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These Changing Times

Eagle Vision
April 5, 2018
Opening of Heart with Rose
April 23, 2018
Eagle Vision
April 5, 2018
Opening of Heart with Rose
April 23, 2018

The world IS changing!

There is no doubt about it. We can see evidence everywhere.  Not only in the natural world, social structure, politics and the economy.  But for many of us, change is happening on a personal level too.

If you’re one of those people, you might find that you are no longer a good fit in your job or that relationships of all sorts are changing, maybe even ending. Or that in some way you feel restless or unfulfilled. It might not seem logical and you might not know how to get back on track.

It is almost like your soul is pushing you past your comfort zone and moving you forward into a place of greater alignment.

You might find it’s becoming clearer and clearer what is no longer in resonance with you. But that doesn’t make it easy. To be sure, there is a level of turmoil that might be experienced through these shifting times.

You might consider it as an awakening of sorts. Time when you wake up to your dreams, desires and purpose. And it might not matter anymore what others think.

If you find yourself in this kind of change, I have a few suggestions for you…


Count your blessings.

No matter how much turmoil you might be going through, there are always things to be grateful for. Even the little things count – a sunny day, a peasant interaction, smooth flowing traffic or a delicious cup of coffee. Focusing on those feel good moments helps keep your vibration up and create more of them.


Detach from the drama.

Drama is all around us these days. From the news, to the people in our lives who want to share their troubles with us. Yes, it can be good to vent those emotions when you are feeling overwhelmed. We want to be compassionate and yet, that is much different than falling down into the drama. If you can stay detached and witness instead of sympathize, you might find that the energy dissipates faster than if commiserate. And you don’t have to pull yourself up from that negative rabbit hole!


Stay true to yourself.

Actions speak louder than words. make sure your actions hold integrity. As you develop a better sense of what is in resonance with you, you can make your choices from a state of alignment. Don’t sacrifice your own well being because someone expects it. Choices need to be win-win for everyone, and that includes you!


Heed your guidance and follow the signposts.

Remember, the Universe is on your side! It is always giving you feedback, sending support, giving you signs and messages. Listen to your gut hunches, tingles and goosebumps.

Not sure what they mean? Ask for clarity and then leave space for the answer to pop in. Pay attention. Messages can come through songs, numbers or random conversation that finds its way to you or any number of other ways.  Anything is possible!


Perhaps the external change is triggering a change on the inside or is the internal changes creating shifts on the outside? Or perhaps it is all divine and everything is in order.




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