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Re-occurring Messages

The Grounding Energy of Tree
March 24, 2018
Eagle Vision
April 5, 2018
The Grounding Energy of Tree
March 24, 2018
Eagle Vision
April 5, 2018


Have you ever had one of those messages that keep showing up over and over again? Inspiration, guidance or direction for action?  And if you don’t follow through on the action, the messages keep coming?

That’s exactly what has been happening for me.  Back in January, I received 2 very clear messages.

One done easy.   The other one still sits on my to-do list…

The message suggested that I dust off my old Healing Relationship series… and update it with my new tools because they are much more effective and a deeper level of healing can be attained. I thought that was a pretty interesting message.

The next day, I had a waking vision, a visitation from my father.  Even though he was one of my more challenging relationships, I felt only gratitude, compassion and a deep love for him. He’s been passed for many years and he doesn’t really come to visit me very often but I really felt his presence with me in those precious few moments.

I knew it was a sign and one I needed, so I could really understand the level of healing that was possible. I knew that I would offer this series!

But still I didn’t put it out!  Mostly because I didn’t have my info page written. It’s challenging for me to explain the intimate nature of my healing work, how I don’t drag you down into the mud, how gentle but profound the work is, the power of the group and how we share the shifts we feel – not the pain we’ve endured… and how you receive new insights through the process.

And still those messages keep coming… loud and clear… Even as I write this message, my sister called to tell me she dreamed of dad and he gave her a telepathic message!  So today I am taking action! 


I am inviting you to experience deep and profound healing through the key relationships in your life.




This is a small group experiential series to help you let go of unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs and clear your energy system for healthier, happier relationships with yourself and others.


Each week, we’ll do a deep healing related to:

  • Mother,
  • Father,
  • Love Relationships (past & present), 
  • Siblings (even if you don’t have any, chances are you have layers of childhood emotions about being the only child.)

You might not even be aware of the impact this old baggage has on you!  Most people are really surprised as grow in self awareness throughout this series!  And when you release those old attachments, you will feel different! Lighter, freer, more at peace…



Classes will meet online Tuesdays, April 3 through May 1.

Each class will run between 90 – 120 min, depending on processing time for the group.

Everything will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

We’ll meet for 5 weeksone for each relationship above, plus a BONUS “Wild card” session where you can pick any relationship you want to work on – work colleagues, friends, children… whoever… And you’ll have it recorded, so you can do it over and over again.


Registration is limited! There’s only room for 6 people. 


Cost: only $399

Payment options available.

Why would you want to do this? Why wouldn’t you? Your relationships affect your life in so many ways…everywhere from communication, interactions, self expression, self acceptance, the health of your body, the ability to manifest and attract, and experience more joy and happiness… and more!



from releasing these conscious and unconscious

(hidden) attachments to pain and unresolved emotions.



If you’ve ever been to one of my workshops or programs, you know there is no fluff and no filler.
Every step is deeply transformational.

This is a gift you give yourself!

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