  You start to see more opportunity.  You can finally start to look at life through the lens of adventure and possibility.


I’d love you to be able to discover more magic in your life and to really step into that person you’ve come here to be… without your beliefs getting in the way.

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