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Personal Growth

Realizing Your Abundant Nature
February 19, 2016
Clarity of the Heart
February 19, 2016

Personal growth is about expansion, whether that is expanding outward, upward or in depth. It helps to broaden one’s experience, one’s perceptions and beliefs. It is not mandatory to seek out personal growth, for life will surely offer it to you through a richness of possibilities. It is through our choices that determine how much and what kind of growth we experience.

Reaching out through new experiences, learning new skills, being in relationship, and facing—all help us to develop more as a person. When we can handle life’s challenges, we grow confidence and self trust. We say “yes” to life. If we continually say “no” and keep to habits and routines, there is still growth, but it will take us in a very different direction. We may even grow into contraction.

photo-1436891620584-47fd0e565afbWhen we reach up to Source or down deep within ourselves, we are opening to spirit—our spirit, our soul as well as connecting to the Divine and fostering that relationship. We spend time in meditation, prayer, introspection and being fully present in the moment. We come to know ourselves, fostering a sense of inner peace. We say “yes” to ourselves and our spiritual nature emerges—however that looks for us. We start to open to the gifts of Spirit and life becomes richer, each moment a moment to savour.

Life is always moving… expanding or contracting. And we are constantly doing that too. We are here to have a rich life experience, to grow and develop though our challenges and our joys.

I embrace personal growth in my own life, a path I started on early in my 20’s. I’ve come to realize that the big picture is far more than I know, or anyone else for that matter.  But is fascinating to explore!

The mystery of life is woven into the very nature of Being, each awareness opening a new door into greater mysteries and greater possibilities. Every choice we make holds the possibility of personal growth—upward, outward or within.



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