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Eagle Vision

Re-occurring Messages
March 28, 2018
change in the world
These Changing Times
April 19, 2018
Re-occurring Messages
March 28, 2018
change in the world
These Changing Times
April 19, 2018

This is a continuation of a series of experiential journeys I am sharing.  My goal is to share what it is like to explore your inner world through the dream-like state of shamanic journeying.  And perhaps the wisdom that is uncovered will have merit for you as well.



Journey with Eagle

I emerge from my crown with Thoth at waiting for me. He has dark, almost black hair with lots of curls, and a thin curled moustache.  “A moustache?” I think, and he responds, “I am choosing to appear debonair today.”  He is dressed like a French musketeer, with puffy sleeves and a thin saber pointing at a solitary tree standing on the top of a high cliff.

The tree looks scraggly and twisted from the distance, but as soon as I climb up the cliff and reach the tree, I can see it is a tall pine tree holding an eagle’s nest.  There is a bald eagle waiting for me.

At first the eagle seems like an animation but then it becomes very, very real – its movements, its energy and presence, and how it looks at me.

I shape shift into Eagle.  The body sensations are strange, unexpected and tangible. My arms become my legs; my hands become the claws on my feet, gripping the branch I sit on. My human legs arch back, becoming my tail feathers. My nose becomes my beach and my chin and mouth drop from my perception. My chest arches forward and I feel strong, muscular and full of energy.  The back of my head seems to be pulling my energy upright, pulling me to stand with my head back and my energy beaming outward.  My crown is very open and connected to the energy coming into my being.

My wings come from my back where they nestle as I sit, or stretch a long way out as I fly.  My feathers are almost shiny.  There is a lot of pressure above my eyebrows, the full width of my head. It is almost like the eagle’s sensory or guidance system runs horizontal across the head, more than from a single 3rd eye point.

I see an image of a long, dark-haired woman making an “O” with her mouth and blowing out.  The wind gently lifts me, as my eagle friend joins me, teaching me the joys of flying.  He flies round and round, wings stretched vertically, almost spinning like a tornado for the sheer joy of it.  He swoops almost straight downward, then curving horizontal to the plane of the earth… and I follow.  I notice a a hare below me, running madly but I have no interest in hunting it.  Then a kangaroo, running and jumping, and finally a bear, solid and earthy, watching me.

I am just observing the world beneath me, aware of my ability to fly faster than all of these creatures move on the earth, to travel further and have a wider and higher perspective when I am flying.  above.

I am travelling west and it seems like early evening. I swoop down and catch a snake, a diamond-back rattler. I swallow it, feeling it fill my belly, and continue my journey with my eagle friend.

I am seeking messages about life direction and if I should make a change in my current situation. I am shown a letter “Y”, with an awareness that I was travelling up the bottom branch of the “Y”, not quite to the centre where it branches into 2 paths. It is that centre spot that is in my destination; it is there in my heart. This is the place where all choices will be made from my heart, and all paths lead to this place.

When I am in the centre, the wind blows me in the direction that I will take, and that is how it will be. There will be NO missed opportunity or poor choice. When the time is right, my heart will tell me because I will be in my heart space and I will know. I will feel the wind blowing me, directing me in a particular direction… and I hear, “A new day arises. A new way arises.”

I see myself with a single egg in a nest, one I give birth to and nurture. Suddenly there is no egg but a baby bird in the next and I am feeding it a long, juicy worm.

I put this “Y” formation into my heart and it fills my body. It feels strong and powerful and freeing.


Eagle and I fly back to the nest and it now feels more like British Columbia – an endless forest of trees over hills and valleys, mountains in the back, swift rivers… all filled with the majesty of life.

As we make our way to eagle’s nest, I take some gold from my heart to feed my eagle friend and his offspring. It feels more nourishing for them than anything else I could give.


As I shift back to human and meet with Thoth; he tells me that where I stand today, I cannot even imagine where those 2 paths can take me.  

I return with a hugely open heart chakra.

A few days later I received a message that the “Y” represented the reason why I might make a radical change. If I make a change from a heart-centred place instead of a place of anger, frustration, being stressed or feeling pressure or lack… then any direction I take will be supported by the Universe because I will enter the choice from my heart, and activate the magnetic attraction of the heart. All paths lead to the heart and from the heart.




  1. Joan Lang says:

    I have a very distant memory of flying like a raven. I don’t know what it means. But I feel my time to fly again is approaching.

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