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Opening of Heart with Rose

change in the world
These Changing Times
April 19, 2018
Your Feet Know the Way
May 14, 2018
change in the world
These Changing Times
April 19, 2018
Your Feet Know the Way
May 14, 2018

This is a continuation of a series of experiential journeys I am sharing.  My goal is to share what it is like to explore your inner world through the dream-like state of shamanic journeying.  And perhaps the wisdom that is uncovered will have merit for you as well.

As I begin the journey process through deep, rhythmic breathing, opening the screen of my mind, my awareness rises up and I find myself surrounded by a pink mist… soft and somewhat moist, yet warm and comforting.  I can see Thoth’s outline and sense his presence 4-5 feet to my left.

As the mist begins to dissipate, there in front of me is a deep red rose on a single stem. The colour would oscillate from red to white and back again… and I just allowed it to be as it was… until the colour settled on being red.

As I relaxed further and allowed the journey to unfold, the rose petals opened and I felt rather detached from this rose.

I felt what seemed like a chiropractic adjustment and then in an instant, I was surrounded by incredible energy and light that seemed to be alive with emotion and vitality.  And then I was in a different place. I no longer had a human form.

The sun was shining; its warmth radiating on me and through me.  There was no breeze, only an eternal stillness… tuning into the hum of the universe… that became louder and closer… until a bee landed on the open flower of my face.

I could feel it walking all over my face – this rather large bee – looking for the right angle to collect the treasure it was seeking.  This bee carried a message for me.


“Your sustenance is woven into every aspect of life.

The very fabric of life surrounds you.



This message felt alive. I could feel the vibration of its essence echo through me until I was called to flow down into my roots.

Yet I was a cut flower.

But with the magic of the mind, I quickly transformed into a rose bush and followed the roots into the earth which sustained me.

I asked Thoth how I can access the universal energy and sustenance that is all around me.

He told me I could focus on the air as I breathed, feeling its inherent life force. I could taste the life energy in the food and water I consumed. There are many ways…

He said that most often humans’ mask the vibrant energy of the Universe that surrounds them, going though life in a daze… dull and detached.  Yet we are part of it.

Thoth told me that if I want to connect with it, all I have to do is open my senses.


“It is easy to become aware.”


As I transformed back to my human form, bringing this beautiful rose inside my heart, I returned with an open heart and heightened senses of feeling, hearing and smelling. The rose had gifted me.



Would you like to experience this journey yourself?





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