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Clarity of the Heart

Personal Growth
February 19, 2016
More on Clarity
February 19, 2016
Personal Growth
February 19, 2016
More on Clarity
February 19, 2016

Here we are at the start of a New Year…

For many it’s a time to dream, goal set, and make resolutions.

Just what is it you’d like to create in 2016? Where does it fit on your life path? Do you even have an idea of what your life path is?


CLARITY is something most of us could use more of!


Heart-transparentCLARITY is something I’m choosing to spend more time with this year too.

I sat recently with it, and opened to receive…


A deeply peaceful state came over me, along with this message…

Clarity, my dear, is all there is. It is expansive, open, vaster than you can imagine. As far as the eye can see, and beyond.


Open your heart. It has that potential. The potential of clarity. Can you feel it? The deep peace that permeates when the field is clear. Open your field and feel it. No boundaries. No limits.


Open and allow your mind to experience the clarity and vastness of the field, the force that is life. You think clarity is about understanding. It is not. That is the human mind’s limitation.


What is clarity about then, if not understanding?

Clarity is about peace, a surrendering of the heart to all that is. Release your resistance. The field of clarity will bring you everything you need. It is filled with the wisdom of the Universe, the Divine Essence of Creation, an honouring of All That Is.

There is so much more to clarity than the human mind perceives.



I am pleased to announce the birth of an uncommon & experiential workshop
to help you access clarity for your everyday life….




Partnering with Eleanor Aronoff (Bytown Reiki),
and Wendy Russell (Earth & Sky),
together we have developed a wonderful workshop called


Clarity 3-2


  • Teachings and exercises on how to access CLARITY in everyday life.
  • Open your mind to new possibilities, higher perspectives and limitless thinking
  • Learn about listening & intuitiveness
  • Trust your guidance
  • Recognize signs and synchronicities
  • Understand the importance of knowing yourself
  • Honour yourself
  • Learn how to make choices that resonate with you



You will receive practical tools that you can use in any area of your life.

Where do you need more clarity?
In your life path?

Or in a specific choice you need to make?

Wouldn’t you like to access the CLARITY you have within? 
To inquire about this workshop, please contact me here.

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