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Realizing Your Abundant Nature

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February 19, 2016
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February 19, 2016
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Realizing Your Abundant Nature


For many, unlimited abundance seems like a pipe dream – far away from everyday reality. But who said unlimited abundance was solely about money? You can be abundant in fear, debt or negativity… or ANYTHING!


If the Creative Powers that Be simply create – without our judgments of good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad… maybe it is us who get to choose what kind of unlimited abundance we experience.



We are told that the Law of Attraction creates through our thoughts, our emotions and our focus, and that it is within our power to create the world we wish for. We are told that this is our birthright.


So what went wrong? Why aren’t we more abundant?


We are creator beings and we have abundant lives. That can look like an abundance of pain and suffering or one of joy, inspiration and resources. The difference lies in our unconscious beliefs and habitual thinking. If 90% of the time we focus on lack or what’s wrong with the world, in our lives or with our self, that’s what we’ll see more of. We need more than a few affirmations here and there. We need to believe in our abundant nature, in our inherent worthiness and we need to be open to receive.


All our desires and wishes are out there… waiting for us… and our unconscious plays a big role in guiding us to them. But if we are constantly talking about how prices are going up, how there’s less money in our wallets, how we never catch a break… then that’s the kind of stuff our unconscious will guide us to. That’s what we focus on, so that’s what we get!


Lying to ourselves to paint a rosy picture won’t fool our unconscious minds. It lives inside us and knows exactly how we feel and think – even if consciously we don’t!


But our hopes and dreams are not lost to us. We are surrounded by a sea of unlimited possibilities and potential. We can spend more time in gratitude, having fun, being creative, inviting more joy and love into our lives. All of these things will help us attract more of the kind of abundance we desire.


The more time we spend being happy, the more our unconscious will get the picture and bring even more to us. That’s how the magic happens! It’s so much easier to relax into our abundant nature than struggle to find it.

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